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We are a site of the people for the people! We love us some soylent green. Anywho, we would like to help y’all out with the tough fake football decisions you have in your life and to do so all you need to do is leave your question in the comments and one or more of our writers will give you their opinion.

Try to give as much info as possible such as PPR or not, number of starters at the pertinent positions, any wonky scoring rules and so on and so forth.

We ourselves may disagree and give you contrary answers, which may seem counterproductive to you, but that’s the way this game works. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be any fun!

So throw them at us.


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  • If it’s not too late, is James White worth a gamble given Dion Lewis’s big game vs Buffalo in Week 2? The alternative is Jeremy Hill. This is PPR.

    • I apologize for not getting to your question earlier, but it looks like you made out either way. Congrats!

  • Hi

  • Need to cut 2 of Marvin jones, Brandon Coleman, Dorial Green Beckham, Christine Michael, and James Jones. Redraft league and I’m deep at both positions other WRs are Julio, Amari, Robinson, and Charles Johnson, other rbs are leveon, hill, gurley, foster, joique. Looking for biggest contributors for this season out of those bench guys. Who would you keep/cut? Thanks, love the site.

  • Oh Jeff, you gotta help me. The Bears just benched my only QB and now i have to pick between picking up McCown or Newton? What do I do? Other options: Carr, Bridgewater, Davis, Mettenberger…
    (6 pt. passing TDs)

    How could the Bears do this to me? I’m even a loyal fan and a Cutler/Trestman apologist.

    Also, a cut and paste question from the last two weeks: Joique Bell or Mark Ingram? (.5 ppr)

  • Stafford/Bernard for Luck/Joique? 14 man standard, I have forte, Jennings, hill, bradshaw and would be getting luck

  • 10 team keeper (4) 2 rb, 3 wr, 2 w/r/t

    Was offered his Calvin $70 and Ellington $5 for my Mccoy $46.

    My current rb and wr
    Rb 1 Mccoy $46
    Rb 2 Lacy $28
    Wr 1 Jordy
    Wr 2 A.Johnson
    Wr 3 Maclin
    Flx 1 Ball $27
    Flx 2 Gio $19

    Bn Wheaton, Hartline, Jennings, Ja.Jones, D.Freeman, D Williams

    My current keepers are the ones with prices listed. That’s their price for next year.

    • Just to clarify I can keep any 4 players that are on my team at the end of the season.

  • So, I need to pick up a kicker. Who do I drop? We start 1QB, 2 RB, 3WR, 1TE, FLEX, K, DEF. PPR. Here’s my squad:

    Forte, Stacy, Gerhart, Sproles, DWill, JStew
    AJ Green, Andrdw Johnson, V Cruz, Justin Hunter, Cecil Shorts
    Chuck Clay, Travis Kelce, Tim Wright

    It’s either JStew or Tim Wright. I like Wright because I’m not sold on Clay and Kelce could hit or bust. Wright was solid (TE14) last year and it sounds like the Pats were genuinely interested in him (as opposed to him being a throw in on that trade). JStew is replaceable off the waiver wire and I’m OK with my depth at RB, though it would be nice to own a full share of the Carolina backfield in a run heavy offense, in the event that either gets injured.


  • Hey fellas,

    I was just offered his Julio Jones and Bishop Sankey for my Roddy White and Andre Ellington.

    I intended on grabbing a WR1 in either round 2 or 3 of my draft but I didn’t like any of the options that were sitting there for me. Roddy is my WR1 and I feel like he has the potential to produce as a number 1, but I’d prefer a “safer” option as my 1. Now I realize Jones is coming off of a major injury and can’t be considered all that safe BUT he’s the #1 option on a pass first team and has looked really good in the preseason.

    I’m not 100% sold on Sankey as a RB2 option but he’s got the potential to make the leap, especially with only Shonn Greene ahead of him.

    Should I take the offer as is or should I counter?

    My roster

    QB- Brees WR- R. White, M. Crabtree, G. Tate
    RB- All Day, Ellington Flex- CJ?K
    TE- M. Bennett K- streaming D- Cincy

    Bench- Big Ben, SJax, Shorts, M. Ingram, J. Matthews, A. Bradshaw, A. Hawkins

    His roster
    QB- RG3 WR- Megatron, Julio, R. Wayne
    RB- Gerhart, Sankey Flex- R. Randle
    TE- J. Thomas K- Hauschka DEF- Houston

    Bench- R. Rice, D. Freeman, Stills, McCown, D. Archer, T. Mason, K. Hurns

    What to do? What to do? Thanks in advance

    • Sorry, meant to indicate this is a 12 team nonppr league.

  • 12 team, $200 standard auction league where everybody gets one keeper. Which one of these guys should I keep? Forte for $44, Graham for $32, Gronk for $14, or Harvin for $1? THANKS!

  • 12 team PPR 2RB’s, 3WR’s, 1Flex (RB/WR), TE, the quarterbacks get 1 PT for every completion & 4 points for TD’s. Does this change the strategy for waiting on a QB in your opinion?

  • In a 12 team PPR pick 4, if you get a top 4 RB & say Jordy or A.Brown w/second pick would you grab Gronk or J.Thomas if they are there in the 3rd round instead of another wideout like Roddy or Floyd? If so, what WR if any would you take instead of Gronk or J.Thomas outside of Mega, Dez, B.Marsh, & Green?

  • Guys- I am in a 12 team .5 PPR keeper (1)league. I am the 2nd pick overall in snake draft. I am keeping Keenan Allen(10th rd).
    I am going with who the #1 doesn’t take..Mcoy or Charles. My 2nd pick I want to go top WR(Jordy, Brown ,Cobb) who ever is left in that group,.
    Where I am getting scatter brained is my 3rd pick… due to the inconsistency of RB and the range from 6 to 22, I feel I can get a RB 2 in rd 5 or 6. Spiller and Bush scare me……So then I look at getting either a WR, TE or QB in the 3rd. Are QB’s get 4 points but the last 5 years who ever got the top 3 QB went to championship.
    My 3rd pick is 26th over all and i don’t pick again until 47th…..
    If Gronk is there do i snatch him, or if Rodgers is there do i get him or just go another WR like Garson or reach for Roddy White…..

  • 12 team .5 ppr keeper league
    Keeping Kaepernick rd 7 and Zac Stacy rd 13
    4th pick this year
    5 pt passing td.
    6 pt rushing/rec td
    1 point every 25 passing yds, 3 point 300 yd bonus
    1 pt every 10 rush/rec yds, 3 pt 100 yd bonus

    I am leaning best RB at the 4 spot this year, probably Forte, instead of Megatron….. With keeping Kaep and Stacy, I have a lot of ways to build the squad. Would it be better to go for best wr/rb in rd 2 and 3, say Julio, Jordy, Spiller, Ellington types and wait for an RG3 or Matty Ice in 4/5….or if either Brees or Rodgers fall to the 2nd rd grab one of them earlier and load up on wr/rb/te until that keeper in the 7th rd?

    • If you’re keeping Kaepernick, I wouldnt bother drafting a backup QB until the late rounds. You can only start one I am assuming so there is no need to blow and early pick on a QB. I would go with Forte at #4 and keep building your RB/WR crew early.

  • 12 team PPR league with the 4th pick. This league has some savvy players and not so savvy players, there will be a couple QB’s to go in the first round. If the top 3 RB’s are gone with the first 3 picks and Forte is there am I making a mistake by picking Megatron instead? (I’m still feeling burnt from getting Spiller 9th overall last year with my first pick.) My thought is to target a RB in the second round and then a top TE in the 3rd. In this league I feel somewhat confident to get a low end RB1 in the second round and then stocking up on RB’s in the middle rounds. The reason for this thinking is I don’t want to miss out on a top WR (which will go quick in this league) and think I can get some good RB’s in the middle. What are your thoughts on this strategy?

    • In a league like this where you think there will be some more unorthodox picks at times, like all the 1st round QBs, I wouldn’t get too tied up in any particular strategy as there should be some good players that fall to you in most rounds. Just take the best guy available when you can.

      At #4 I would take Forte since the league is PPR he should near or even pass 70 catches again this season with Trestman’s offense and that is too good to pass up in my opinion. However, I don’t think you’re crazy if you take Megatron because he is Megatron of course. He is still awesome, but Forte is who I’d take.

  • 12 team 1PT PPR league with the 4th pick. 1QB, 2RB’s, 3WR’s, 1TE, D/ST, K. This league has some savvy players and not so savvy players, there will be a couple QB’s to go in the first round. If the top 3 RB’s are gone with the first 3 picks and Forte and or Peterson is there am I making a mistake by picking Megatron instead? (I’m still feeling burnt from getting Spiller 9th overall last year with my first pick.) My thought is to target a RB in the second round and then a top TE in the 3rd. In this league I feel somewhat confident to get a low end RB1 in the second round and then stocking up on RB’s in the middle rounds. The reason for this thinking is I don’t want to miss out on a top WR (which will go quick in this league) and think I can get some good RB’s in the middle. What are your thoughts on this strategy?

  • Would you make this deal? (For my league, we have a $63,000 cap that we can not go over so to make the deal some players have to be included to make the deal work on the $$$ on these guys contracts)

    I would give up:

    V Davis(SF TE) , M Floyd (AZ WR), K Robinson (NO RB) and a 4th round pick in 2015


    J Nelson (GB WR) and J Amaro. (NYJ TE)

    I am not a big fan of V Davis this year so i am looking to move him and K Robinson is 5 or 6th on the pecking order of my RB’s. But again i need to make the $$ work. I really do loke M Floyd this yeam and going forward, but we all know who J Nelson’s QB is. (But i have Lacy and am not always a big fan of having a RB and WR fromt eh same team starting) This owner also has K Allen i could ask for in place of Jordy?

    Here is my current roster. (0.25 PPR)
    QB- Cutler, Wilson, Vick
    RB – Lacy, Ball, T Rich, CJ Anderson, L Miller, C Sims, K Robinson, A Blue and d williams (mia rb)
    WR – B Marchall, M Floyd, D Hopkins, B Cooks, M, Bryant, M Wilson (CHI), J Brown, d Baldwin and J Janis
    TE – V Davis, C Clay, CJ Fiedorowicz and c lyeria

    • How long can you keep the players for?

  • Picking 11th in my 12-team non-PPR, standard scoring league.
    Need to choose my keepers – options are:
    Gio Bernard (3rd round – 35th overall)
    Jordy Nelson (4th round – 38th overall)
    Who do you think?
    What would be your Round 1/2 draft strategy?
    I’m taking the approach that I’m not going to “win” my league in Rounds 1/2 but I sure could lose it – so I’m leaning towards “safety” with picks 11 & 14 – as I’m looking at the elite WR’s there. Thoughts?

    • I think hanging onto Gio in the 3rd and going with two big time WR at 11 and 14 sounds like a pretty good plan. With keepers factored in, the RB crop will probably be shallow anyhow so I think Gio is the way to go. The WR avail at 11/14 will liekly be better than the RB options as well I would imagine. Snag another couple RB in the middle rounds and you’ll be all set.

  • Weird Format: 10 Team Non-PPR 6 pts passing TD Starting 2QB 3RB 4WR 1TE 1 WR/TE. I pick 10th, is it justifiable to go QB QB if I can get 2 of the top 3?

    • The 2QB format slants it that way but in a 10 team league I would wait. I could see grabbing one QB there if you want but there should still be some solid options left at the 3/4 turn I would think. Its kind of a situation where you have to read the draft as it happens. If there are only 1 or 2 QB gone by the 10th pick, I’d say its an indication that you’ll get a good one in the 3rd round. QB is pretty deeap so I would wait and grab three QB in the middle tiers.

  • I am in a 10 team, 2 QB league. 2 rbs, 2 wr, 1 flex. not a ppr league. 4 pts for a touchdown pass, 6 for a run.

    I’m trying to decide my keepers and need a little advice. I get to keep two among the following (I would lose my draft pick from the round in which they were selected last year):
    – Le’Veon Bell (11th)
    – Montee Ball (6th)
    – Maclin (15th)
    – Crabtree (15th)
    – Jordan Reed (15th)
    – Stafford (2nd)

    • On the surface, it looks like Bell and Crabtree would provide the most keeper value, but I also don’t have a good feel for where the QBs go in your draft. Since the league is ten teams, I would imagine you would able to snag a couple QBs along the way if you throw back Stafford. Ball is tempting, but Le’Veon and Crabs look like the best bets.

  • In a 12 team PPR keeper league that allows you to keep two players from the prior year that were drafted round 5 and up or that was picked up off waivers at – for no cost (they count as the last two rounds of the draft).

    You can trade players that are eligible to be kept for draft picks or for someone else’s keeper. You are allowed only 2 keepers coming into the draft.

    I’m picking #4 and have the following keepers going into 2014.
    K. Allen
    S. Vereen
    M. Crabtree
    P. Harvin
    T. Gerhart
    J. Cameron
    Matt Stafford (traded him away recently to move up in the 4th round)
    M. Ball – who I just traded…

    I traded M. Ball for the 11th overall pick, so I will now be picking #4 and #11 in the first round. Did I make the right move?

    My thinking is that I can still keep two of my other players and in my league with the bonus point structure, J. Graham was most of the time the highest scoring player every week, so I’m thinking of taking him #4 and a RB or WR at #11.

    I may keep T. Gerhart (regardless of his ADP, because I think he looks great on tape) and M. Crabtree (because I think he could be a top 8 WR) or possibly doing another trade and try to grab Z. Stacy from this guy – then I would probably go T. Gerhart/Z. Stacy and take Graham/WR/top 3 QB in the first 2 rounds. – Or would you go M. Forte first overall and WR? Or Megatron and then Foster (I think he will be a stud again) if he falls or Gio at #11?

    What do you think and was it the right decision to trade M. Ball?

    • I think the decision to trade Ball was a good one, because it not only got you the #11 pick, but it gave you the space to keep another guy. So its essentially Ball for the #11+your 2nd keeper.

      Gerhart/Crabtree sounds like a nice starting point. Those are probably the two I would keep. If it’s PPR I think I would strongly look at Forte if you can get him with the #4 pick. He should catch a TON of passes in Trestman’s offense again this year. Then I would just let the draft come to you and take the best available player at #11. If it happens to be a RB, take him. You still have a WR1 in Crabtree and can load of on WR later.

      • First off, thanks for your advice. Question for you, you said that you like T. Gerhart as much as I do, but my worry is that if MJD could not get it done last year with a horible Jacksonville offense, does it make sense to think T. Gerhart can (regardless of the workload, if you’re down 2 TD’s by halftime, you won’t be running it very much)..?

        Also, I’m in a PPR… you also like M. Crabtree, where others tell me K. Allen is the better play, why don’t you agree? To me, Crabtree has a much more of a homerun ability than Allen, who don’t get me wrong was a PPR stud last season, just something about Crabtree says he could be in the top 5 by end of the season (just a gut feeling)…

        I’m really debating just taking Cameron too, my only worry there is that Hoyer does not remain the QB and Johnny Football somehow squeeks in… if Hoyer is the man, even with Turner gone, I think Cameron could again be #2/3 TE behind Graham and Gronk (when not injured)… Your thoughts?

        Last question and sorry for writting so much. Normally I would not reach for a QB, but since I pick #4 and #11, would it make sense to take a top 3 QB (Arod, Brees, Manning) in the second round if it falls to me? If I did not have the extra first round pick, I would not even consider it. But then I never go for a top 3 QB and I have never won, so there’s that too.

      • Zach,

        1) Gerhart, although no spring chicken, has far less wear and tear on him that MJD did a year ago. MJD was also dealing with some lingering injury issues that hampered him as well. Jax will probably struggle once again, like you said, but Gerhart should get work out of the backfield in the passing game too.

        2) I have Crabtree one spot ahead of Allen and only project about 9 more pts for him in PPR this yr for what its worth. I think Crabtree is a safer bet. SD’s run focus and the return of Malcolm Floyd make Allen a bit riskier in my eyes.

        3) We have Cameron as our #4 TE this year so we think highly of him as well. Remember, he had a solid 2013 season with Weeden, Campbell, Hoyer, etcc so he will be fine either way. He’s the main option there.

        4) I’d still wait on a QB. That extra first rounder will let you gain an even bigger advantage at the other spots.

  • 12 team, 1 pt PPR, 1 player keeper league. Who is the best option to keep?

    Joique Bell 11th round
    Pitta 9th round
    Vereen 4th round
    A Gates 10th round

    • Bell in the 11th is the best bet. He and Vereen are ranked pretty close in our PPR ranks and the extra 7 rounds of keeper value for him make Bell the best pick.

  • 12 team .5 PPR Can pick 3 Keepers. I can keep each player one more year after this year (except Garcon b/c we can’t keep players drafted in the 1st 3 rounds) with a 1 round penalty. The rounds noted are the rounds I can keep them in this year.

    Pierre Garcon 3rd
    Antonio Brown 4th
    LeVeon Bell 8th
    Jordan Cameron 10th
    Jordan Reed or Dennis Pitta in the 12th

    I think
    Brown 4th
    Bell 8th
    Jordan Cameron in the 10th

    • That looks perfect, Tony. I think giving up Garcon is the right move since you’ll get another year of Brown in 2015. And keeping Cameron is the way to go at TE. The two round difference is more than made up by the increase in production he will provide.

      Looks like a solid start!

  • 12 tm, 1/2 ppr, keeper question. Can keep 1 of these players for one year and I pick 2 in the upcoming draft. Zac Stacy round 13, Alshon Jeffrey round 10, Demaryius Thomas round 2, Gio Bernard round 3, Gronk round 4, or Nick Foles round 16? Thank you for your assistance.

    • Charles,

      I think you really have to look at the options here with the latest round price tags. I think it boils down to Alshon Jeffery and Stacy, with the slight edge going to Alshon. He is a monster and will give you your first 9 rounds of picks to work with still. He looks like the best combo of production and keeper value.

  • I drafted Jordan Reed, but then got a little paranoid and picked up Heath Miller in the 13th round. I think Kenny Britt is available. Would it be worth dropping Miller for Britt?

    • I am pretty high on Miller this season in the TE world. He should be a reliable option. I guess the answer here depends on what your group of WR looks like. If you really need the WR depth go ahead and do it, but I would hang on to Miller.

  • Keeper question: 12 team, 1/2 ppr. Planning on keeping McCoy (rd1) and Stacy (rd16). For my last keeper would you rather have Gronk (rd4) OR J. Nelson (rd5)? Thank you.

    • Oliver, I think Jordy is the choice here. He is going to be a high 2nd round pick normally this summer and could creep even higher due to the fact that there are keepers in the league. That is quite a bit of value. With Gronk’s ADP a bit lower and costing you a higher pick, I think Jordy in the 5th is pretty solid. Thats a great trio to start with.

  • I’m in a 12 team ppr 5 player keeper league. I’ve been listening to too many fantasy football podcasts (TFF dynasty and 2Muggs in particular) and I’m starting to buy into the late round QB strategy. I was planning on keeping AP, Zac Stacy, Andre Ellington, Keenan Allen, and Andrew Luck. Would I be better off letting Luck go and keeping someone like Jordan Cameron, V Jax or Percy Harvin and waiting for qb?

