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We are a site of the people for the people! We love us some soylent green. Anywho, we would like to help y’all out with the tough fake football decisions you have in your life and to do so all you need to do is leave your question in the comments and one or more of our writers will give you their opinion.

Try to give as much info as possible such as PPR or not, number of starters at the pertinent positions, any wonky scoring rules and so on and so forth.

We ourselves may disagree and give you contrary answers, which may seem counterproductive to you, but that’s the way this game works. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be any fun!

So throw them at us.


  • Are you guys aware of any articles using carries, snaps, or age to predict when a running back will “fall off the cliff”?

  • I had Tony G. as my starting TE last season and picked up the injured Pitta to stash on my bench because I knew this was probably going to be TG’s last year. There was no Value in TE last year in our rookie draft. This year all I have is Pitta. But my WR’s are also aging and week. What position should I target with my 1st pick (8th overall) (14Teams)? We start 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, and 1 WR/RB/TE but I plan on using 1 of my RB’s for the flex roll mostly (D. Martian, A. Foster, Le’veon Bell, and S. Ridley). My WR’s are Marshall, Wayne, Streeter, Marlon Brown, Burleson, Thompkins, and Baldwin. My QB’s are Brady and Kaepernick so I am set there I guess.

    • I think Pitta will be fine this year, but there should be some nice TE options available at 1.08 it seems. I would probably stick with the “best available” tactic here since this rookie draft is a little deeper but I would think that one of the top TE rookies should be there for you. We will have plenty of rookie draft mocks coming up after the NFL Draft which will help.

      • Thank you! I will let you know how it goes.

    • PPR. FYI

  • Now that DeSean Jackson is with the Redskins, does your take on Jordan Reed change at all? I’ve heard that the trick to drafting TE’s is to either pick 1st (Jimmy Graham) or last (pretty much everyone else).

    Even with DeSean on the roster, do you still Jordan Reed as an Top Tier TE?

    • Yes, your TE strategy you stated there is correct. We generally like to take the plunge on Jimbo or Gronk if the value is right early in drafts but if not, the rest of the TE bunch is fairly close in value and 2014 will be no different. Last season, only 36.7 pts separated the 10th and 19th ranked tight ends when the year was done. Only 2.3 pts per fantasy week.

      As for Reed, I think he is a great middle round target next season. My hope is that Jackson’s speed on the outside will open up plenty of room over the middle for Reed and also Garcon.

  • I’m about to partake in my 1st dynasty league. Other than choosing younger, good players; what position(s) do you value in first 3-4 rounds of a 12 man ppr snake draft?
    Thank you for your time! !!

    • Nice work Oliver, glad to hear you are dabbling in the dynasty world. Its a great place. Hit up Rich or Chad in the comments of one of their dynasty article and they would be happy to help. Personally, I like sticking to WRs early in the first few rounds.

      • Thank you Jeff! I will.

  • Which 4 should I keep?

    McCoy $41
    Forte $45
    Martin $25
    Peyton $24
    Gio $14

    • I would look back at the auction prices from last season in your league. Unless Peyton at 24 would provide some sort of huge savings, I would take the 4 RBs

      • Thanks, Peyton is a good deal but I rather keep the rb’s. A lot are going to be kept and the ones available will probably be overpriced since most of the top ones are gone.

  • Verrry early but pick 2 non ppr 12 team league. Lacy-3rd, Gordon-7th, spiller-8th, Crabtree-12th, k. Allen-15th. Leaning twd Gordon + Lacy. Have 10th pick in draft. Thanks!

    • I think those are the ones I would go with as well. Allen is tempting too but I’d go Lacy/Gordon

  • Hey who do I keep in Dynasty , Can only keep 4, Z. Stacy, D. Martin, E. Lacy, L. Bell, A. Jeffery ,A. Rogers. I think Bell and Stacy no brainers as they are rd 15 and 16 . Lacy rd 4 is a yes, Now who is my 4 player? I also have first pick in draft. What do you think?

    • what are the rounds on the other guys? I’ds say Bell and Stacy for sure, yes. depends on rounds for the others

    • Hey Jim,
      I’d roll with Alshon Jeffery as your fourth keeper for sure… going in the 1st round of Jan/Feb startups…

  • I am interested in joining a dynasty league. Do you guys have any recommendations for a good site to use? Also, do the pay-to-play sites have any big advantages to a free site like Flea Flicker?

    • MyFantasyLeague seems to be the best to me, but I have not used Flea Flicker yet. I would hit up Chad or Rich in the comments of one of their dynasty posts and see if they have any recommendations.

  • With snow on the forecast for the packer game would you start Steve smith over James jones?

  • Lynch, Morris, or Spiller in a standard?

    • Alf barely over Lynch

  • need some help. need to start 2 runningbacks, a receiver and a flex. here’s my options. (made it to the champion game with these guys) M. Ball, Woodhead, Dennis Johnson, BJGE and Gerhart at RB. Then Wright, Patterson,and Caldwell at WR. Thanks for the help.

    • Johnson and Ball at RB, Wright at WR and I would flex Caldwell in a toss up over Cordarrelle.

      Good luck!

  • Who would be the better flex WR – D. Amendola or B. Hartline ?

    • Danny boy

  • Which DEF – SF Def v Atl or KC Def v Indy

    • I like SF this week.

  • Non PPR, playing R Bush, L Bell as RB, K Allen, B Hartline as WW. Who would you put in for flex? J Todman, R Jennings, G Bernard, K Wright, or R Streater? I am leaning toward Todman, and since it’s for 1st or 2nd place and a great match-up.Thanks.

    • I like that idea. Works for me.

  • 12 Team PPR, playing for 3rd, we start 1 qb, 2 wr, 2 rb, 1 te, 2 flex (wr, rb, te). Who would you start: Rivers, Wilson, AJ Green, Antonio Brown, Torrey, Crabtree, R Bush, Spiller, Todman, Woodhead, Andre Brown, Ellington, Fleener, D Walker, Walsh, AZ D.

    • I could pick up Caldwell if need be.

    • Rivers, Green/Brown, Bush/Todman, Walker, Torrey/Crabs is the way I would go

  • My two starting receivers this week are Roddy White (vs SF) and Eric Decker (vs TEN). On the bench I have Brian Hartline (vs BUF), Emanuel Sanders (vs GB), and DeAngelo Williams (vs NO).

    Out of those 5, who should be the two starting receivers and who should be the FLEX?

    • Roddy, Decker, Hartline is how I would roll

  • PPR – fitz @ sea, Hilton @ kc, Patterson @ sea or Caldwell @ hou? Thanks.

    • Sorry, Patterson @ cin.

    • All tough matchups really. Hilton I suppose.

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