    • Good question. This has some variables due to the keeper factor and what other owners in your league may be doing.

      If the keepers dont cost you any picks as a penalty, I think it makes keeping Luck more appealing. The late qb theory is a good one and is definitely the way to go but if you anticipate a slew of other QB’s being kept, I dont think keeping Luck is crazy.

      I, however, would probably hang on to Cameron and let Luck go. he will be a top option in Cleveland this year with Gordon gone and should put up solid numbers. Its a bit of a toss up with QB and TE being pretty deep this year but thats how I would lean. But its not a no-brainer so if you are more comfortable with Luck then go ahead and hang onto him.

  • Hi,

    I’m in a 12-team keeper league. I have Peyton Manning, Roddy White, Frank Gore, Matt Forte. I can only keep three. Who’s the odd man out? I won the league last year keeping Manning, Forte, White.

    • I think your best bet is to keep those three once again. Gore is solid but the other three offer far more upside and would provide a great start to you draft.

  • I have 3rd overall pick. Jamaal, AP, and Lacey are all gone bc of keepers. 10 team 0.5 ppr. I’m keeping Jordy Nelson.
    Who do you take at 3? I can go Lynch then hopefully get Alshon/julio and maybe best of Gio/d Martin/al Morris/bell/Ellington. Or I can pick Megatron and take 2 of those running backs. Im nervous to take lynch so high and then miss out on a top WR. But I also don’t love the end of 2 or top 3rd round RBs left. Any help would be appreciated!

    • I think I would go with megatron there. He is a pretty sure bet as far as fantasy players go and then you will have a serious duo at WR, allowing you to stack up on RB’s in the 2nd round on. I think any two of those RB’s you listed would be nice at the 2/3 turn with your two picks there. That would be a nice start to go with your stud WR’s.

  • I’m in a keeper quandry. 8 Team league, 1ppr, 6pt passing tds. I want to keep basically my whole team but unfortunately am limited to three. For each keep, we lose a top round – keep three, first pick comes in round four. 1qb,2rb,3wr,1te,d,k.
    I have to choose between: Peyton, Lacy, Montee Ball, Gio, Dez, Demaryius, Alshon, Julius Thomas.


    • Wow, no wonder you’d like to keep the whole team!

      Even though 6pt passing TDs makes Peyton more attractive, I would let him go. With only 8 teams, there are gonna be some nice QBs that sit on the wire all year.

      You really have about 4 guys who could have first round ADP’s even in an 8 team league. I think I would end up holding onto Demaryius, Dez and Ball. Lacy would be the next choice for me but I have Ball just slightly ahead of him.

      With those names to choose from, you’ll be in good shape either way.

  • Need to keep two this year and you lose that rounds draft value. Who should I keep? 12 team league, .5 PPR, start two rb, two wr, a flex, one qb

    Forte – round 1
    Lacy – 2
    Keenan allen – 6(round value reflects waiver pickup from last year)
    Garcon – 6
    Stafford – 7
    Cutler – 11
    Cameron – 12

    In our league you can not keep a first or second rounder for more than 1 year. Forte/Lacy would have to go back into the pool next year. any of the remaining guys i could keep next year again(round value increasing by 2) but that would be the last year. If you keep two guys from the same round one of them gets bumped to the earlier round. i will probably end up having the ninth or tenth pick overall this year in a snake draft. APete, Foster, Ellington, Martin, Lynch will most likely be the top RB available when the draft starts. Dez, Marshall, Julio and Green at WR.

    thanks for the help!

    • Brian,

      you didnt mention TE in your roster setup but if you do indeed start one TE, I would keep my hands on Cameron since he would cost you such a late pick. He should be great this year and beyond. After that, I would say keep Lacy. You can get another top tier player with your first round pick it sounds like, and then you’d have a nice setup going.

      • yes, one TE. I left that out.

        I was thinking Cameron, but was leaning toward Forte because of scarcity at RB even though he would cost me a 1st round pick, target regression on Cameron and a run minded first offense in Cleveland.

        Yes, I can get some other top players in the first round most likely at WR.

        What is your thought on not keeping Forte?

        any more light you can shine would be great, struggling with this one!

        thank you!

    • Keeping Forte wouldn’t be a horrible idea, as he would likely be a top 3 pick or so with other keepers factored in and you would get him at 9 or 10.

      As for Cameron, Shanahan is the OC in Cleveland now and he keeps TE pretty involved in the passing game. Jordan Reed was good last yr and he got some nice yrs out of Fred Davis as well. But the biggest piece of advice I can offer is that if you don’t like Cameron, let him go. there is no sense in keeping a player you’re uncomfortable with unless its a no-brainer type situation. TE is pretty deep this year as well.

  • I’m always hearing about guys being drafted too high, it’s gotta be the most common thing a read about. Who are some guys being drafted too low?

    • Good question Dale. We will have plenty of coverage this summer on this topic, but a few guys I am noticing right now are Roddy White, Kenny Stills and Doug Baldwin.

      Roddy will be back to his usual self this season and Atlanta’s offense should be humming again. He is being drafted based on his down season in 2013 so there is a discount there.

      Stills will pick up some of the slack after Lance Moore and Darren Sproles’ departures in N.O. Same goes for rookie Brandin Cooks.

      Baldwin is an interesting WR to build some bench depth. He had a decent yr last season and should pick up some extra targets in Seattle that went to Golden Tate last season.

  • 12 team/PPR/6 all TD’s. Start QB/2 RB/2 WR/TE/D/K. 3 Keepers with no restrictions.
    Sold everything I could last year, and wound up with a boatload of picks.
    13 round draft, and I have 2 1st, 4 2nds, 6 3rds, and one 4th. Also, I have the first pick in each of the rounds.

    My keepers are McCoy, Julio, and Gio.

    With this gluttony of picks, I’m kind of at a loss as to how to use them. No value in picking backup #5 WR, backup TE, D and K in the 3rd or 4th, so how many of the extra picks would you be looking to move to acquire keepers from other teams?

    Won’t know everyone’s keepers until a week before draft, but I’m assuming about the first 16RB’s, 14WR’s, 4 QB’s, and 2 TE’s will be kept.

    • Interesting question, Kevin. You have three pretty darn good keepers there, so you r only option really is to package picks along with one of them for an even better keeper.

      I think I would try to package a pick(s) along with Julio for someone like Dez, Megatron or Demaryius Thomas. That way you can shed a bit of the risk associated with Julio’s troublesome foot. With McCoy and Gio so good in PPR formats, I would hold onto them.

      The other option would be to package picks to move up in the draft. Maybe send a few 2nds to another own for another 1st round pick. That way you end up with a few more top end players and dont have that log jam of picks in the middle.

  • 10 team keeper league. Standard scoring non-PPR. Can keep 4 with no impact to draft picks. Start 1 QB, 2 WR, 2RB, 1 TE, 1 WR/RB/TE, 1 K, 1 D, 1 IDP. I’m keeping Julio, Jeffery and Lacy. Have to choose last keeper between Orange Julius and Keenan Allen. Who would you keep?

    • Since you are already keeping a couple of monsters at WR, I think I’d go with Julius. He should be in line for a TON of TD’s this season in Denver with Decker out of the picture. I think double digit scores is a lock for him.

  • 16 team dynasty league. A guy really wants Ellington and I’m about to propose a trade. You think Joique Bell and Marques Wilson for Ellington is a good trade for me?

    • I think the Ellington side is a bit better there, but its close enough. Wilson has some nice upside in Trestman’s offense.

  • Standard scoring with 6 pt TD passes. 12 teams and do I keep Martin, Foster, or Rodgers?

    • Would the player you keep cost you a draft pick?

      • No, it’s just a straight keeper.

        Standard scoring except 6pt TD passes.

        Foster, D. Martin, or Rogers. Can’t make my mind up.

    • I think I would roll with Foster this season. He should get tons of work in Houston.

  • In a 10 team keeper league. Standard scoring with some yardage bonuses. Can keep 4 players. Who would you keep out of A. Rodgers, Calvin, DT, Julio Jones and L. Bell? Keepers do not impact draft picks and can be kept indefinitely. I pick 5th in the first round.

    • I would let Rodgers go. That is extremely tough to do, but in a 10 team league there should be plenty of QB options available for you to plug in this season and the likelihood of snagging an RB like Bell is not as great. Those three WR are MONSTERS so you’ll have a big time lineup each week I would think. At this point, I would look to see if you can trade Rodgers prior to your keeper deadline (maybe package him and Bell for a Charles/McCoy type), or depending on who else is kept in the league, you could think about redrafting Rodgers at some point.

  • Question about keeper: I can keep the guy in round that I drafted him last year. Who has most value? 10 team, 0.5 ppr.

    Lesean mccoy (round 1 but I can choose to pick 9 overall)
    Demaryius in round 3
    Doug Martin round 4
    Jordy in round 6

    Also due to keepers, Jamaal, AP, Lacey all being kept. I have third choice of picks. My best available at 3 would be lynch or megaton (my opinion). Should I pick one of those guys or should I choose to pick 9 and get something like AFoster and then AJ green?

    Thanks for your help!

    • This is a very tough one. I think I would lean toward keeping Jordy slightly over DT. You’ll be getting more value (round-wise) out of Jordy and we have him ranked just a few slots below DT for this season. He should be fantastic again with Rodgers back healthy. Then you can load up in the first five rounds.

      As for the pick, I would take #3. That way you can snag a top player in the first round and then since you’d be keeping Jordy in the 6th, your 5th and 7th round picks would be at the top of those rounds.

      I actually have a similar draft pick selection decision coming up in one of my keeper leagues and that is generally how I attack it based on the keeper rounds of the guys I am holding on to.

  • 14 team PPR dynasty lg, keep 5 with no consequences: I have Rodgers, Romo, Lacy, CJ?k, Dez, Marshall, and Pitta. Planned on keeping Rodgers, Lacy, CJ?k, Dez, and Marshall. Was offered McCoy, J Cameron, and 2-2nd round picks for Lacy, Romo, and my 1st round pick. New keepers would be Rodgers, McCoy, Dez, Marshall, and Cameron. Make the trade?

    • Ya, I think I’d pull the trigger on that one. Romo is essentially worthless to you at this point so it really boils down to a first+Lacy for McCoy, Cameron and two seconds. I like that. Those five you would be keeping are some big time names and should make you tough to beat this season. You could make an argument that four of those five guys are the top fantasy option at their position (especially if Cameron’s stock continues to rise).

  • Perfect timing on that tweet! Trade advice: Guy offering me Tre, Laudry, and a 15 1st for Matthews and any RB (Would be DMC).

    I have Zac Stacy. I kind of like it but really value Jordan Matthews. Thoughts?

    • I think I would hold onto Matthews. I, along with our dynasty writers, value Jordan Matthews just like you do. You would really have to get lucky and have the ’15 first round pick be high enough to get you another player of Matthews’ caliber for that deal to pay off. I’d stay put.

  • Another dynasty question… Draft 10 keep 10 in PPR league…. I have Matt Ryan already that I am keeping and I have Doug Martin Demarco Murray Ryan Matthews as my main 3 backs…. Got offered Andrew luck for my 5th rd pick and Doug Martin….basically making it so I don’t have to worry about QB for the next 5-10 yrs most likely. Should I stick with my depth at RB or lock up the QB position for the next few years?

    • So this is a ten team league? If so, I would decline the trade. With QB so deep now, you will be fine with Ryan and there will be plenty of startable options on the waiver wire in case of an injury. Luck is great, but you would have a more difficult time scraping up an RB like Martin than picking up a replacement QB.

  • Hi Jeff,

    It’s going pretty well. First time with the format, and I’ve only missed one pickup from it. Currently the roster is

    QB: Stafford
    RB: Forte, Bernard, Jennings, Hill
    WR: Andre Johnson, Decker, Boldin, Jennings, Hartline
    TE: Reed

    I feel pretty solid at the RB position, so just planning on picking up high upside 2nd year receivers/reclamation projects. I saw the Edward’s post and will probably draft more lottery tickets in the final two rounds, foregoing a defense and kicker until the season starts.

    • I like that idea. Even in my main leagues where we draft at the end of August, I generally try to snag an extra flier in the late rounds instead of a kicker, as lots can change in the summer. This early, I would skip both K and D like you said. You never know who will blow out an ACL in training camp unfortunately.

      The team looks good so far, nice work.

  • Any thoughts on not drafting a defense and kicker right now? Got a while left before the start of the season and thinking of picking up more lottery tickets in the 14th and 15th rounds, but not sure if the point difference of taking a lower ranked kicker is a good idea.

    • Edward, picking a kicker is really a crapshoot so stick to the very last round for that pick. The same idea applies to defenses, as the turnover at the DST and K spots from year to year is quite significant. If you like certain players for late round targets, just snag them a round or two earlier.

  • In my first slow draft, and the format is causing me to think a lot more about picks. Format is 14 man standard 4 point pass TDs, 2RB/3WR

    I have currently drafted Matt Forte, Giovani Bernard, Andre Johnson, and Matthew Stafford. If the choice was between Joique Bell, Rashad Jennings, and TY Hilton for the 5th pick, what do you think is the right move? In a draft with lots of teams, do you still continue drafting for value or start to fill needs and focus on starters earlier?

    • Guys I could probably land in the following round, roughly pick 77 at that point.
      RB: Steven Jackson, Trent Richardson, Pierre Thomas, Stevan Ridley
      WR: Eric Decker, Kendall Wright, Marques Colston, Mike Wallace

      • Mike, I apologize that I didn’t notice your post earlier. How did the slow draft end up?

  • I am in a 12-team keeper league where you keep 2 players in the round that you drafted them. Keepers must be one from rounds 2-8, and the other from rounds 9-14, Keeping Charles(2) and Cameron(10). I will be having the 12th pick and my question is should I pick a RB or an elite WR or TE since I will not have my 2nd round pick? WRs available might be Thomas, Nelson, and Marshall. Julius Thomas should also be available.

    • I think you really need to stick with the best player available. I wouldn’t worry about doubling up on RBs early if a good one falls to you at 12. If Thomas is there, I think he will be a good option if no top backs are left.

  • Why do you have DeMarco Murray and Montee Ball ranked so highly on your preseason rankings? Isn’t DeMarco a bandaid that is above average at best and Montee Ball wasn’t even the top running back on Denver last year. How do you justify taking them over past studs like Alfred Morris, Arian Foster, and in DeMarco’s case Marshawn Lynch. Not to mention big time receivers.

    I have to rank my draft picks extremely early this year. So any advice would help.

    • Murray is a favorite of ours, and is coming off a big year where he racked up 1,474 total yards. He has always been good when he is on the field. He only missed two games last year, which isn’t too bad and that offense should be solid this year. There aren’t a ton of running backs with Murray’s talent and a three down role in his team’s offense.

      As for Ball, he is ready for a big year with Knowshon Moreno now playing in Miami. Ball has little competition in the Denver backfield and will run as the top back in an amazing offense that turned Moreno into a monster last season.

      The reason for these guys getting the love that they are is the combination of upside as well as certainty of a big role in their team’s offense.

  • Have a dynasty question… PPR league, we keep ten and draft ten in a 10 team league. Trying to decide which RB will give me the best return on investment going forward. The 3 in the conversation are David Wilson, Marcus Lattimore, or Latavius Murray….. Whatcha think?

    • our dynasty ranks have Lattimore and Murray pretty close, and ahead of Wilson. I think Wilson is too risky with the neck injury and SF drafting Carlos Hyde was probably telling in terms of how they view Lattimore’s recovery. I like Murray myself so he is who I would go with.

  • I play in a yearly 12 team keeper league. The keeper rules are simple – every year you can keep any two roster players, no limits. Non-ppr. I have kept Drew Brees now for 4 years and I think (and I know you all will tell me I shouldn’t have ever kept a QB) I will finally drop him. Question is who do I keep?

    J Charles
    Z Stacy
    D Thomas
    B Marshall

    Charles is a given, but then what? I acquired both WRs from trades last year as a result of stocking up on RBs early, so I’m leaning towards keeping Stacy. Any advice would help. (1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB/WR/TE)

    • Charles and DT are probably your best bet here. All four are solid players, so I would take the two with the highest ceilings. DT is going to be a monster this season with Decker gone in Denver.

      • Does the fact that my keeper league still awards 6 pts per passing TD effect my decision to keep Brees or not? I either keep J Charles and Dthom or J Charles and Brees.

      • I have Calvin on a rebuild. I shopped him before the rookie draft, but got terrible offers. A leaguemate sent an offer of ’15 1st and Cobb for Calvin. I do not value Cobb as highly as others. I inquired about Alshon, which he was accepting to. I am trying to figure out what to add on to the Alshon side. Players that interest me are Ryan Mathews, Percy, Andre Williams and he has all 2015 picks.
        14 team, PPR,


      • Good question. I would shoot for Alshon as well over Cobb but I think the Cobb/2015 1st offer is pretty fair. I think I would ask for Alshon and the 2015 1st just to see if he will take it but I think Alshon and a 2015 2nd would even be good enough. Our dynasty guys only have them ranked a few slots apart.

    • 6 pt TDs makes Brees a little more appealing but with the depth at QB this year, you will still be able to pick up a solid QB later, where you wont have the option to get a Demaryius level WR later

  • This is a Dynasty league question. I have to drop at least 1 of these guys maybe 2 to make room for incoming rookies from our rookie draft. Who has the who should I drop and Who should I target in a non-snaking draft with the 8th & 22nd picks? I am already dropping TG (retiring) and I have Pitta to replace him. Also who would you target in the Draft on the offensive side of the Ball. My IDP’s are pretty solid so I plan on going Off. heavy.
    Rosters are: QB, 3WR, 2RB, TE, W/R/T, 2DL, 2LB, CB, S, 9BN, 2DL. Its a 4 sport total points league so the scoring is a little wonky, we set it up so that each sports top players earned roughly the same points. For context its 2YPP for both rushing and Rec, Rushing and Rec. TD’s are 30 Points, Rec. are 2 Points, and Fumbles are -10 Points.

    Shonn Greene
    Doug Baldwin
    Rod Streater
    Nate Burleson
    Marlon Brown
    Kenbrell Thompkins

    My other WR’s are Reggie Wayne & Brandon Marshall and my other RB’s are Foster, D. Martin, and Ridley. My QB’s are Brady and Kaepernick.

    • I would cut Burleson, as he is now 32 and is in that log jam of vets trying to fill in at WR for Cleveland. If you end up having to cut a second player, I would go with Greene I think.

      • Does Thompkins hold any value? Will he get any playing time at all?

    • I don’t think he holds much value any more. There are a TON of targets ahead of him on the NE food chain as far as pass catchers are concerned. Gronk, Edelman, Vereen, Amendola, Dobson etc..

  • Trade my Forte $45 for Lacy $24?

    • I would do that deal depending on who your other RB’s are and what the cost of keeping them moving forward is. I love Forte this year but Lacy could be a great value moving forward. Forte is 28 getting closer to that magic 30 year mark and I think they just scratched the surface with Lacy last year.

      • Thanks for your reply.
        Potential keepers (4 max)

        Mccoy $41
        Forte $45
        Martin $25
        Peyton $23
        Ball $23
        Gio $13

    • Ya, I think I would pull the trigger on that one. You will be stacked at RB for sure. I would keep Gio, Ball, Lacy and McCoy and then spend the rest of your cap on WR’s. Looks good!

      • He wants Forte and Ball/Martin for Lacy. Since I’m not keeping Martin anyways should I just do it?

  • 16 man Dynasty PPR 6pts for QB td’s, we Keep 12

    I have R Tannehill, Jimmy Graham, Ladarius Green, Charles Clay

    was offered

    Matt Ryan, 2.10, 5.10
    Tannehill, Clay, 3.15, 4.15

    Both QB’s should have a better 2014 than 2013,, but Ryan only scored 20 more than Tannehill last year.

    I would be giving up Clay for draft picks. Clay was the 8th TE in our league last year.

    Is it a good deal??


    • I like it. Matt Ryan is going to be worlds better this season with Julio back in the mix. With Jimbo and Ladarius, Clay probably wouldnt start often on your squad, so he is pretty expendable. I think the picks and QB upgrade for Clay is definitely worth it.

  • I am in a 10 team 3 keeper 1/2PPR league where you keep the players in the round that you drafted them. Which three players should I keep from the following:
    Calvin Johnson (2nd)
    Eddy Lacy (4th)
    Andrew Luck (7th)
    Josh Gordon (10th)
    C. J. Spiller (11th)
    Leveon Bell (12th)

    • Hopefully you dont have the declare keepers anytime soon, because of the Gordon situation. As of this second, I would keep Bell, Spiller, and Lacy. Then you could essentially go WR, WR, WR in the first three rounds and be stacked.

      Keep an eye on the Gordon appeal though, as he may still be keepable if he doesnt miss the whole year.

  • You guys do great work!
    Heres one for ya:
    On the clock at the 3.11 in my rookie draft. Was gonna grab Charles Johnson here but the hype train has caught up with me and he went at the 3.10…
    12 team, PPR, start 11, 4pt QB TDs, DFWC.
    Your recent rookie rankings jumped McKinnon up the chart to the #2 RB in the class. Sell me.
    The only other Rookie of note still available beside super deep sleepers is Bridgewater. I am swimming in QBs right now (Rodgers,Rivers,Bradford) so am leaning other directions.
    Should I grab McKinnon here?

    • Thanks for the kind words.

      Our dyno guys like McKinnon a lot, so I think he would be a good grab there. He went right in that range in a rookie draft I just completed. He looks to be quite the athlete.

  • Just finished our PPR/touch bonus dyno rookie draft and although I got some great young talent (ODB, Crowell, West), I just missed out on Latimer, who I’m very high on. Would you think Maclin and a 2015 2nd is a good deal for Latimer? Or will a 25 y.o. Maclin be fine to hold?

    My current WRs are Julio, AJGreen, Cobb, Maclin, ODB, Hartline.

    • I think both scenarios are fine, really. If you like Latimer, then go get him. I think he looks pretty good and Maclin + 2015 2nd is a good starting offer. The debate really is whether you want to hang onto Maclin coming off an injury and also with a new WR in town (Matthews). Maclin sounds like he will be healthy to start camp and he will also be a free agent after this coming season, which are things to keep in mind as well.

      I would probably go sniff around and see if Maclin and that pick would be enough to get the rookie and go from there.

  • Fake Footballers,

    Dynasty, 10 teams, 2 keepers, 1 round before the previous year.

    I’ve got Josh Gordon in the 14th, so he’s a given. But, my choice comes down to a couple players:
    > Lacy in the 2nd round (would probably be worth it if I had a late 2nd round pick [between 17-20], but not as worth it in the early 2nd [11-14] because I wouldn’t be gaining as much value.
    > Luck in the 8th (probably going to have an ADP in the 40s, which makes it a nice pickup in a BAP philosophy)
    > Reggie Bush in the 3rd (Could have great value, but with the J-Bell extension, I see Reggie’s value dropping this year. That said, if I was in the late third (picks 28-30) then he might be worth it as well.

    Currently I’m leaning towards Lacy, which would give me two stud backs (given I take one with my first round pick).

    What say you gentleman?

    • Jack, I am glad to see that you got in on the Josh Gordon action last year. Very fine work.

      I agree with you, though. I would keep Lacy. He will probably end up being a first round type guy in drafts this year, so keeping him for a second round pick is alright. Like you said, if you go with a top flight RB in round one, you will have two MONSTER backs to go along with Gordon. I like the sound of that.

  • First of all, just caught wind of your site a few days ago and I am beyond impressed and kicking myself for not using this site/advice last year.

    Currently I am sitting w/ the 1.2/1.3 & 2.2 pick in a new dynasty league in which these are my three picks until the 7th round w/ the following starting line & scoring:

    1 qb/2 rb/3 rb/1 te/1 pk/1 def & 2 flex (rb/wr/te)

    Per Rush Yard – 1 pt per 10 yards (decimal scoring to the hundredth) 0.1
    Per Reception Yard – 1 pt per 10 yards (decimal scoring to the hundredth) 0.1
    Per Pass Yard – 1 pt per 20 yards (decimal scoring to the hundredth) 0.05
    Per Rush TD 6
    Per Reception TD 6
    Per Reception 1
    Per Pass TD 4

    My thoughts are to try and grab three of the top 3 wrs in this year’s draft and then use my 7+ rnd picks to get 2 rbs that are 3rd down or short yardage td vultures along w/ a quality te/qb as well. My main concern is I am looking for wrs that are good for the next two years such as J. Gordan or A. Green w/ no past injury issues. In looking at C. Johnson, I am worried about his knee holding up and his older age or J.Jones and his last injury to his foot.

    What are your thoughts on this strategy I am looking to use this upcoming Saturday or throw everything the wind to do Johnson/Jones and try for A. Brown or J. Graham w/ my 2.2 pick?

    • First of all, thanks for reading, Chris! We have really beefed up our dynasty coverage this offseason so we will have plenty of good stuff for you going forward.

      As for your draft, I think the WR plan is the way to go. If you read some of the other coverage from our dynasty guys, they like to preach the WR early philosophy as they have far longer shelf lives and are somewhat easier to forecast. I think at 1.2 and 1.3, any of the two WR would be fine there. I like Gordon a bunch and then you can’t go wrong with any of the other options. Our dynasty ranks may give you some more help there.

      At 2.2, I think another WR is just fine or perhaps grabbing Graham, which you mentioned as well. I would view the 1.2/1.3 as your foundation and then just take the top available player at 2.2 whether that is Graham or another WR.

      With the 2 flex spots, you could potentially start 5 WR so having a nice stable of three studs would give you a nice edge.

  • Jeff,

    14 team, PPR IDP Keeper league
    1QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 flex

    MUST keep 5 players, no draft pick implications

    Roster: A Rodgers, Romo, Lacy, CJ2k, Dez, Marshall, Pitta

    Obviously, I’m keeping AR, Lacy, Dez, & Marshall. Should I keep CJ2k in hopes he thrives in NYJ, or try to package him & Romo for someone else?

    • I love the package idea. Shop that around and if you can’t find any takers prior to your keeper deadline, holding onto CJ2k wouldn’t be the end of the world.

      Thats a very nice setup for a 14 teamer.

  • 10 -team keeper league 1/2 PPR. Would you keep Megatron for a 2nd or Gordon for a 10th? Also a 12 -team standard keeper league. Would you keep Cameron for a 10th or Lattimore for a 13th?

    • In the 10-teamer, Gordon is a lock there. He will provide about rounds of value at a minimum while the most Megatron will provide is 1 round of value. You should be able to construct quite a team with a beast like Gordon in the 10th.

      As far as the 12-teamer is concerned, I think I would tentatively say Lattimore at the moment. TE is pretty deep and the ability to snag a RB who could help your team in the 13th round would be nice. Of course, we need to see how the news sounds out of SF this summer but that is how I would lean right now.

      • Thanks Jeff. I was thinking the same thing with Gordon. On Lattimore, I guess I need to monitor what comes out from SF in the next couple of months. Once again Thanks Jeff.

  • 12 Team Total Points Keeper League
    Rosters sizes:
    QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, W/R/T, K, DEF, & 5 BN
    Passing – 25 Yards per point 3pt bonus for 350+ yards
    Rushing & Receiving – 10 Yards per point 3 pt bonus for 150+ yards
    .5 Per Reception
    6Pts per TD Passing, Rushing, & Receiving

    You can only keep 3 players and none that you drafted in the 1st 3 rounds. You can also only keep a player for 2 years after you initially draft them. Last year was the first year. The players you keep are kept 1 round earlier than you drafted them the previous year.

    My potential Keepers and the rounds I can keep them in:
    Garcon 3rd
    Antonio Brown 4th
    Josh Gordon 7th
    Le’Veon Bell 8th
    Jordan Cameron 10th
    Jordan Reed 12th

    I am definitely keeping Gordon in the 7th and Le’Veon Bell in the 8th. My next thought is Cameron in the 10th. I finished 1st last year so I have the last pick. My plan is to go RB, WR with the 12/13 picks. Then QB, RB in the next round. Am I wrong shopping Reed, Garcon, and Brown? I feel like heading into the draft with my TE locked up with a late round pick and staying away from Reeds injury history is the best way to proceed. Bell should be a solid #2 RB and drafting a #1 WR’s and a good 1/2 RB is key for my 1st 2 picks. Is my plan sound or am I being too cute by not keeping Garcon or Brown? What would your keepers be? What would your plan of attack be? Thanks guys Love the podcast and really enjoy the site!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Tony. And thanks for reading/listening!

      I think your plan is sound for sure. The first two keepers are no-brainers, so you will be in good shape no matter which way you go with the third one.

      I would consider it a toss up with either Garcon/Brown and Cameron. Cameron may be a hair more from the value side, since he would cost such a late pick. I think I would stick with the three you chose. I like that plan of attack with the remaining picks as well.

      • It’s always nice to hear what your thinking is spot on. Thanks again!

  • Dynasty PPR starts 1 QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1 TE, 1 WR/RB

    My Roster is currently (minus the cloggers)
    QB- Foles, Wilson, Rivers
    RB-Mccoy, Ellington, Ridley, Lattimore, Lat Murray
    WR- Welker, Roddy, Torrey Smith, Golden Tate, Dobson, Kenbrell,
    TE-Witten, Toilolo

    I am considering blowing things up since my WR core is so old. Im weary of competing this year and then having mccoy, welker, white for only 1 or 2 more seasons and then losing them to retirement. Here is a trade I am trying to get done. Am i making the right move if I can pull it off?

    I give
    Mccoy, Welker, Wilson

    I get
    Dez, Justin Hunter, 1.4, Kyle Rudolph

    • I like that deal. You’re covered at QB and it would really boost your WR/TE spots. Giving up Shady is tough but Dez is a monster and you’re getting quite a bit in addition. I would hit up Rich or Chad in the comments of one of their dynasty articles as well to get their take but I like it.

  • Are you guys aware of any articles using carries, snaps, or age to predict when a running back will “fall off the cliff”?

  • I had Tony G. as my starting TE last season and picked up the injured Pitta to stash on my bench because I knew this was probably going to be TG’s last year. There was no Value in TE last year in our rookie draft. This year all I have is Pitta. But my WR’s are also aging and week. What position should I target with my 1st pick (8th overall) (14Teams)? We start 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, and 1 WR/RB/TE but I plan on using 1 of my RB’s for the flex roll mostly (D. Martian, A. Foster, Le’veon Bell, and S. Ridley). My WR’s are Marshall, Wayne, Streeter, Marlon Brown, Burleson, Thompkins, and Baldwin. My QB’s are Brady and Kaepernick so I am set there I guess.

    • I think Pitta will be fine this year, but there should be some nice TE options available at 1.08 it seems. I would probably stick with the “best available” tactic here since this rookie draft is a little deeper but I would think that one of the top TE rookies should be there for you. We will have plenty of rookie draft mocks coming up after the NFL Draft which will help.

      • Thank you! I will let you know how it goes.

    • PPR. FYI

  • Now that DeSean Jackson is with the Redskins, does your take on Jordan Reed change at all? I’ve heard that the trick to drafting TE’s is to either pick 1st (Jimmy Graham) or last (pretty much everyone else).

    Even with DeSean on the roster, do you still Jordan Reed as an Top Tier TE?

    • Yes, your TE strategy you stated there is correct. We generally like to take the plunge on Jimbo or Gronk if the value is right early in drafts but if not, the rest of the TE bunch is fairly close in value and 2014 will be no different. Last season, only 36.7 pts separated the 10th and 19th ranked tight ends when the year was done. Only 2.3 pts per fantasy week.

      As for Reed, I think he is a great middle round target next season. My hope is that Jackson’s speed on the outside will open up plenty of room over the middle for Reed and also Garcon.

  • I’m about to partake in my 1st dynasty league. Other than choosing younger, good players; what position(s) do you value in first 3-4 rounds of a 12 man ppr snake draft?
    Thank you for your time! !!

    • Nice work Oliver, glad to hear you are dabbling in the dynasty world. Its a great place. Hit up Rich or Chad in the comments of one of their dynasty article and they would be happy to help. Personally, I like sticking to WRs early in the first few rounds.

      • Thank you Jeff! I will.

  • Which 4 should I keep?

    McCoy $41
    Forte $45
    Martin $25
    Peyton $24
    Gio $14

    • I would look back at the auction prices from last season in your league. Unless Peyton at 24 would provide some sort of huge savings, I would take the 4 RBs

      • Thanks, Peyton is a good deal but I rather keep the rb’s. A lot are going to be kept and the ones available will probably be overpriced since most of the top ones are gone.

  • Verrry early but pick 2 non ppr 12 team league. Lacy-3rd, Gordon-7th, spiller-8th, Crabtree-12th, k. Allen-15th. Leaning twd Gordon + Lacy. Have 10th pick in draft. Thanks!

    • I think those are the ones I would go with as well. Allen is tempting too but I’d go Lacy/Gordon

  • Hey who do I keep in Dynasty , Can only keep 4, Z. Stacy, D. Martin, E. Lacy, L. Bell, A. Jeffery ,A. Rogers. I think Bell and Stacy no brainers as they are rd 15 and 16 . Lacy rd 4 is a yes, Now who is my 4 player? I also have first pick in draft. What do you think?

    • what are the rounds on the other guys? I’ds say Bell and Stacy for sure, yes. depends on rounds for the others

    • Hey Jim,
      I’d roll with Alshon Jeffery as your fourth keeper for sure… going in the 1st round of Jan/Feb startups…

  • I am interested in joining a dynasty league. Do you guys have any recommendations for a good site to use? Also, do the pay-to-play sites have any big advantages to a free site like Flea Flicker?

    • MyFantasyLeague seems to be the best to me, but I have not used Flea Flicker yet. I would hit up Chad or Rich in the comments of one of their dynasty posts and see if they have any recommendations.

  • With snow on the forecast for the packer game would you start Steve smith over James jones?

  • Lynch, Morris, or Spiller in a standard?

    • Alf barely over Lynch

  • need some help. need to start 2 runningbacks, a receiver and a flex. here’s my options. (made it to the champion game with these guys) M. Ball, Woodhead, Dennis Johnson, BJGE and Gerhart at RB. Then Wright, Patterson,and Caldwell at WR. Thanks for the help.

    • Johnson and Ball at RB, Wright at WR and I would flex Caldwell in a toss up over Cordarrelle.

      Good luck!

  • Who would be the better flex WR – D. Amendola or B. Hartline ?

    • Danny boy

  • Which DEF – SF Def v Atl or KC Def v Indy

    • I like SF this week.

  • Non PPR, playing R Bush, L Bell as RB, K Allen, B Hartline as WW. Who would you put in for flex? J Todman, R Jennings, G Bernard, K Wright, or R Streater? I am leaning toward Todman, and since it’s for 1st or 2nd place and a great match-up.Thanks.

    • I like that idea. Works for me.

  • 12 Team PPR, playing for 3rd, we start 1 qb, 2 wr, 2 rb, 1 te, 2 flex (wr, rb, te). Who would you start: Rivers, Wilson, AJ Green, Antonio Brown, Torrey, Crabtree, R Bush, Spiller, Todman, Woodhead, Andre Brown, Ellington, Fleener, D Walker, Walsh, AZ D.

    • I could pick up Caldwell if need be.

    • Rivers, Green/Brown, Bush/Todman, Walker, Torrey/Crabs is the way I would go

  • My two starting receivers this week are Roddy White (vs SF) and Eric Decker (vs TEN). On the bench I have Brian Hartline (vs BUF), Emanuel Sanders (vs GB), and DeAngelo Williams (vs NO).

    Out of those 5, who should be the two starting receivers and who should be the FLEX?

    • Roddy, Decker, Hartline is how I would roll

  • PPR – fitz @ sea, Hilton @ kc, Patterson @ sea or Caldwell @ hou? Thanks.

    • Sorry, Patterson @ cin.

    • All tough matchups really. Hilton I suppose.

  • Gentleman!

    Lucky enough to be in my league bowl this week, 12 team standard league. Thanks for your help through the year on this page.

    My final decision is who to Flex this weekend. My options are Mike Wallace, Kendall Wright or Jordan Todman. My instinct is Todman if MJD is a scratch otherwise Wallace. What’s your thinking?

    Have a great Christmas.

    • I would rank them Todman, Wright, Wallace.

      Good luck this weekend!

  • I need to choose one of Frank Gore and Eric Decker. No PPR. I also need to choose betwen DET DST and MIA DST Thanks for any thoughts.

    • Gore and DET for me. ATL stinks, Gore should have a nice day.

  • In a 12 team standard league, assuming MJD is out and I play Todman as my RB2, Would you play Jordy or Dennis Johnson in your Flex if Aaron Riodgers is out on Sunday?

    • I’d still play Jordy

  • 2 week finals starting this week; non-ppr.

    AP; Stacy; Moreno at RB and Dez; Alshon; Garcon at WR; Which 1 do I sit (need 5 of 6)? I was leaning Stacy v TB (Garcon v Dallas is so juicy); but now thinking about AP … v Cincy and banged up. What do you think?

    • If AP sounds healthy from the late week/weekend reports I would sit Stacy. If not, AP.

  • Looks like Cameron is injured for Week 16. I will have to plug in the plug Fleener. He got 0 yards last week when I had him in flex, so I was planning on sitting him. Did he even play in the game, how is that possible?

    Anyways, do you think there is a waiver wire TE or am I stuck with this guy for the Championship week?

    • I wouldnt play Fleener. Is Delanie Walker available?

      • Nope. The waiver wire is picked clean. There is the two TE from Cincinnati… Gresham (questionable) and Eifert. Worth trying over Fleener?

    • Id probably just roll the dice with fleener

  • Stafford or Cutler?….thanks

    • Staff

  • Need to start 2 of 3 of these guys. half point PPR. Andre Johnson, Decker, Edelman?

    • Sit Decker

  • I have to start Brees in the final, right? No chance I should get cute and start Smith or even Cousins? Cousins plays that Dallas defense.

    • I would stick with Brees although it is tempting

  • Finals time!

    Steve Smith or James Jones (half pt ppr)? Also would you make different decisions based on if Rodgers is playing?

    Thank you!

    • I would play Jones either way I think

  • I have a WR nightmare on my hands and could use the advice for Week 16.

    12 team PPR. Return yards count. I have to start 3 for all the marbles:

    Started last week: Fitz, H Douglas, C Patterson
    Bench: N Burleson, D’R Rogers, H Nicks

    On waivers: M Crabtree, J Hunter, T Wright (my opponent needs a TE so I might pick up up to block), N Washington, M Jones.

    It’s slim pickins. What to do? Not just for my 3 starters, but to block any upside as well.

    • Sorry it is probably past waiver time, but I would snag Crabtree. Then I would play Patterson, Crabtree and probably Fitz if he suits up

  • Gio Bernard, Andre Brown, Steve Smith, Le’Veon Bell: one has to sit. Who sits?

    It’s a PPR league.

    • Sit Smiff

      • thanks, man

  • PPR league….start two at RB: Shane Vereen, Reggie Bush, Zac Stacy, Le’veon Bell, Andre Brown or Ben Tate?

  • standard league with return yard scoring (1pt – 25yds, 6pts – TD)

    Flex options: cordarelle patterson, chris ivory, harry douglas, kendall wright. I really just need some solid points more than a boom or bust. What do you think?

    • Kendall Wright is probably safest, Patterson most boom or bust

  • Hi Jeff,

    I’m playing for a league-bowl spot this weekend in a 12 team standard league, and have a FLEX decision to make. Which one would you start out of Jordan Todman, Mike Wallace, Stevan Ridley, Rod Streater or Joique Bell (have Bush also – assuming he starts otherwise Bell jumps into my RB2 slot).

    Appreciate the help!

    • I would roll with Todman. Good luck!

  • Quick question. I’m thoroughly confused by “expert” rankings of Vincent Jackson. I have to choose between VJax, Crabtree, DaRick Rogers, or Nate Burleson for my flex spot PPR league. If you look at VJax stats for the year, he’s only had 4 great games, every other game has been a horrible dud or around 10-15 pts. He is NOT a WR1 and is SUPER inconsistent, but VERY consistently plays good against bad pass D and plays bad against good pass D. So he’s playing San Fran, who is not only one of the best D’s in the league, but one of the best pass D’s in the league. Crabtree is playing pretty good already and has a top 7 easiest pass D (last 5 weeks) this week in Tampa. DaRick Rogers is a freak, is going to be the #2 WR on his team this week, played amazing last week, and even though Houston is overall good against the pass for the season, they still let in a decent amount of fantasy points to WR’s on avg (most weeks they let in 15-20pts for one WR, and 10-15 for the other). So knowing all of that, how can “experts” rank VJax so much higher then these guys? It makes no statistical sense and you would think Crabtree, Rogers, and Burleson would all be as high or higher then VJax knowing how bad he does in general and how bad he does against good pass D’s. Can you give me some of your insight on this and WHY you guys think VJax is a better play then all 3 of those guys? Thanks

    • VJax is still averaging just a hair under 70 ypg over this last three weeks which havent been top notch weeks for him and his target totals are still decent. I guess that is my viewpoint on him. He is the best bet to see a good chunk of looks no matter who TB is playing and you have to imagine that SF will pummel TB so Glennon will have to chuck it a lot. Thats how I look at it. But it appears you’ve done quite a bit of research on the topic so I wouldnt fault you one bit for going with your gut here if you like another guy.

  • Hi Jeff! Thanks for your advice!
    With AP probably out this week in my PPR match up – do I start SJax or Stacy at RB2 to go with Vereen at my RB1 slot. Also, do I start the other RB above over Fitz or TY or Pitta at my Flex spot? Already played Keenan and Orange Julius on TNF.

    • Stacy looks good at RB2 there and then Fitz at flex

  • 12 team standard scoring
    Another Question….
    Streaming Defenses
    Erratic Detroit at home vs Baltimore
    Surging Jacksonville at home vs Buffalo

    Week 16 for the Championship
    Detroit at home vs Giants
    Jacksonville at home vs Tennessee
    Miami at Buffalo

    Thanks again for another great job this year!

    • I like Jax this week then Detroit at home in 16

  • 12 team standard scoring
    Hello Jeff
    I traded for K.Allen in week 10
    I had trouble putting him in my lineup and until you convinced me to flex him for week 14 and 15

    Thank you!

    • No problem! He is on my main team as well so I have enjoyed every minute of it!

  • G.Tate, Fleener, Hopkins…. start two, sit one?

    • I’d sit Hopkins

  • 12 team ppr….Antonio gates or Dennis Pitta??

    • I like Gates by a little. The Chargers will need to throw a lot and he led the team in targets last week.

  • need help in standard leagues

    pitta @ det or gates @ den

    2 out of gerhart vs phi, cooper @ minn, edelman @ mia, gio bernard @ pitt

    • Gates/Cooper/Edelman for me. Gerhart’s injury scares me.

  • I have Cutler/McCown and Brady

    Who would you start?

    • I would go with Brady. Cutler has been named the starter and he’ll be rusty.

    • I feel good about Brady in nicer weather even with no Gronk.

  • 12 Team PPR, 1st round of playoffs. We start 1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 2 Flex. Who would you start? Wilson, Rivers, AJ Green, Antonio Brown, Torrey, Crabtree, R Bush, Spiller, Woodhead, Andre Brown, Ellington, Todman, Fleener, Walker.

    • Rivers, AJ Green, Antonio Brown, Torrey, R Bush, Spiller, Woodhead, Andre Brown, Walker.

  • If AP doesn’t suit up, my options at the flex are kinda not good. My safest play (I think) is Sproles (PPR), but he’s underutilized (to put it mildly). I’m not really thrilled about that option. But I have Joique Bell and Bush is dinged up. And I have PItta. And both play Monday night.

    So I got to thinking that maybe if it looks like Reggie Bush may not play, I roll the dice and sit Sproles and start either Pitta or Bell at the flex depending on Bush’s status. Am I nuts?

    • I think that is a great idea. I think Pitta is a good enough fall back option to wait it out and see if you stumble into a nice start with Bell.

  • Thanks again for a great season.

    PPR need one for WR3:
    C Patterson, D Rogers or N Burleson or H Nicks? Return yards count 1PT per 25 yards, so thinking Patterson.

    Also have the Danny Woodhead tonight vs Reggie Bush Monday for the FLEX, and playing Woodhead unless you think I’m being overly cautious.

  • Great coverage this year and thanks! I have the Reggie Bush or Danny Woodhead decision to make in a PPR flex spot. What to do?

    Also – C. Patterson, Burleson, Nicks or Da’Rick for WR3?

    • I like Burleson at WR3 and then I think Woody is the way to go unless you have another decent option you could sub in on Sunday, as we should have more info on Reggie’s situation by then. Funny how something as simple as the timing of games creates such a dilemma!

  • I have two questions #1 I need two between Andre Brown, Ryan Matthews, CJ Spiller, or Toby Gerhart. #2 I need two between Reggie Bush, Steven Jackson, and Zac stacy

    • #1 Brown/Spiller

      #2 Bench Jackson

  • PPR league, need to start two of the following:

    Ryan Mathews @ Denver
    Alfred Morris @ Atlanta
    Andre Brown vs Sea
    Charles Clay vs New England

    Who do you like?

    • Alf and Brown would be my selections but the PPR factor makes all 4 pretty close actually

  • Quick add
    I also have
    But they just feel like an unnecessary playoff risk

  • Start Andre Brown or Steven Jackson in a standard league?

    • Also, Colston or Roddy White….tough calls!

      • I like Brown and Roddy

  • 12 Team Standard scoring
    I need 1 RB and 1 Flex


    Thank You

    • Alf at RB looks good and then probably Keenen Allen with the sliiiiiiight nod over Gore

  • Need to start three of four: Lynch, Morris, Stacy, and Vereen in a standard league. Thoughts?

    • I would sit Stacy this week.

  • Fantasy playoffs question. Week 15 and 16, Lynch faces NYG and Arizona, some pretty stout run defenses. I have the option to swap him out with Alfred Morris, who plays Atlanta and Dallas, who give up the 4th and 1st most points to RBs. Who should I play those weeks? My other starting RB is Shady and he has crazy matchups (traded Ridley and Fitz for Lynch during Ridley’s tear).

    • wow nice trade. I would stick with Lynch despite the matchups. That WAS offense is a wreck

  • Need to start a flex in standard league :

    Jordy Nelson, Gio Bernard or Danny Amendola

    (Lacy, Chris Johnson, Gordon and Jeffery locked for the other spots)

    • Jordy although Im not thrilled about it. Gio is a close 2nd.

  • Steve smith, James jones, time wright. Half pt ppr, pick 2. Been riding with smith and jones all season and that’s what has gotten me into the payoffs. Would you start Tim over either of them this week?

    Thank you!

    • I think youve got the right two.

  • Keenan Allen or Shane Vereen in a Flex, 12 man 1 PPR?

    • I like both but Vereen is safest and has some nice upside as well

  • Flex Start PPR:
    Kendall Wright
    Victor Cruz
    Shane Vereen


    • I think Vereen is the best bet there

  • PPR flex help:

    Hilton (opposing team is starting Luck, if it matters)
    Morris (not much help in PPR)
    Ryan Mathews (been more involved in passing game lately and will have best weather conditions).

    Who do you like?

    • Tough. I would give the slight nod to T.Y. since it is full PPR. Morris is close though

  • TE drop/add question, 10-team standard league, playoffs run weeks 14-16. I have Greg Olsen and Jordan Cameron on roster at the moment. I’m comfortable with my other position depth, so I think I will continue carrying two TEs, playing matchups. On the waiver wire are Jordan Reed and Ladarius Green. Presuming I hold onto Olsen, advise I drop Cameron for either Reed or Green? Thanks!

    • I would drop Cameron for Reed. If Reed is fully healthy and is back to his normal self this week he could be a sweet play for 15/16

  • Great job this year Jeff
    12 team standard scoring… I’m thinking
    RB Forte, Morris
    WR Gordon, Jeffrey
    Need one flex…
    Gore, Garcon, K.Allen, CJ.Spiller
    But I’m open minded if you see another line up change.
    Thank you

    • Thanks Lion. Thank you for reading!

      I think your RB/WR picks look great.

      For Flex, I would personally go with Allen. He should be good at home this week against the Giants. I am rolling with him in my main league so when we goes off we can celebrate!


  • With the season about done and seeing how the rookies/vets performed/were used, could you update the Dynasty Rankings before the season is over?

    Thanks in advance!

    • We are actually in the midst of developing some new dynasty content. Look for an announcement in the next couple weeks but it will be very exciting, that I can promise!

  • I have to choose between roddy white and michael floyd for wr3 and either of those players or steven jackson for flex? cannot decide but right now I will prolly sit roddy.

    • This is a tough one. All three are right around the 20ish rank at their positions for the week. I think going with your gut and sitting Roddy is fine as long as Floyd is good to go.

  • Jeff, why do you have Baltimore vs MIN rated so low? Trying to decide between them and the Chiefs D this week.

    • Ya i may have BALT a tad low but I think KC is the play either way

  • With ARodgers probably out again this week, and CPalmer nursing an elbow injury – do I look at RG3 (vsKC), Flacco (vsMIN), Alex Smith (@WAS) or Fitz (@DEN) in a win-or-go-home playoff? 4Pts per pass TD/1 pt per pass 25yds. Thanks Jeff!

    • As long as Rodgers does indeed sit, I would roll with Fitz against Denver.

      Good luck!!

  • Need 2 WR’s and 3 RB’s PPR league. Shorts, Sanders,Colston, Crabtree or Doug Baldwin. 3 RB’s PPR S-Jax, A.P, Reshad Jennings or Moreno.

    Thanks once again!

    • Shorts, Colston

      AP, Moreno, Jennings

      Good luck JD

  • Earlier you stated you would start Rashad over Cecil. I forgot to mention half pt ppr, would you still stick with that?

    Thank you

    • That makes it closer for sure. The NYJ matchup isnt great for Rashad but Shorts’ matchup with HOU isnt great either. I think I would stick with the RB

  • What about Fleener TE, Cameron TE, or Hopkins WR ? Also have Chris Givens but he’s an afterthought. I need one at TE and one at sexy flexy, the other sits

    • I like Fleener at TE and then Cameron at flex I suppose. Hopkins hasnt done much lately.

  • 12 Team PPR, 10-3, getting ready for the 1st round of playoffs. We start 1 qb, 2 wr, 2 rb,1 te, 2 flex, 1 k, 1 d. Any suggestions?
    Rivers vs. NYG
    R Wilson vs. SF
    AJ Green vs. Ind
    Antonio Brown vs. Mia
    Torrey vs. Min
    Crabtree vs. Sea
    Percy vs. SF
    R Bush vs. Phi
    Andre Brown vs. SD
    Spiller vs. TB
    Woodhead vs.NYG
    Ellington vs. Stl
    Fleener vs. Cin (my only te)
    NE vs. Cle
    As vs. Stl

  • Playoff time!

    We start 2 WR, 2 RB, and a flex
    WRs: Cecil, Victor, Roddy
    RBs: Morris, Jamal, Rashad

    Im thinking off starting all 3 WRs and Morris and Jamal. Would you put in Rashad over any of those receivers?

    • I would play Jennings over Cecil.

      Good luck!

      • Thank you! I forgot to mention half pt ppr. Would that change anything or you sticking with rashad over cecil?

  • I have the first round of the playoffs next week. Finished top seed. But I have the Carolina defence against the New Orleans Saints. And my opponent has Drew Brews. Such a crucial matchup. Should I sit carolina this week and pick up a waiver D like Houston, Green Bay, New York Jets?

    • I would personally hang onto CAR but if you’re scared of getting a double whammy if Brees goes off, i’d go with Houston

    • I have a quite a quandary, should I start KC’s defense or Oakland’s this wk, for the 1st round. Washington, who’s falling apart quickly, is a far better match-up for KC than their previous 4 opponents, who have torched them, Thanks!

  • a bit of an unconventional question, in a ppr league with 2 wrs and a flex who do you bench for week 14 and the weeks that follow? Calvin, Marshall, Andre Johnson, or Josh Gordon?

    next question, ive got Heath Miller and John Carlson at Te’s but Clay and Ladarius Green are available. who do i roll with for week 14 and the weeks that follow?

    lastly, are these 23 carries for Stephen Jackson legit? is Atlanta going to roll with this trend or are they going to give the ball to someone else?

    Thanks guys!

    • for SJax, the carries wont be that high but they will continue to use him most in that backfield.

      I would pickup Green at TE and play him this week.

      The WR one is tough obviously. I would sit Johnson. I like him a bit more than Gordon this week personally but I will go with our staff consensus here. They are all so close.

  • Need some flex/WR help this week. I have Jordy, Cruz, Alshon J and Ben Tate and I need 2 WR and 1 Flex. I am leaning towards Jordy and Alshon with Tate as the flex – but worried about Tate v Jags (given his game 2 weeks ago). Also if Rodgers doesn’t play – maybe I’d swap Cruz in for Jordy. Any thoughts? Many, many thanks!

    • I like what you’ve got going there. Tate should be fine, he looked good last week and that earlier Jags matchup was very weird. I wouldnt worry much. I also agree with the swap if Rodgers is out again. Good luck!

  • Non PPR, 14 team league. Whose the best WR3 option going through weeks 14-16?
    Ginn Jr.

    • I like Baldwin slightly over Hopkins. I doubt Percy plays until the playoffs

  • Playoff time.
    I have Panthers D, who’s plays NO twice in the next 3 games. This league has a limit of 1 D per team. Should a drop them this week for the Bengals?
    I wanna hold on to the them because they play the Jets next week.
    The Niners are also available, they have decent match ups coming up and the Cards are also available.

    Should I stay the course with the Panthers?

    • how is your waiver priority? Could u drop them this week and get them back next?

      • That’s possible. Team with lowest point total that week has highest priority. But I’m afraid that someone with better priority will see that jets matchup and snatch up panthers d.

  • I have Gio Bernard in right now but with the news of Ridley benched, should Vereen be put in over Gio?

    • Absolutely

  • PPR League:
    Woodhead vs Cin or Spiller vs Atl for week 13?

  • EJ Manuel or Alex Smith?
    Also available in FA: Palmer, Fitz, Matt Ryan and Eli Manning

    Who starts?

    • I would go with Palmer of those options

  • I have two questions I am between Torrey Smith or Harry Douglas and between ray rice and Zac Stacey ???

    • Torrey in a close one and I would say rice for now until we hear more about Stacey’s status

  • vereen or spiller non ppr
    matt ryan or matt flynn

    • Vereen and Ryan for me.

  • McCown or Foles?

    Gonzalez or Cameron?

    Thank you and happy thanksgiving!

  • So down on RGIII right now. Would you start him this week or one of these free agents?

    Alex Smith
    Brandon Weeden
    Carson Palmer
    Matt Flynn

    Thank you!

    • I would play Palmer as bad as that sounds!

  • Tony Gonzalez or Jordan Cameron?

    • Go with Cam now that Weeden is back.

  • Josh Mccown or Nick Foles?

    • Coin flip but I side with McCown this week. Both good options.

  • Would you prefer to have Vernon Davis or Julius Thomas for the playoffs? I have VD and worried about Crabtree. Thanks

    • VD as of right now, as we do know that he is fully healthy

  • With Stafford as my QB and PPR scoring…..

    1) Do I roll with Reggie Bush as my FLEX, or Danny Woodhead (CIN)?
    2) Burleson (GB), Nicks (WSH) or Harvin (NO) as my WR3.

    Leaning towards Bush and have a hunch that Burleson could be huge in the slot, but concerned that playing 3 Lions in key positions will make for a Turkey Day disaster. Thoughts?

    • I think Bush is fine there at RB and then I give Harvin the slight nod ahead of Burleson but I dont think playing all 3 Lions is too nutty.

  • So i have a bunch of depth on my team and trying to figure out my lineup for the week. You starter 3 wr, 2 rb, 1 TE, 1 flex (wr/rb/te)

    Wrs: Dez. Josh Gordon, Percy, Steve Smith, James Jones
    Rb: demarco, morris, stacy
    TE: gronk, thomas

    Obv Dez and Josh Gordon are locked in at WR and gronk at TE. What would you do with the remaining WR spot, 2 RB spots, and flex? Do you start all 3 RBs, or do you start Julius over one of them? And who goes in that last receiver spot in your opion?

    Thank you!

    • I’d play Percy this week at WR and then I would say the 3 RB’s as long as news on Stacy comes back clean this week.

  • Requesting help for playoff roster…

    12 Team – Standard Scoring League – QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, WRT, K, DST

    QB:   T.Romo
    RB:    M.Forte A.Morris F.Gore  J.Bell D.Brown C.Spiller
    WR:   P.Garcon J.Gordon A.Jeffrey K.Allen
    TE:    J.Graham 
    K: Streaming (Suisham)
    DST: Streaming (Cleveland, NYG)

    I’m going to standing pat at receiver
    Handcuff Gore?
    I’m thinking about gambling on Gerhart and Minnesota backing off AP
    Safe to drop Bell, Brown, Spiller or do you see a must keep for depth?

    Thank you

    • I dont see anything glaring here. I think I’d hold onto your backs.

  • Defense: arizona, gb, indy?

    Thank you

    • I’d go with Zona this week.

  • Niners, Browns, Packers? Gotta stay with the Niners right?

    • We have SF and CLE right next to each other and GB a little lower. I think SF should be ok this week.

  • Need some def help here: Dallas, Indy, Clevland, Jets

    So we scaled down our def points this year our settings are Sack .5
    Interception 1.5
    Fumble Recovery 1.5
    Touchdown 4.5
    Safety 1.5
    Block Kick 1.5
    Kickoff and Punt Return Touchdowns 4.5
    Points Allowed 0 points 8.5
    Points Allowed 1-6 points 5.5
    Points Allowed 7-13 points 3
    Points Allowed 14-20 points 1
    Points Allowed 21-27 points 0
    Points Allowed 28-34 points -1
    Points Allowed 35+ points -3

    • I’d roll with the Browns

  • Mike Glennon or Case Keenum? I had Keenum in all week but im thinking they are gonna get a lead and not throw as much where Glennon will be coming from behind while also going against a tough run D and not too bad pass D. Thoughts?

    • Keenum. I understand what you’re getting at but look at what Palmer did to Jax last week. Keenum should be solid.

  • I lost Reed and need to pick up a TE. Who should I drop and who should I pick up? .5 ppr Thanks

    Bowe, Vereen, K.Wright, D.Brown

    TE’s available
    Pettigrew, Housler, Wright, Carlson, Cook, Heath

    • I would cut Brown and pickup Carlson for the week as long as you arent relying on Brown on a weekly basis

  • I have been decimated at wide receiver this year (lost Jones, Cobb, and Wayne), and have Hilton, Allen, Shorts and Randle.10 man league, non PPR and kickoff/punt returns count for WW’s and RB’s. Thinking of adding Hester, K. Martin, K. Wright or Boykin for some depth (not that it’s much). My dilemma is who to drop. I have Bush, G Bernard, L.Bell, R Jennings, Ivory and Rainey at RB. Was thinking of dropping Ivory. Or should I gamble and drop my backup QB rivers, starting Stafford.

    • I would cut Rivers loose and pickup Wright. He as been solid and worst case if Staff goes down you should be able to plug someone in at QB off the wire.

  • I am a 10 team 1/2PPR and need help with my RB spot and flex. Which 2 RBs from the following would you start: L. Bell, E. Lacy, Vereen, Ridley? Also whom would you play as your flex from Garçon, J. Gordon, or one of the other two RBs?

    • I would start Lacy for sure and then Vereen due to the .5 PPR factor. At Flex, I would play Garcon but man you have a lot of solid options. I am guessing you’re having a nice season!

      • So sit Bell. Thanks, right now I’m in 3rd place but I have scored the most points, but have allowed the most points in my league as well.

  • With the injuries to RGIIIs receivers and him going up against SF I am a little hesitatnt to start him. My other options would be Tolzien, Flacco, Mccown,

    What would you do?

    • This is a tough spot but I do think I would go with RG3 over those other options myself. He did turn in a solid 2nd half last week from a fantasy perspective, so hopefully he can keep that rolling. Missing Reed hurts though

  • ****. In a ppr league peterson is my rb1 and if i make this trade spiller will be my rb2. Do i trade L.bell for victor cruz? my other wr are tsmith, gordon, allen, and colston.

    thank you!

    • I would stay put. Your current batch of WR looks pretty solid.

  • I’ve been wrong all year.. asking for help
    It’s do or die
    12 team std scoring

    Pick 2

    Thank you

    • This is a very tough one with all these guys ranked so closely this week, but our consensus says Jeffery/Garcon so I will stick with that.

  • On the outside looking in big matchups these next 2 weeks(we schedule teams who are on the cusp to play teams in the playoffs) current lineup
    Car D

    Have colston on the bench would you play him over let’s say gordon or smith? I know atl is an enticing matchup but I like to stick to the play the best talent rule….also Graham this week and Walker ROS? Graham worries me bcuz he’s very inconsistent for this week take a shot on walker?

    • I like the lineup you have there. I am assuming this is garrett graham, and if so, ya I probably like Walker a bit more ROS

  • Would you drop Trent Richardson for Toby Gerhart in a 12-team standard scoring league?

    • only if it was to handcuff my AP

  • Case Keenum or Josh Mccown

    • Our consensus ranks have McCown one spot higher but it really is 50/50. I prefer Keenum personally.

  • Which RB or RBs would you drop for ROS WR help? And what WRs to grab?
    Yesterday I missed out on Miles Austin on waivers, but ended up with Rainey. I needed another RB like I need another hole in my head because we only play 2, but I often take value where I can get it. I’m 6-5 right now in a 12 team league and I’m just hoping to make the playoffs. Was thinking of dropping TRich or MJD or both for a flyer on a couple of WRs with upside. I could also easily part with Marvin Jones too.

    Current Team: (start QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, DST, K) – 1pt PPR
    QB: Keenum / Rodgers – (6pt TDs, bonus points for yards)
    WR: Antonio Brown, Mike Floyd, Bowe, Marvin Jones
    RB: Giovani, Vereen, TRich, Rice, MJD, Rainey
    TE: Delanie Walker
    DST: Arizona
    K: Folk/stream
    *IR Spot: Cobb (1 spot)

    Available FA WRs (it’s pretty bad): Tavon Austin, Santonio Holmes, Doug Baldwin, Manningham, Goodwin, Streater, Underwood, Patterson, Ace Sanders
    WRs on Waivers (available in couple of days, but I’m 9th): Golden Tate, Rishard Matthews, Hopkins

    • Of the FA WR’s I like Santonion Holmes the best and I like Matthews of the waiver guys. I think Marvin Jones is cutable, and I can’t argue with dropping T-Rich one bit if you’re looking for more WR depth.

  • I’m fortunate to own Charles and Forte, and one more win secures a 1st round playoff bye. A league mate just offered me McCoy for Forte. The Eagles have a great Week 15-16 schedule for RBs. I own Bush to handcuff Forte, but he doesn’t have Bryce Brown. Do you think I should accept because McCoy will likely outscore Forte in the fantasy playoffs?

    • Adding to the above… I could also deal Charles for McCoy and keep Forte. Forte has outscored Charles since Week 7. Thanks again for the valuable advice you guys give.

      • I think you are playing with fire here but I do like McCoy quite a bit. I wouldn’t trade Forte but I think I would deal JC for McCoy although it is dicey. If you are dying to get McCoy, that is the route I would go. Good luck!

  • PPR flex help – TY Hilton or Alf Morris?

    • In PPR I would go with T.Y.

  • Josh Mccown or RGIII? Also Cecil or Roddy (half pt ppr)? Thank you

    • I would play RG3 this week and Roddy looks like a better play at WR

  • If your trading Antonio Brown who are you targeting?

    • One more thing….PPR.

      • Depends on what position you are in need of but I consider him a low end WR1 so don’t take anything less than another WR1 or RB1 in return.

  • Drop Ball for Rainey in a 10 team league? Thinking about using up all my remaining FAAB for him. Do you like saving some FAAB (1 dollar per week) to keep some streaming D priority? I have KC D/ST

    • Ya, I like that idea

  • I am trying to hold the top spot in a 16 team league, currently 8-3 after suffering a loss to a weak opponent last week. All my players underachieved.

    Start two and Sit one:
    – Fleener TE (Indianapolis)
    – Shorts WR (Jacksonville)
    – Hopkins WR (Texas)

    • I would start Fleener and Shorts

  • Going into tonight I am up 126.86 to 119.48. He has Gronk left and I have steve smith and either deangallo or vereen. It is half pt ppr. Who would you start?

  • So, I ended up with Brady and Newton on one of my teams, and of course this decision will determine whether I win my matchup tonight. Every ranking I’ve seen has Cam as the one to go with, but why does my gut keep telling me Brady? Should I trust my gut, or is it just that gas station burrito I ate?

  • MNF question – Going into tonights game I’m up 111.36 – 100.78. It’s 1pt PPR and he’s still got Amendola left while I’ve got Vereen. Since I don’t have a RB left I can swap out for Vereen, my options are to either roll with him or drop a player (TRich or my back up QB – Cutler (I have RGIII)) to pick up a Carolina RB.

    Do you think Vereen is any riskier to play than Jonathan Stewart or DeAngelo Williams who are both available? Thanks in advance!

    • Well, glad I didn’t over think that one… Vereen is back.

  • Right now I have Percy harvin and josh Gordon starting but concerned about the limited snaps for Percy and wind for josh Gordon. Would you replace Percy with James jones?

    Also Jordan Cameron or Tony Gonzalez?

    Josh mccown or Carson Palmer

    • Ya, I would play JJ over Harvin this week. I like Palmer and TGonz at the other spots.

  • Pending the bad weather in Chicago. Who should I play over Jeffrey & Torrey Smith?

    10 team/ppr league
    On my bench, I’ve got
    Riley cooper
    Roddy white
    Percy harvin

    • I wouldnt touch Harvin this week, and I would consider the other two bench guys toss ups really. I would personlly stick with Jeffery/Smith but I wouldnt call you crazy for swapping it out. Its just terribly hard to predict this weather situation.

  • Pending the bad weather in Chicago, is it still safe to start Jeffrey & T. Smith ? On my bench I have Roddy White, Riley Cooper & Percy Harvin. What would you do?

  • With the weather in Chicago should I still start Jeffrey over Harvin as WR3 in PPR?

    • Yes, with the news that Harvin will only get 10-15 snaps, I think you still have to roll with Jeffery

  • Panthers D or Packers D….my gut says try my luck with the packers but theres a voice in my head that says hey the panthers d could dominate the trenches and thats how you frustrate brady….also bench t.smith or gordon for colston due to weather concerns or I can switch cooper to my we spot and flex l.Miller or spiller?

    • WR*

      • I would stick with GB and both WRs.

  • Dobson, Douglas or Harvin, non ppr

    • I like Douglas with harvin on a snap count this week.

  • With the weather situation for the cleveland game, would you sit Josh Gordon in favor of
    Larry Fitzgerald (PPR)
    Jordy Nelson (Standard)
    Torrey Smith (Standard)


    • I would sit him for Fitz for sure

  • Start 1 at the flex, ppr league:
    Vernon Davis
    Rishard Matthews
    Cecil Shorts
    Dwayne Bowe

    I’m already starting Cameron at TE. Dual tight ends this week? Dare I?

    • I like Cecil Shorts myself although I do think Vernon is a close second

  • Hi. Love the site and content! Need 2 in a PPR league at WR…Colston,Emanuel Sanders, Shorts or Hopkins. And at RB need 3…..S-Jax, Moreno, Ridley, A.P or Reshad Jennings PPR.

    Thank you

    • Thanks Doonie! WR I like Shorts and hopkins this week. At RB, I think AP and Moreno are locks, and then I would slide Ridley in that third spot.

  • I need one am leaning Matthews
    ryan Matthews, lamar miller, or cj spiller

    • They are all close enough to go with your gut. I would personally go Spiller I think but I wouldnt call you nuts for playing Mathews

  • Re – Forte trade

    Sorry – Andre Brown, not Antonio

    • Ya, I’d probably pull the trigger

  • Re: Forte trade
    Receiver depth a little shaky, I have
    WR – Garcon, Jeffrey, Gordon, K.Allen
    TE – Graham
    QB – Romo
    DST – streaming

  • Trade? 12 team standard
    Should I give
    A Brown
    G Benard

    I also have Morris, Gore, CJ Spiller, J Bell, D Brown

    • Ya, if you’ve got enough WR depth to handle losing Brown I would do that one to snag Forte.

  • Hi there

    I have a 10 team league/ ppr scoring –I need to win this week to for certain have a spot in the playoffs. We have 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 flex, 1 defense and 1 kicker. On my active roster I have: RG3, Nick Foles, Reggie bush, AP, AJ green, Torrey smith, housler, roddy white, Riley cooper, Shane vareen, percy harvin, Steven Jackson, alshon Jeffery, Cleveland defense & Dawson as my kicker. Who should I play to give me the best chance to win this weekend?


    • I would roll with RG3, AP/Bush, Green/Smith, Housler, Jeffery at flex and then CLE/Dawson. Good luck!

  • I have to pick one between ray rice, steven Jackson, or chris ivory???

    • Rice seems to be the lesser of those three evils

  • Torrey for J Thomas straight up?

    • ya I think that would work

  • .5 PPR – C. Ivory vs. B. Leonard? J. Jones vs. R. White?

    • We’ve got Ivory and Roddy higher this week

  • Hello,

    Can you help me pick 2 out of the following 3 (RB & Flex): P. Harvin, L. Miller or Spiller? 0.5pt PPR league.

    Many thanks,

    • Miller and Spiller are the safest, as we don’t really know how much harvin will be used this week.

  • trying to make a trade before tomorrows trade deadline. I have a bunch of depth at wr and rb so i want to upgrade. Any recommendations on what you would try to do here?

    start 3 wr: Dez, Josh Gordon, Steve Smith, Percy Harvin, James Jones
    2 rb: Morris, demarco, stacy, brian leonard, bernard pierce
    1 TE: julius thomas, gronk
    wr/te/rb flex: been using either zac stacy here or 2 TEs

    • I would probably try to package Thomas with either an RB or WR for an upgrade if any teams in your league are weak at TE.

  • Jordan Reed or Tony Gonzalez? Leaning Reed since Gonzalez a lil banged up but not sure. (half pt ppr)

    • Ya, I like Reed

  • 12 Team PPR, I want to make 1 last trade for the playoffs. My team: R Wilson, Rivers, AJ Green, Antonio Brown, Torrey, Percy, A Roberts, R Bush, Spiller, Andre Brown, Ellington, B Tate, Olsen, Walsh, AZ D, NE D. These are the 3 last place teams:
    A 1-9: Keenum, Decker, Cruz, Woodhead, Sproles, J Thomas, Amendola, TRich, Flynn, Helu, Mendy, Brady, Streater, Fleener.
    B 2-7-1: Cutler, Welker, Royal, Moreno, AP, D Walker, Hartline, S Johnson, R Cooper, Nicks, A Rodgers, Bowe, R Mathews. I proposed Wilson & Torrey for Welker.
    C 3-7: RG3, Hankerson, Fitz, M Ball, Gore, Celek, S Moss, A Boldin, R Cobb, J Franklin, DMC, R Turbin, S McGrath.
    Do you see any potential trades?

    • I think I would probably try something with team A to try and upgrade to Thomas at TE. Something with Torrey Smith maybe.

  • 12 team PPR. Sitting at 12-8 (tied for first in my division). I’ve piled up some decent depth. Team looks like this:
    RB (start 2) Matt Forte, Darren Sproles, Andre Brown, Ben Tate, Brian Leonard, Bernard Pierce, Bryce Brown
    WR (start 2) Desean Jackson, Josh Gordon, Hakeem Nicks, Percy Harvin
    TE Gronk
    Flex (start 1 of the leftovers)

    Would you make a 2 for 1 trade for an elite WR (Calvin, Demaryius?) for any RB not named Forte and any WR? aka Sproles and Desean or something similar? Or is Sproles/Desean too much?

    • Ya I like that idea. You want to make your starting lineup as strong as possible with the playoffs coming. Sproles and djax for megatron sounds good.

      • Thanks. I’ve got the Calv owner on the hook…

        How would you rank those RB’s (Andre Brown, Sproles, and Ben Tate) for the remainder of the season in PPR?

  • 12 Team PPR, 8-2, we start 1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 2 Flex, 1 K, 1 D. How do you think I should roster my team this week? My Team: R Wilson, Rivers, AJ Green, Antonio Brown, Torrey, Percy, A Roberts, R Bush, Spiller, Andre Brown, Ellington, B Tate, Olsen, Walsh, AZ D, NE D.

    • I would go with:

      Green. Brown
      Bush. Brown
      Torrey. Tate

  • Defensive question:
    Green Bay D vs NYG
    San Diego D vs MIA

    • I believe we have GB higher. I think CD Carter covers that in this weeks “dreaming of streaming” so check that out for more info

  • Need a flex in a ppr, spiller, colston or randle? thank you

    • Ughhhhh unfortunately I have to pick Spiller here. Colston was good last week but I doubt that happens again especially vs SF

  • Drop Doug Baldwin for Miles Austin or ??? Jeff, you you’ve been very helpful before with add/drop questions so I’m throwing this out there. This morning I woke up to find that even though I was 7th on waivers, I landed my #1 priority – MJD. Unfortunately, that meant that all the good WR options were taken and I ended up with Bowe (who I’m rolling a blunt… errrr… rolling the dice with this weekend).

    Current Team: (play QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, DST, K) – 1pt PPR
    QB: Keenum / Aaron Rodgers – (6pt TDs, bonus points for yards)
    WR: Antonio Brown, Marvin Jones, Mike Floyd, Bowe, Baldwin
    RB: Giovani, Vereen, TRich, Rice, MJD
    TE: H Miller
    DST: Arizona
    K: Bailey
    *IR Spot: Cobb (1 spot)

    So, do you think it’s worth dropping Baldwin with Harvin coming back and taking a flyer on one of these bums for the playoff push and beyond?
    – Miles Austin, Marlon Brown, Royal, Manningham, Santonio Holmes, Tavon Austin, Greg Jennings or… Justin Hunter?

    • I think manningham is worth a shot. He was the most targeted 49er last week and hopefully he will build on that. Feels like he is on the rise and baldwins snaps will only decrease. I’d give that a shot so you have some backup when bowe misses a game because he is out looking for a Sonic.

  • I’m 9-1 in a 12 team standard league (QB, RB x 2, WR x 2, TE, Flex) and trying to make final roster tweaks for finals before trade deadline next week. My starting roster is pretty solid, my biggest holes are flex and TE. Current roster is:

    QB – Stafford
    RB – McCoy, R. Bush
    WR – Calvin, Dez
    Flex – One of R. Rice, P. Harvin, S. Greene, A. Dobson
    TE – Olsen

    I’ve been trying to package bench players for a TE upgrade, but no bites. I do think, however, that I could turn Dez & Olsen into AJ Green & J Thomas or even try for B. Marshall and Gronk. Would you be trying to land one of these or sitting tight?

    • Your squad looks solid, but I think if you can make either of those deals happen, go for it. The WRs are comparable to Dez and the TE upgrades are big. The Gronk deal looks the best but either would work.

  • Whats good TFF, Im 7-3 1PPR 12 team; I’m being offered…
    Gordon and lynch for amendola garçon and Tate
    I have
    Andre Brown
    AJ Green
    Stream D
    Stream K
    Bn-rowdy Roddy, Amendola, Shorts III, Vereen, DHB, H Miller

    Thanks as always

    • What up Walt…I would take the deal. Lynch is awesome and getting the best player in the deal is usually a good idea. You will still have options like Shorts and Vereen at flex.

  • I need major help this week. would you sit any of the starters for any on the bench?

    RB- PThomas, SJax
    WR- AJeffery, VJax
    Flex- ABrown
    K- Gostkowski
    Bench- James Jones, Ridley, Gould

    Also, I have Rodgers(hurt), and Cutler(hurt) so, which QB should i pick up this week?

    Palmer, Glennon, RFitz, EManning?


    • I would snag Palmer to QB this week and the only swap I would make is Ridley for SJax.

  • RGIII or Nick Foles? (passing td 5 pt, rushing 6 pt)

    Also Tim Wright, James Jones, Mike Brown, Santonio Holmes? I gotta pick 1, half pt ppr?

    Thank you!

    • I personally like RG3 a little better this week, but I know CHet has Foles a tad higher. Pretty close but I would go RG3. For your other dilemma, I think I would gamble on James Jones out of those options.

  • I just made two deals. Overall I gave Cam, Green, Spiller, and Reed and I got Peyton, Garçon, Gio,Sproles,and Martellus. How did I do? I was also offered Graham for Garçon and Cameron?Should I do that?

    Current team
    Qb Peyton
    Rb Mccoy
    Rb Forte
    Wr Calvin
    Wr Garçon
    Wr Torrey
    Te Cameron
    Flx Gio
    Flx Sproles
    bn Terrence, Starks, Ball, Baldwin, Bennett, Bryce

    • I think you did pretty well in the deals. Getting Peyton is always a good thing and I really like Garcon. As for the new deal, if you think you can survive this week with Baldwin at WR3, I think I would take it. Getting Graham would give you a ridiculous team. T Williams wouldnt be a bad WR3 with those beasts all around him

  • Who should I start at my flex between Rashad Jennings and Roddy White in a PPR league? Revis Island scares me a little

    • Me too. I think Jennings is the safer play as weird as that sounds.

  • Who to start at the flex, ppr:
    Josh Gordon
    Victor Cruz
    Shane Vereen

    Vereen and Harvin are obviously risky. I’m starting Megatron and TY already. Thinking of starting Cruz at the flex.
    Stick to my gut?

    • Stick with the gut! Vereen is the most tempting but I like what you’re thinking here.

  • ppr league, 3 wr’s…I have J. Thomas. Was offered Dez for TY and Jordan Cameron. I sit on the right side of the playoff bubble right now and am worried with Dez’s bye week if I lose will be a nail biter to win last two weeks and make playoffs. However like the upside if I made the playoffs with Dez as he could help win. Thoughts?

    • If you have a somewhat respectable replacement for Dez this week, I would do it. I understand your thoughts here though. As long as it doesnt mean you are essentially giving up this week, I say give it a go.

  • Thanks Jeff!

    Lost Rodgers – played a gimpy Pryor last week! In Wk11 – would you play Palmer, Glennon, Fitzpatrick, Tanny or ASmth? Nothing much left on the WW!

    • I believe we have Palmer ranked highest. He’s got a decent matchup give him a shot.

  • Need 3 of these 5 for Week11 in a PPR: AJ Green, Keenan, TY, Fitz, Harvin

    • AJG, TY, and I believe I have Keenan a hair above Fitz this week

  • Need a bye week replacement for Romo PPR Bonus yard league/bonus for long plays 4pt TD’s for QB’s…I have Pryor on my bench but yeah cant say im too confident in him after the last few weeks…so my choices are Pryor, Campbell, Glennon, Palmer,Geno, Tolzien yeah….awesome right?

    • Oooh rough spot, but I would give Palmer a shot. He’s got a nice matchup at least. I don’t trust Pryor’s knee either, I’m with you there.

  • Torrey or Murray rest of season non ppr

    • Murray

  • jeff, standard scoring:

    —- FLEX

    Who should be my flex this week?
    Ridley @CAR
    DeAndre Hopkins vs OAK
    Donald Brown @TEN
    Percy vs MIN

    • Ridley gives me a little pause due to Vereen’s return but I still think he is the most reliable option there unless Seattle announces plans on their Harvin usage this week. I just dont see them giving him a ton of work right before their bye. I’d go Ridley and hope he scores.

  • Looking for upside at WR.. is dropping Mike Wallace for Crabtree worth it?

    • Not at this point, I don’t think so. Who knows if Crabtree will hit the field any time soon.

  • In an auction keeper league non-ppr I was offered his Peyton $26 and Giovani -$13 for my Green- $24 and Spiller $12. As far as keepers go I like Green and Spiller better but for this year I think Peyton and Gio will be better for me considering my team. What do you think? Below is my current team and my potential keepers. Thanks

    Current Team
    qb- Cam
    rb- McCoy
    rb- Forte
    wr- Calvin
    wr- Green
    wr- Torrey
    te- Cameron
    flx- Spiller
    flx- Terrence

    bn- Reed, Bryce, Baldwin, Ball, Starks

    potential keepers (we can keep up to 4)

    Forte – $46
    McCoy- $41
    Martin- $25
    Green- $24
    Cam- $16
    Spiller- $12
    Cameron- $6

    • Gettin Peyton is nice but your flex will be a little dicey. I say do it and then flip Cam to a QB needy team for a flex player once you swap Williams into a WR spot.

  • Dear Fake Footballers, I’m looking for Waiver advice. I’m 5-5 and struggling to make the playoffs in a 12 team, 1pt PPR league. We play 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, DST, K. Injuries have killed me – this season I’ve lost Vereen, Cobb, Rodgers, Mike Williams, Blackmon and tonight Mike James.
    QB: Keenum / Aaron Rodgers – (6pt TDs)
    WR: Antonio Brown, Marvin Jones, Mike Floyd, Baldwin, L. Moore
    RB: Giovani, Vereen, TRich, Rice, Mike James
    TE: H Miller
    DST: Arizona
    K: Bailey
    *IR Spot: Cobb (1 spot)

    Injuries have decimated my WRs and with the loss of James (and with Rice and TRich sucking), I’m thin at RB too. I’m 7th on waivers so I’m trying to figure out what my waiver priority should be and who to drop.
    Players available:
    – Dwayne Bowe
    – Boykin (dropped him last week after Rodgers got hurt…)
    – Nate Burleson (good upside & nice playoff schedule)
    – Rishard Matthews
    – Mario Manningham
    – Tavon Austin
    – Andre Roberts
    – MJD (he’ll likely be gone by 7th, but worth targeting 1st)
    – Brian Leonard
    – Rainey
    – Donald Brown
    – John Carlson (Heath isn’t producing and Carlson is the best avail )

    • I agree with MJD first. After that, I would try for WR since you will get Vereen back this week. Probably Boykin or Matthews would be my first ones along with Burleson. Probably go MJD, Burleson, Boykin, Matthews

      • Thanks man – that’s pretty much what I was thinking. I’ll try to let people know who I end up with because whoever it is will likely get hurt soon…

  • (I had already posted this somewhere else because I hadn’t seen this section)


    Where would you rank Jordy Nelson as WR for the rest of the season? I’m trying to get him from another team that isn’t going to the playoffs. I guess it depends on how long A.Rodgers is out. I’m offering Colston or Amendola.

    0.5pt PPR


  • PPR, Andre brown or Ryan Matthews?

    • Mathews. Im not quite sure how much run Brown will get in his first week back.

  • 12 team Std

    Flex – CJ Spiller or A>Jeffery?

    Def. – NYG or Oak?


    • Spiller/NYG is the way I would go

  • i’m 7-2 in a ppr league. I need to drop someone to add a TE because of byes. Who would you drop; The Chiefs D, Andre Brown, Shane Vareen, Cecil Shorts, Trent Richardson….

    • Brown unless you will need him down the stretch

  • Shonn Greene or Deangallo Williams (half ppr)

    • Toss up. I will side with Greg and Chet and say Greene

  • Need one of the following for a flex play in a full point ppr
    Jason witten
    Kendall wright
    Lamar miller


    • Miller has the most upside where I think witten is probably safest. I would go Miller myself.

  • should i start andre ellington or donald brown?

    • I like Ellington

  • In an auction keeper league I was offered his AP- $50 for my Spiller- $12 and Green- $24. I passed on the deal. Was that the right call?

    • Ya, I think it’s the right call. Spiller looks to be trending upward for this stretch run as well.

  • Steven Jackson or Reshad Jennings PPR.

    Thanks Much!

    • Jennings but both are dicey

  • Grabbing a QB early to cover a bye for next week. Choices are basically Glennon, Tannehill, Manuel, Campbell, Flacco, Palmer, Geno/Alex Smith… I’m leaning towards Campbell or Manuel, in that order. Campbell looked good against a couple of decent defenses and faces Cincy without Geno/Hall. Manuel was looking good before his injury and did well against the Jets earlier this season. Thoughts?

    • I think Tannehill at home vs SD is another one to consider. You obviously dont know how Manuel will look post-injury at this point so picking him up is a crap shoot. I would lean Tann but they are all close. I wouldn’t call you crazy for pickling up EJ.

  • Should I trade Chris Johnson + Cameron Jordan for Vernon Davis ?
    Is Mike James + Cameron Jordan for Vernon Davis a better deal for me ? (kind of think so but James might be more consistent even with lower ceiling)

    • It feels like CJ2K is finally resurfacing, so I would give the James/Cameron package if you are dying to acquire Vernon Davis.

  • Need to drop 1 between, tolbert, vereen, harvin, to add a kicker

    • As long as you dont need tolbert in the immediate future, cut that bowling ball!

  • Im hurting at RB. Woodhead, Tolbert, Jacquizz and Foster.
    My WRs are Roddy, Hilton, Shorts, Denarius, Emmanuel.

    Was offered Shane Vereen for Roddy White. PPR league.


    • I would pull the trigger. I love Hilton and Shorts ROS so you will still be strong at WR. I like it and Vereen will rack up some nice PPR points.

  • Would you feel ok running with Wright for ROS as your TE?

    Im looking to upgrade my TE….trying to pry Orange Julius from owner who just lost rodgers by trying to offer pryor/ivory or l.miller/shonne green (his rb’s are mjd and matthews)i know its probably not enough firepower to pull him but worth a shot or i might be able to get Reed for a rb/wright im guessing or should i just stick with Wright? I have the rb depth (gore, spiller, miller, ivory, green, also added dennis johnson just in case tate goes down) and wr depth (Bryant, Gordon, T.Smith, Cooper, Colston)


    • I think Wright is just fine but you do probably have the depth to make a move. I like the Reed for an RB/Wright deal the best.

  • Joique Bell or Shonn Greene half point ppr. Im leaning towards Greene as he should get a good amount of carries and some goalline looks. Thoughts?

    • I agree 100%

  • Need a flex call for this week. I am in 1st and playing the 2nd place team – loser will be 2nd place. I need to be right here. Non-ppr. Do I go with Alshon Jeffery or Mike James? My RBs are Forte & Lynch; WRs are Jordy and Cruz. Thanks!!!!!

    • I like Mike James’ matchup this week so I would go with him. Good luck!

  • Have to start 1: James Jones, Tim Wright, Mike Brown half pt ppr

    • I think Wright is the safest bet here. Lots of questions this week about Jones and with his low snap count last week and Wallace at QB he could sink you this week.

  • Have to start 2: James Jones; Roddy White; Tim Wright. What do you think?

    • I am leaning Roddy and Wright to be honest with you. Jones is gonna have a tall task in front of him coming off the injury and with Wallace at QB. All three shaky choices but thats what I would do as of now.

  • Jay Cutler or Pryor?

    Cutler at home has played well and could be a shootout.
    Pryor has a good match up too.

    • I would still roll with Pryor

  • Why is my comment not being posted?

    I need help – I was planning on playing Andre Brown this week (in place of Riddley/Vereen – bi week) and Doug Martin (OUT)…. Recent news indicates that P. Hillis is the starter.

    PPR League – 10 Team League and I’m currently 8th overall, only 6 teams make the playoffs, which begin week 13…

    1. Do I drop Doug Martin for Rashad Jennings (to play in place of Andre Brown)
    2. Do I drop Steven Riddley for Rashad Jennings

    What would you do? I’m thinking of trading Steven Riddley before next week when Vereen is back to the owner that lost Rodgers along with Matt Ryan and Larry Fitz to get MegaTron in exchange. However if it means loosing this week, I may just drop Riddly to be a contender or I could drop D. Martin (rumors are that he could be back sooner than later? – if so how good would he even be?)

    My Team:
    QB: Rivers/M. Ryan
    RB: M. Forte, D. Martin (out), S. Vereen (bi-week), S. Riddley (bi-week), Andre Brown (not starting?!)
    WR: L. Fitzgerald, TY Hilton, K. Allen, J. Jones, P. Harvin
    TE: J. Witten, T. Wright

    Who do I drop, or do I take a chance that Andre Brown get’s the bulk carries this week and try to trade Riddley before next week (the owner does not know about Vereen)…?

    • Some comments go into a pending queue before they go onto the site. Nothing intentional here.

      I wouldn’t drop Ridley and without knowing the longterm return date for Martin, I wouldn’t drop him either. I would go ahead and roll the dice with Brown at RB2 next to Forte.

      The only other idea I have is maybe try to package a someone to that Rodgers owner right now and have them send back a lower level RB your way as well so you could plug him in this week.

      • Thanks – I was wondering why it was not posting. My Bad.

  • Is there a reason my last comment was not posted?

    I need help – I was planning on playing Andre Brown this week (in place of Riddley/Vereen – bi week) and Doug Martin (OUT)…. Recent news indicates that P. Hillis is the starter.

    PPR League – 10 Team League and I’m currently 8th overall, only 6 teams make the playoffs, which begin week 13…

    1. Do I drop Doug Martin for Rashad Jennings (to play in place of Andre Brown)
    2. Do I drop Steven Riddley for Rashad Jennings

    What would you do? I’m thinking of trading Steven Riddley before next week when Vereen is back to the owner that lost Rodgers along with Matt Ryan and Larry Fitz to get MegaTron in exchange. However if it means loosing this week, I may just drop Riddly to be a contender or I could drop D. Martin (rumors are that he could be back sooner than later? – if so how good would he even be?)

    My Team:
    QB: Rivers/M. Ryan
    RB: M. Forte, D. Martin (out), S. Vereen (bi-week), S. Riddley (bi-week), Andre Brown (not starting?!)
    WR: L. Fitzgerald, TY Hilton, K. Allen, J. Jones, P. Harvin
    TE: J. Witten, T. Wright

    Who do I drop, or do I take a chance that Andre Brown get’s the bulk carries this week and try to trade Riddley before next week (the owner does not know about Vereen)…?

  • Eddie Lacy owner here. Starks or Bryce Brown as RB4?

    • I think grabbing Starks as a backup plan in case of injury after your trade deadline is a good move.

  • At the flex, PPR:
    Roddy White
    Denarius Moore
    Emmanuel Sanders


    • I wouldnt mess with Roddy right now so I think Moore is the best best most likely.

  • Start/sit Riley cooper or Torrey smith

    10 team ppr league. AJ green is my other reciever

    • I would stick with Smith. I doubt Cooper has another big day

  • I was planning on playing Andre Brown this week, but reports are that P. Hillis will start.

    Should I drop Doug Martin for Rashad Jennings?
    Should I drop Steven Riddley for Rashad Jennings?
    PPR 10 Player Team (I’m in 8th place right now – top 6 teams make the playoffs and playoffs begin week 13)
    QB: Rivers/M. Ryan
    RB: Matt Forte, Doug Martin (out), Shane Vereen (bi-week), Steven Riddley (bi-week), Andre Brown (might not play this week)
    WR: TY Hilton, L. Fitzgerald, James Jones, K. Allen, P. Harvin (out)
    TE: J. Witten/T. Wright

    You can only have 5 RB/WR… otherwise I would consider dropping James Jones for R. Jennings since ARod is out.

    I’m trying to trade Steven Riddley before next week, because I think Shane Vereen will be the true Running Back, and I’m not sure Doug Martin comes back and plays 100% of the snaps if at all.

  • Trade offered – his Gore for my Josh Gordon. 12 team, 1pt PPR. I’m 7-2 and in 3rd and he’s 3-6 and in 9th (I’ve eeked out a few Ws). Eight of the 12 teams make the playoffs and there’s not much advantage to being 1st vs 8th because nobody gets a bye.

    We play 2 RB, 2 WR and a Flex (RB/WR/TE). I’ve already lost Cobb & Blackmon this season so I’m not very deep at WR unless Harvin comes back strong. I can’t trust Sproles or TRich right now, but trading Gordon means that if Harvin isn’t fully healthy I’ll need Williams/Mike Brown or somebody off waivers as my WR2 thru the playoffs. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

    My roster:
    WR: AJ Green, Gordon, Terrance Williams, Mike Brown, Harvin
    RB: Stacy, Sproles, TRich, Vereen
    (QB: RGIII/Cutler, TE: Witten, DST: Cincy)

    WR: Decker, Baldwin, James Jones, Colston
    RB: Alf, Knowshon, Le’Veon, Ridley, Gore

    • I should clarify – he offered me the trade.

    • I wouldnt do it. I think that the odds of Vereen coming back quicker and stronger than Harvin are higher so you have some help coming at RB relatively quickly. It also doesnt sound like Sproles is too banged up after leaving last week’s game so I would hold onto Gordon and ride it out with your current backs.

  • RB help?
    STD scoring 10 team league, with Charles on bye and Foster hurt
    Have: Ellington, LeV Bell
    Available on wire: Jennings, Gio B, James
    Two spots to fill. Do I stick with Ellington and Bell or grab one of the other 3?
    Thanks for your time and help.

    • I would snag Mike James and play him next to Bell this week. James has a pretty good matchup

  • 10 team/ppr league
    start/sit — RG3 or Tony Romo?


    • I’d start Romo

  • Dynasty league: Offered Foles, MJD, and a 3rd rounder next year for Stacy. Large rosters: My other QB’s are RGIII, VIck, and Locker. My other RB’s are Gore, T-Rich, Mike James, Lamar Miller, The Daily Show.

    Pull the trigger or keep my youth at RB? It’s 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 Flex and .5ppr.

    • I’m not sure if this means you offered it or it was offered to you. I am assuming it was offered to you, so if thats the case I would turn it down. Locker is a fine enough backup for RG3 and Im not 100% sure Foles will stick in Philly anyhow. MJD is toast from a dynasty perspective as well. I would hold on to Stacy.

      • Yep sorry….”I was offered…”


  • I’ve lost Rodgers for a few weeks, but I’ll get Cutler off waivers. Should I roll with Cutler and hope ARod returns soon, or should I trade Hakeem Nicks for Phillip Rivers? We start 2WR & a flex in a standard league. I have Nelson, Cruz, Harry D, and Harvin at WR.

    Thanks for answering this and my earlier question!

    • I would probably stick with Cutler. Sounds like Rodgers will be back for the fantasy playoffs.

  • Was offered Sproles for Lamar Miller. PPR. Would you do it?

    • I would probably gamble and do it. It is hard to say with further news of Sproles’ concussion not released yet but I’m a gamblin man myself!

  • I was offered Moreno and Torrey Smith for Eddie Lacy (I’d be giving Lacy). PPR. Thoughts? Thanks.

    • I would only take it if you really needed the WR help. If thats the case I think it works

  • I’d like to send my Terrelle Pryor to the Rodgers owner in my league. Romo is my starter. Would Reuben Randle be a fair return? He’d be a WR4/5 for me, PPR. I could always add Big Ben or Geno for Romo’s bye.

    • I would try maybe a tiny bit higher of a WR but I dont think it’s terrible for you

  • 12 team standard 2wr 2rb flex

    Vjax, K Allen, Decker, Douglas, Harvin
    Gore, Spiller, Bell, Vereen, ABrown, MJames

    Too many players and no one really trades. I need for week 10 TE and DEF. I just don’t know what 2 players to drop. MJames and Douglas? Thanks

    • Ya, if you need to drop 2, I would agree with those guys

  • In a standard league, please rank these flex players for Fantasy Playoffs (Weeks 14-16): Harvin, Vereen, or Andre Brown? Thanks!

    • Harvin, Vereen, Brown

  • Who are your buy low RB targets in standard? Would a trade of Stacy and Amendola for Reggie Bush be worth it for the Bush reciever?

    • I think that may be giving up a little much with Amendola healthy now. Check back on Wednesday for our buy low/sell high where Asher will have some good options.

  • Is Zac Stacy a sell high in PPR? My other backs are Lacy, Ridley, Spiller, and Tate. I want to pair Stacy up with a receiver like Jefferies, T.Williams, or Fitz for Dez. My other receivers are A.Brown & Harvin. I feel like I need an upgrade at WR. Do you agree?

    • If you can get Dez in any deal I think its a good idea. Go for it.

  • lance moore, darrius-heyward bay, jeremy kerly- start 2, .5 ppr. What would you go with?

    Also stephen hill, tim wright, dexter mcluster, cole beasley- pick 1, .5 ppr

    • Moore/DHB

  • Standard 10 team league –

    J. Gordon or P. Garcon as 2nd WR? – Garcon hasnt been scoring, but I dont have a great feeling about a second go round with Campbell.

    At flex, who would you go with between LeVeon Bell, Ridley, or the alternate WR above?

    • I would play Garcon at WR. He is due for a big game. Standard scoring, I would probably play Bell at flex over Gordon.

  • PPR league, flex start:
    Emmanuel Sanders
    Roddy White


    • Hilton is the best option of those.

  • PPR. Lacy is 1 starting RB for me.

    Do I leave Foster in and pick up Donald Brown if Foster doesn’t play?


    Do I just play Sproles?

    • Since you have another good option like Sproles, I would just play him and eliminate the risk

  • PPR bonus yard league
    Pick 1 RB
    Spiller, Ivory, Powell(would have to drop ivory for Powell), shonne greene
    Pick 1 TE
    Miller, Wright
    Pick 1 flex
    T.smith, boykin, colston…..

    I don’t like my TE situation over the last 2weeks would you offer t.Smith for reed? My other wr’s are Bryant, Gordon, boykin, colston

    • Spiller. Miller. T. Smith and I would ask for a little more than Reed in return for Smith.

      • Cameron for smith then?

    • ya thats a little better. Im just a big Smith fan I guess

  • Start 1 RB non-ppr, Spiller, Mike James, Tolbert, Chris Ivory. Other 2 guys I have starting are Lacy and T-Richardson. Who has highest floor, and highest ceiling of those guys?

    Also this week Locker or Matt Ryan? Rest of Season?


    • I think Spiller has the highest ceiling but I really think all four have very low floors this week. All of them have workload or matchup concerns. I would go with Spiller and hope he is closer to healthy this Sunday. Locker this week at QB and I would side slightly with Ryan for ROS as long as Roddy looks better this week.

  • I currently have Megatron, Bryant, and Jordy Nelson as my two WRs and Flex. Another guy in the league needs a receiver because he just lost Blackmon for the season. His RBs are Jamaal Charles, Reggie Bush, Zac Stacy, and Le’Veon Bell, and my RBs are Gio Bernard and Chris Johnson. I need a RB, he needs a WR. Who gets the better end of Nelson for Bush? Also, he says Charles is off the table, but I’m not sure I want to settle for Bush if I’m letting an elite WR go. What do you guys think?

    • I think the Jordy side is a little better than Bush but its close enough. I do agree with you though, I would try to hold out for Charles if possible. Maybe throw something in with Jordy.

  • Better RB2 this week in PPR, must win situation…Ridley or Stacy? Leaning towards Stacy more carries but thinking Pats could do opposite of last week and give Ridley the majority of the work.

    • I have them right next to each other in my week 9 ranks so its really a toss up. I think Id go with Stacy but its very close.

  • PPR flex – who do you like between Stevie Johnson and Ryan Mathews?

    • Stevie has been good lately I would roll with him

  • PPR League (with bonus points for big plays) – 12 team league and Everyone makes the playoffs.
    With Megatron on bi-week and Harvin most likely not playing this week I have very limited options.

    I can play Andrew Hawkins tonight (who was just activated and is probable) or drop him for David Nelson (jets) – then if Harvin does not play Sunday, play David Nelson instead… What would you do?

    FYI – I have very little chance of winning this week, I have Jason Campbell in there right now because there are no other QB’s worth picking up and playing – and Stafford is on bi-week.

    I also have Ivory or Powell, right now planning on playing Powell because it’s a PPR league, but Ivory is going against his old team, which could mean he get’s the rock more – your thoughts?

    • I’d play Powell I suppose. I think NYJ will be chasing NO so they will be in pass mode more. For WR, I would pick up David Nelson. He got a bunch of targets (12 i think off the top of my head) and has had two straight decent weeks. I would roll with him.

  • Here’s my team:

    QB: RG3, Eli
    RB: Jamaal Charles, Spiller, Ray Rice, Zac Stacy, Andre Brown, Shane Vereen, Mike James
    WR: Torrey Smith, Keenan Allen, Kendall Wright, Golden Tate
    TE: Jimmy Graham
    K: Crosby
    DEF: Bengals

    We have a FLEX spot for RB/WR/TE.

    Inconsistent WR play has doomed me so that I have a 3-5 record. There are only 4 more weeks of our season (ends week 12). So I’ve got a limited time to catch up. Wondering about offering Jamaal Charles/Torrey Smith for Eddie Lacy/Jordy Nelson as a means of improving my WR corps without decimating my RB corps. What do you think? Can you think of something better to try to pull off?

    • I think your team looks pretty good so I would ride it out as is. I wouldn’t move JC at this point. Maybe you could try to package like Hames and Spiller or Rice or something along those lines for a mid level WR to help a little bit.

  • I have a dilemma this week at QB and FLEX. Here is my roster (I’ve had some injury problems this year and am trying to piece a competitive lineup back together. This is a standard scoring league.

    QB – R. Wilson
    RB – S. Ridley
    RB – G. Bernard
    WR – K. Allen
    WR – K. Wright
    TE – J. Witten
    FLEX – T. Wright
    K – Nick Novak
    D – Seattle

    QB – T. Pryor
    RB – S. Jackson
    RB – A. Ellingon
    RB – A. Brown
    RB – M. James
    WR – M. Colston
    WR – R. Randle

    I’m leaning towards starting Pryor over Wilson based on matchup and I read that Seattle is going to feed the Beast this week. Would love to hear your thoughts on that though.

    Right now at FLEX I want to roll with T. Wright, but clearly there is a lot of risk there…I don’t think I have a better option though.

    Lastly, I’m thinking of dropping Colston and picking up Dobson. Terrible move? Try to find a trade partner first?

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

    • I do think Seattle feeds Lynch a ton this week as well so I would play Pryor there. For flex, I think you have a bunch of similar candidates. Its tough to go with Wright with SJax and Colston on the bench, but I wouldn’t argue with you there. As for Colston, I would send out a few trade offers before cutting him.

  • So, do I play Lamar Miller tonight or sit him and hope that one of CJ Spiller or Zac Stacy will play on Sunday?

    If I play Miller and Stacy plays, I’ll flex Stacy. If I play Miller and Stacy sits and Spiller dresses, I’ll go with Amendola at the flex.

    However, if I sit Miller and neither Stacy nor Spiller play, I’ll take a goose egg at a RB slot.

    I’m probably going to start him as the least risky option. Thoughts?

    • I would start him tonight to eliminate that risk. Hopefully Miami continues using him like they did last week.

  • I’ve been offered Cecil Shorts for Mike James. PPR league.
    My other WRs and Rbs are:
    TY Hllton
    Denarius Moore
    Roddy White
    Arian Foster

    Should I accept?

    • It looks a little dicey due to your lack of RB depth but with James’ long term outlook cloudy at best, I would take the sure thing in Shorts. He is targeted a ton.

  • Need a flex start in a ppr league:
    Denarius Moore
    Mike James
    Jeremy Kerley
    Mike Tolbert


    • I think Moore is worth a shot this week.

  • Should I trade Jason witten and james jones for rob gronkowski and roddy white in a ppr league?

    • Yes. As long as you have other WRs to fill in for a week or two if Roddy remains out, go for it. Gronk is awesome!!

  • HELP – Should I bail on Bowe?
    I’m 4-4 right now and in 7th place in a 12 team, 1pt PPR league where we play 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, DST, K. QBs get 6 pt TDs and bonus points for yards. RBs and WRs also get yardage bonuses. It’s a competitive league and I need wins – bad – just to make the playoffs.
    QB: Aaron Rodgers
    WR: Antonio Brown, Blackmon, Boykin, Marvin Jones, Mike Floyd, Bowe, COBB
    RB: TRich, Rice, Giovani, Mike James
    TE: H Miller
    DST: Patriots
    K: Bailey
    *IR: Vereen
    We have 1 IR spot and I placed Vereen on it week 1. I plan to activate Vereen week 11 and put Cobb on IR, so that’s the main reason I’m holding him. Anyway, I drafted what looked like a killer team, but TRich & Rice suck and Cobbs injury have killed me. Just dropped L Moore for M Jones and now I’m wondering if I should drop Bowe for the AZ DST. Next week the Pats are on bye and AZ plays host to Houston. Week after that, AZ plays at JAX which could be good too. Our DSTs get 1pt for Sacks, 2 for INTs, 2 FUM, 6 TDs, 2 for S, BKs etc.

    • I have no problem with that. I like looking ahead for defensive matchups as well, and I wouldn’t call you crazy at all for bailing on Bowe. I have him in one of my main leagues as well and I am giving up hope that he will produce anything at all. No sense in holding dead weight if you need wins. Look at it this way, would you really be that upset if you cut him and an opponent snagged him off waivers?

  • Would you drop either Montee Ball or DHB for either Kendall Wright or Nate Washington?

    How can we support the site besides clicking on ads?

    • It really depends on your roster needs at this point. If Ball is buried on your bench, I would drop him for Wright. Keep DHB around, as he should see a spike in production with Wayne out.

      As far as supporting the site, we have a donation ad at the bottom of the side bar on the right side of the page. Thanks for your support Mike!

  • Do any of these deals make sense for my team? It’s a 10 team non-ppr keeper league but none of the deals involve keepers.

    We start 2 rb’s, 3 wr’s, 1 te and 2 flex

    Deal 1
    Give: Forte and Torrey
    Get: Lacy and Graham

    Deal 2
    Give: Torrey
    Get: CJ2k

    My current roster
    rb: McCoy, Forte, Spiller, Martin, Choice, Ball, Starks
    wr: Calvin, Green, Torrey, Terrence
    te: Cameron, Reed

    • I don’t think so. I think your current TE situation is good enough to skip Deal 1 and Deal 2 wouldn’t be upgrading your team much. Even if Spiller/Martin remain benched your flex is still in fine shape with T. Williams and Smith.

  • Drop Mike James for Andre Brown? My only other RBs are Alf and S-Jax (looking for some more depth). Thanks.

    • I would probably pick up Brown but this is nearly impossible to determine with Doug Martin’s return date unknown. I can’t imagine that Brown wouldn’t dominate the NYG backfield so he is probably the best bet for production weeks 10-16.

  • I have Jordan Reed and Tony Gonzalez and am looking to pair Gonzalez with either Lamar Miller or Gio Bernard for an upgrade at RB. Do prefer keeping Miller or Gio? Standard league. Thanks.

    • Miller by a hair. I like the idea of that move though.

  • If this were you lineup in PPR and you need to win 4 of the next 5 to make the playoffs. Who would you look to move and who would you look to get if anyone. I’m thinking Ridley…

    QB Tony Romo
    RB Eddie Lacy
    RB Stevan Ridley
    WR Larry Fitzgerald
    WR Antonio Brown
    WR Terrance Williams
    TE Jordan Reed
    RB C.J. Spiller
    WR Alshon Jeffery
    RB Ben Tate
    TE Coby Fleener
    WR Percy Harvin
    RB Zach Stacy
    QB Michael Vick

    • Team looks pretty good. Ya, I guess Ridley would be an option to move but I’m not sure how much you could get for him. Throw out some offers on some mid tier WR and see what happens.

  • I was offered his McCoy for my Green and Ridley. 12 team non-ppr

    My current team
    qb- rg3
    rb- Charles
    rb- Ridley
    wr- Green
    wr- Garcon
    te- Housler
    flx- Sproles

    bn- Floyd (AZ), Ellington, Douglas, Jeffery, Ogbonnaya (dropping), Finley (dropping)

    • I think its pretty close. I dont know if I like counting on Floyd each week but its not terrible. I can see an argument for both sides really. If you like it, go for it I think its reasonable enough. McCoy is awesome.

  • After today’s games for Gronk and Graham, which do you value more ROS? If you had Graham, would you trade for Gronk?

    • I would take Graham still. if he can do that on a bum wheel there is no stopping him. Hopefully he continues to play it out.

  • Sorry- one more question. Would you start Randle over Amendola in a PPR league? I’m a little wary of starting Amendola until he shows something. Thanks!

    • I would still go with Amendola. When he is in there, he does get targets from Tom

  • Flex this week: Leveon Bell , Larry Fitzgerald or Colston? Thanks

    • Fitz out of those 3

  • Having a hard time deciding who to start for WR in a 16 team PPR league: Josh Gordon or Rueben Randle? thanks!

    • I would go with Gordon

  • I have Julius Thomas (no back up TEs) and these RBs: Ridley, Gore, Ellington, Donald Brown, Ronnie Hillman. Julius has a tough schedule after his bye next week. Chris Johnson has an easier schedule after his bye this week. Should I trade Julius for Chris Johnson and just pick up a crappy TE like Kyle Rudolph?

    • I would hold on to Julius.

  • Should I start Ridley or Amendola as my standard flex?

    • Ridley

  • Start, thompkins, hart line or Kerley at flex? Desperate times I know

    • Kerley/Hartline is a toss up. Flip a coin. I would personally go Hartline.

  • Leaguemate and I discussed a trade, nothing imminent, but which side do you like?

    Fitzgerald and Lacy
    Gio Bernard and Welker

    12 team PPR, we start 3 WRs (Fitz is my WR3, Lacy is my Flex. Also have Gordon and Antonio Brown at WR; McCoy and R Bush are my RBs.)

    • I like the Fitz/Lacy side better

  • Also in a 12 team ppr; J Cammeron or H miller at TE this week? (Does Cammeron fall into “stud” territory). TY

    • Ya, I think he’s pretty close so go with Cameron

  • 12 team 1PPR;who would you flex, Amendola or Shorts III?

    Thank you

    • Cecil

  • PPR, New dilemma, because Spiller is out this week (finally!), I’m starting R Bush & Ellington as my rbs. We flex 2, as of right now I have Boykin & McGahee. Should I drop B Tate for Hillis, flex him & then drop him for JStew or Tolbert (waivers)?

    • I’d hold onto Tate and roll with what you’ve got

  • Better ROS to stash in 12team .5ppr….Mike James or Andre Brown?

    • James. Coin flip really though. I am a bit skeptic of Martin returning quickly, so I’d take James.

  • A lot of people are putting Helu Jr. in the “Start” category. Currently I have Ridley, PThomas, and then SJax in my flex spot. Are any of those three worth benching for Helu?

    • No. Close on PT but I’d stick with him against BUFF

  • Trade Options – TOM BRADY SUCKS
    (Bare with me this get’s a little complicated, I wrote a bible of a question and hopefully it all makes sense)

    12 Team PPR League (VERY COMPETITIVE = Nubs on waiver currently)
    *EVERYONE MAKES THE PLAYOFFS* – (start week 13 & top 4 teams get bi-week)
    Starting Roster: QB, RB, RB/WR, WR, WR, TE/RB/WR, TE, K, DEF

    QB: Brady/Glennon
    RB: Foster, Moreno, MJD, Powell, Ivory, Vereen
    WR: Megatron, Harvin, K. Allen, M. Crabtree, Amendola, K. Thompkins
    TE: Cameron/H. Miller
    K/DEF: who cares

    I’m worried about Brady turning it around, I’m already 3rd to last in terms of record, doubt I’ll make it into the top 4 by playoffs, however we do play two teams at a time each week, so who knows. (regular season is all about points), but really the league is all about the playoffs.

    Trade Options:
    1. Trade Moreno+Ivory+MJD+Brady(+Powell maybe) for ARod+Welker+(maybe Spiller).. If I do this, I’m screwed this week in terms of RB, but I don’t really care if I loose anymore.

    2. Trade Moreno+Heath Miller for J. Reed + E. Lacy (who has a great ROS schedule). –> then if I want I could trade Cameron for R. Willson (who I think with Harvin back could be great down the stretch), he would be my #2 QB if in case Brady continues to suck all year.

    With trade #1. I would probably then try to move Welker for a RB, or just keep him and have tons of WR depth, I also would go pick up a ton of handcuff RB’s – like M. Bush, etc. Also, I’m trying to see if he will give me Spiller in the trade so Welker + Spiller + ARod for Moreno + Brady + MJD/Ivory/Powell..

    With trade #2. Yes Moreno has been great thus far, but I do think an injury will happen at some point and Lacy is the real deal on a team with a great schedule down the stretch and he will always put up tons of points, where Moreno is sometimes not getting the carries due to blow-outs. Plus I worry about Cameron with no real QB. By trading Cameron for R. Willson, I would have a solid backup QB if Brady does suck or Gronk/Amendola get hurt again (very likely) which would make him suck all over again.

    Playoff Roster – Trade #1
    QB: ARod
    RB: Foster
    RB/WR: Vereen
    WR: Megatron
    WR: Harvin
    Flex: Crabtree/Welker/K. Allen
    TE: Cameron/H. Miller
    Bench: Amendola/Spiller/etc.

    Playoff Roster – Trade #2
    QB: Brady/R. Willson
    RB: Foster
    RB: Vereen
    WR: Megatron
    WR: Harvin
    Flex: Lacy/Crabtree/K. Allen
    TE: Reed/Pitta
    Bench: Amendola/MJD/Ivory/Powell, etc..

    Now I know everyone says be patient with Brady, but I worry about when he is good, him staying good considering his two best players can get hurt at any time. I also think R. Willson and C. Kaeppernick are good buy-low’s because they are right now missing their best WR’s. Harvin made Ponder look good at times, imagine what he can do with R. Willson.

    • I think I like the trade #2 here. I agree with you about Wilson with Harvin back. I do think Brady will be much better, but it sounds like you are dead set on making a move, so I would take the second deal. I like Lacy quite a bit. That playoff roster looks pretty good also.

  • Week 8: Should I start Andre Ellington, Amendola, or Ronnie Hillman as my standard flex?

    • Amendola if he is good to go and active. Ellington if not.

  • 12 Team PPR, would you drop McGahee for Tolbert or JStew?

    • Scratch that with the latest news about B Tate’s health. Would you drop B Tate for Jstew or Tolbert?

      • No, I would hold onto Tate. He has the highest potential if thrust into action.

  • Pick 1 RB 1 WR 1 Flex please! 1PPR for WR .5 PPR for RB, Bonus yard league

    Ivory or L.Miller or K. Hunter in Garbage time agianst JAC but im already starting gore as my RB1 (Spiller 97% out so hes not an option), Gordon(Campbell and Flowers being near 100% really scare me), Colston, Boykin

    thanks for you input appreciate it!

    • Ivory at RB. close though with Miller.

      Gordon at WR

      Colston at Flex. He should be good as Graham will likely sit.

  • Flex spot, non-ppr: Steve Smith, DeAngelo Williams or Mike James?

    • DeAngelo. Hopefully he finds the end zone for once.

  • K need help before the game tonight! Pick one to sit Vincent Jackson, Wes Welker or DeSean Jackson?? Thanks

    • fyi its a ppr.

      • Sit DJax. Vincent Jackson has been getting soooo many targets I couldnt sit him and Im not sitting any Broncos.

      • TY that was my gut feeling as well!

  • Have Jimmy graham, not sure if I should start Olsen tonight or wait until Sunday and if Graham doesn’t go use Quarless….thoughts?

    • Ouch. Well I like Olsen better than Quarless obviously but that’s only part of the issue. I highly doubt Graham plays so I think I would gamble and try Olsen tonight unless there are any other quality Sunday options on your wire.

      • yep word is if Graham plays it will be limited as well.

  • Need 2 in 1 point PPR. Fitz, Gordon, Mike Wallace, and Zac Stacy.

    • Fitz and Wallace

    • fitz and Gordon

  • Mike James, Steven Jackson, Harry Douglas. Pick 2. 0.5PPR

    • I’d play the backs

  • 12 team .5 ppr 3wr 2rb w/t w/r/t
    have reggie bush, sproles, gore, stacy and helu
    which one should i trade for wr amd who can i target?

    • I would keep the top 3 with 2 flex spots. Try to quickly capitalize on Helu’s big game and target a lower tier WR like T. Williams from DAL or something around there. Boykin maybe.

  • My Morris and Douglas for Forte? 12 team non ppr

    • Do it.

  • Looking ahead to Week 10 fill in for Stafford: Terrelle Pryor v Phi or Jack Locker @ StL?

    • Pryor!

    • I like Pryor slightly more

  • TFF league rules.

    My QBs Kap & Vick
    WRs S Smith, Alshon, Rice, DHB, D Thomas, & Edelman

    I have an offer of Smith for Luck. Am I giving up too much here when I seem to be ok at QB? Kap has been on my bench lately in favor of Cutler…. and Vick seems like a bit of a risk to me. Please help.

    • Ooops… I picked up Vick in a different league. Dalton is who I grabbed to replace Cutler. So my QBs are Kap (I know it’s Kaep) and Dalton.

      That Cutler injury has caused me grief in fake and real life – Bear’s fan here.

      • I think I would stay put although it is pretty tempting. I wouldn’t argue with you for taking it.

  • Would it be too cute to sit Cameron going against the Chiefs? Thinking of picking up Fauria just to play this week.

    • Ya, I think it would be a little on the “too cute” side

  • In a 1 point ppr league, was just offered Adrian Peterson and Andre Johnson for my Darren Sproles and Jordy Nelson, this is a no doubter right? Or should I be afraid of AP’s hamstring and qb situation

    • I think I would do it. AJ’s qb situation is also a little worrisome but I think it is probably worth doing. It is certainly not without risk though.

  • 12 Team PPR, I’m 4th place, 10th place is showing interest in trading for Spiller. My team: R Wilson, Rivers, AJ Green, Antonio Brown, Torrey, Boykin, P Harvin, R Bush, Spiller, Ellington, McGahee, Pierce, Olsen, Walsh, NE D. His team: Staff, S Smith, Mega, K Wright, T Austin, M Williams, Stacy, Morris, J Cook, T Wright, M James, Vereen, CJ2K, J Randle, Folk, CAR. Any thoughts?

    • you don’t have much in the RB depth department, so I would be sure to get Morris+ back

  • A guy in our ppr league is 1-6 and willing to trade adrian peterson. I want to propose a trade to him involving giovanni bernard and andre johnson for AP. What do you think?

    • I think thats a fine offer. Try it out and see what happens.

  • Hello purveyors of fake football wisdom,

    Curious as to who your prefer ROS, Jake Locker or Terrell Pryor.



    • I prefer Pryor but it is surprisingly close with Locker playing much better this season. I think Pryor’s rushing ceiling is higher, although both are very athletic.

  • Lynch owner caught the injury bug

    offering me lynch for gore and colston…no brainer right?

    Other rbs are spiller,miller,ivory,hunter and wrs are Bryant, Gordon, t.smith, boykin and thompkins.

    Pull the trigger yes?

    • Ya, I think I would probably take it but I expect better things from Colston so I don’t think its a landslide, but its worth doing.

  • Pick a flex; Josh Gordon, Lamar Miller, Steven Jackson, Mike Wallace, Heath Miller.

    My RBs are Morris and Bell. My WRs are DJax and Decker. TE is Graham.


    • I would probably use Gordon at flex

  • Doug Martin has been dropped in my league. Do you think he plays again this year? Is he worth holding and dropping another back like Stacy or Tate? Other backs are Spiller, Lacy, Ridley, Stacy, Tate.

    • I don’t know what to expect from this situation but I think you could probably drop Tate for him if you want to grab the lottery ticket if he returns. I doubt he is back anytime soon. I would drop a lower tier WR over Tate though if possible.

  • In a 12 team standard scoring league, I am looking to package Fitzgerald & Trent Richardson in a trade for a wide receiver. Who are some potential WRs that I should be targeting?


    • If Fitz is involved and you are adding to him, I would target a top level WR. Maybe try to snag like Demaryius Thomas or someone up there. Fitz is getting healthier so I wouldn’t sell low there.

  • Hey guys, keep up the good work, I love this site! I am looking into strengthening my bench a bit. Kenbrell Thompkins has been rotting away on my bench and I’m looking for a replacement. I’m in a twelve team ppr league. Are LaVon Brazzill, Marlon Brown, or Brandon LaFell worth a grab or would you consider those guy downgrades? Maybe Marvin Jones?

    • Thanks Trevor! I would probably stick with Thompkins if those are the options. Maybe Brown if you’re dying to make a change.

  • Should I trade andre johnson and giovanni bernard for knowshawn Moreno in a ppr league? My receivers are dez Bryant, wes welker, andre johnson, james jones, and Harry Dougless. My rbs are darren sproles, giovanni bernard, andre brown, kendall hunter, and soon to be mike james.

    • I dont think I would give up that much. Gio is having a decent enough year.

  • 12 Team PPR, my team: (5-2) Wilson, Rivers, AJ Green, Torrey, Antonio Brown, P Harvin, R Bush, Spiller, Ellington, McGahee, Pierce, Olsen, NE D. 0-7: Brady, Decker, Cruz, Mendenhall, TRich, J Thomas, Woodhead, Blackmon, Palmer Fleener, Bess, Amendola, Sproles, Givens. Do you see a trade for Rivers here?

    • 0-7

    • Maybe Woodhead?

  • Should I accept this trade in a ppr league? Me giving up andre johnson for stevan Jackson? I have the #1 waiver and am picking up mike james and am 6-1 on the season. My roster is as follows:

    Drew brees,
    Darren sproles, giovanni bernard, andre brown, kendall hunter, (mike james off waivers soon)
    Dez Bryant, wes welker, andre johnson, james jones, Harry Dougless
    Jason witten
    Mason Crosby
    Panthers defense, bears defense

    • I dont know, this one is close. I would lean ever so slightly toward doing it, just because you could use the RB but it is risky with Jackson’s issues.

  • With Bradford’s injury, you think it’s safe to drop Cook for someone like Fleener or maybe even Andre Brown?

    • Yep. I am throwing in the towel on everyone in STL outside of Stacy.

  • I was offered his Lacy and Marshall for my Morris and TY. Do it?

    • Ya, I would take that

  • 10 team ppr. I have RB – Charles, Moreno, T Richardson, S Jackson, R Mathews, D Williams. WR – Fitzgerald, Garcon, Bowe, M Wallace.

    Someone wants Ryan Mathews and is offering either Steve Smith or Percy Harvin. Who do you think is better ROS?

    • Oh man I would give him Mathews for Harvin as quickly as possible.

  • Sorry for all the questions. Another potential big deal has developed. Should I trade my Morris-$11, Calvin-$71, and Cam-$16 for his Lynch-$40, Garcon-$23, and Rodgers-$60? I wouldn’t keep any of the players that I would be getting and although I’m trading one of my keepers in Morris it allows me to keep Green. Is the upgrade in Lynch and Rodgers greater than the downgrade from Calvin to Garcon? What should I do regarding all 3 offers?

    My 4 keepers if I do the trade would be Spiller- $12, Green- $23, Martin- $25, McCoy- $41.

    • I think I would stick with megatron here

  • In a keeper league we get to keep 4 keepers.

    My potential keepers are
    McCoy- $41
    Martin- $25
    Green- $23
    Spiller- $12
    Morris- $11

    I’ve been offered Giovani- $14 for my Spiller. Considering Spiller’s injury struggles who is better for the rest of the season and would you do the deal?
    Also which 4 would you keep if you had to pick today? Thanks for all the help.

    • In a separate offer a team that is basically out of it and looking to get cheaper players offered me AP- $50 for my Morris- $11 and Hilton- $7. Which offer if any should I do or should I do both?

      • If you dont plan to keep Morris or Hilton I would pull the trigger on that

    • I would probably keep Spiller for the long term purposes. If I had to pick today, I would keep McCoy, Martin, Green, Spiller

  • 12 Team PPR, my team: (5-2) Rivers, Wilson, AJ Green, Torrey, Antonio Brown, Boykin, R Bush, Spiller, Andre Brown, McGahee, Ellington, Olsen. Just traded K Allen for P Harvin. Is it worth it to trade Rivers for a TE? Teams that could show interest have: A: (0-7) Brady & J Thomas. B: (3-3-1) Cam, Gonzo & Gronk.

    • I doubt the Brady or Cam team would want to give too much for Rivers but try the guy with Gronk/Gonzo I guess

  • How can I contribute to your site?

    • We are pretty well staffed for the season but you can email me at over the offseason if you’re interested.

  • I am first in the pecking order for wavier in my standard league. Mike James and Chris Ivory are both available. I am leaning toward James but wanted to get a sanity check. Any preference here? I could do nothing and save my place inline.

  • I am first inline for waivers in my standard league. Mike James and Chris Ivory are both available. I am leaning toward James but wanted to get a sanity check. What would you do?

    • I think james is worth a shot.

  • Ridley or T. Richardson rest of season? Standard scoring.

  • Givens or Hopkins?

  • Tough matchup need a big W!

    Pick 1 RB 1 Flex 1TE

    spiller, l.miller, t.Smith, wright, h.miller

    Thanks for the help.

    • Spiller RB
      T. Smith WR
      Miler TE

  • Hey Jeff, regarding your comment to the Spilller and Peyton deal my potential keepers( 4 keeper max) are McCoy $41, Martin $25, Green $23, Spiller $12, and Morris $11. Peyton would be $24.

    • I would probably keep Spiller but I have no problem with the deal. Seems fair.

  • With all the new-found attention about Keenan Allen, can Antonio Gates have more fantasy impact? Enough to consider benching Eric Decker , who has put up more pedestrian #s sharing with the other options “I Am Legend” Peyton Manning has? Thanks

    • I think Gates was probably playing a little over his head over the first few weeks but I do think he’ll still have some decent fantasy impact. I probably wouldn’t play Gates over Decker though.

  • Been offered vjax for my j.jones and d.wilson in 12 team standard

    This was in counter to me offering thompkins instead of jones

    My wrs are green, thompkins, jones, Floyd(ari) and Crabtree
    Rbs are forte, miller, Stacy, bush, pierce, randle

    Should I accept.


    • Yam I think you have enough RB depth to make that move.

  • Who to start at QB with Pryor on bye:

    Big Ben

    I currently have Ben. Tannehill and Bradford are FAs.
    Stick with Ben or pick up one of the others?

    • Ben is probably safest

  • I was offered Peyton for Spiller. Spiller is one of my keepers for only 12. Peyton wouldn’t be a keeper. I currently have Cam as my qb. Is the upgrade from Cam to Peyton worth giving up the cheap price of Spiller? We can start up to 4 rb’s and my others are Mccoy, Martin, and Morris. As you can see running back isn’t an issue.

    • I assume this is $12 on an auction keeper? If so, it would depend on the salary cap for your team and the price of your other keepers really. If Spiller is a cornerstone type keeper, probably not but if he looks borderline, I would do it.

  • Ppr. Start one. Randle, lev bell, Jacobs.

    • Randle. Nice Matchup.

  • Having a hard time deciding a flex spot for 16team PPR league: Aaron Dobson, Mike Williams or Jarrett Boykin?

    • Toss up here really. I would roll the dice and give Boykin a try. Williams probably safest if he looks healthy heading into the game.

  • Just traded Luck, Gordon & McGahee for Rodgers & Nicks. I still have Jordy, Cruz & Harvin at WR still. Smart move?

    Also, on a different full PPR team, start Stevie Johnson or get Dobson, Terrance Williams, or Em Sanders to play this week? Thanks TFF!

    • I think it is an ok move. I don’t see too much wrong with it although I think Gordon is pretty awesome.

      I would probably snag Williams.

  • Trade question. Sproles and Larry fitz for Brandon Marshall in ppr. Which side wins?
    Also in ppr gio or sproles for the rest of the season?

    • Sproles over Gio ROS.

      I think Sproles/Fitz may be just a touch too much in PPR for BMarsh. Close though.

  • Pick 2, 1/2 ppr, Keenan, Torrey, Joseph randle….thx

    • I would play both WR

  • Was offered Cam Newton for D. Thomas; Brady is my QB, could use the help, J. Nelson, D. Hopkins, T. Williams my other WR’s…Do I do it?

    • No, I would stick with Tom

  • who should i start this week (standard with wr/rb flex):

    nick foles
    frank gore
    stevan ridley
    donald brown
    andre ellington
    ronnie hillman
    danny amendola
    desean jackson
    pierre garcon
    ted ginn
    marlon brown
    percy harvin

    julius thomas

    Also, should i trade julius thomas for zac stacy and jermichael finley?


    • Stafford/Gore, Ridley/Garcon, DJax/I wouldve gone with Ellington at Flex/Thomas/Prater/TEN.

      I would probably pull the trigger on that but try to get a slightly better RB in return, Stacy’s schedule is rough

  • Colston and leveon bell for Brown and Williams in a ppr league with bonus pta at 100 yd mark

    • I am going to assume Antonio Brown and Mike Williams here? If so, I think its good enough to pull the trigger.

  • Trade question for you guys

    current team:

    Romo, Bryant, Gordon, Colston, Thompkins, Boykin, Spiller, Gore, L.Miller, F-Jax, Ivory, Hunter, H. Miller, T.Wright

    Ive been trying to make some trades first offer was for F-jax/Colston for Jordy that owner countered with T. Smith straight up for F-jax

    I also offered F-Jax/Colston for Decker OR to the same team Spiller/F-jax/Colston for Green and Vereen

    would you take Torrey in exchange for F-jax? Do you consider Torrey an upgrade over colston right now? or should I push the Decker or Green trades?

    • Torrey is a definite upgrade over FJax and I would take that one for sure. He is a beast, don’t let that one down week get you too down on him, he’s awesome.

      • Thanks Jeff you guys here are pretty awesome too!

  • Keenan Allen for J Thomas or Cameron? The Rivers/Allen combo has been crushing for me, thats my dilemma with trading Allen.

    • If you are weak at TE and need an upgrade, I have no issue with that. Both good deals.

  • Got a pretty solid squad. I’ve got a bench spot open and I’m looking for a good RB flier in PPR league. Swinging for the fences here. Who you scooping?
    Daryl Richardson
    Kendall Hunter
    Bernard Pierce
    Chris Ivory
    Robert Turbin
    Phillip Tanner
    or anyone else you might think of in this convo?


    • I think Kendall Hunter or Pierce is the pickup here. Pretty much hoping for injury in each case but I really like Hunter if Gore misses time.

  • Would you trade Josh Gordon and Trent Richardson for AP?
    My team: QB: R. Wilson, RB: Forte,Sproles, Richardson, L.Bell WR: Gordon,Nelson, K.Allen,Colston, Shorts, TE: Gronk, Cameron
    ppr league

    • It’ll leave you pretty thin at WR but I think you would get the edge in the deal.

  • You think Tim Wright is a better start over Jared Cook this week?

    • Ya, I’d give him a shot this week

  • Who do you like better in PPR this wk? T.Williams or A.Jeffery as WR3?

    • Jeffery

  • Who should I put in Flex this week, standard scoring league – Steve Smith or Jordan Cameron?

    • hmmm. I’d try Cameron

  • 10-team, 1 PPR, Keep 2

    QB – Cam Newton
    WR – Pierre Garcon
    WR – Antonio Brown
    WR – DeSean Jackson
    RB – Doug Martin
    RB – Reggie Bush
    TE – Coby Fleener
    FLEX (W/R/T) – Justin Blackmon
    BN – Nick Foles
    BN – Kendall Wright
    BN – Steven Jackson
    BN – Zac Stacy
    BN – DeAngelo Williams
    BN – Michael Floyd
    BN – Cecil Shorts

    I give: Newton, Shorts, Fleener
    I get: Brady, Jordan Cameron

    Like this for me?

    • Ya, I like the deal. Brady will only get better and Cameron is good. Pretty fair from both sides really but I think its solid.

  • 12 Team PPR, currently 5-1 in 3rd. I’ve been thinking about upgrading my TE. My Team: Rivers, WIlson, AJ Green, Torrey, Spiller, R Bush, Olsen, K Allen, Antonio Brown, J Boykin, Andre Brown, Pierce, McGahee, Ellington, Walsh, NE D.
    Option A 3-2-1: Cam, G Tate, Hilton, D Martin, MJD, Gonzo, Dobson, G Jennings, Dalton, Rudolph, Reece, Gronk, Hillman. Do you see a fair trade for Tony G?
    Option B 3-3: Romo, N Wash, VJax, Forte, Lynch, J Cameron, Bennett, L Bell, M Ball, Vick, Shorts, Colston, D Moore, Ridley. Do you see a fair trade for Cameron?
    Option C 0-6: Brady, Decker, Cruz, Mendenhall, TRich, J Thomas, Blackmon, Woodhead, C Given, Palmer, Fleener, Bess, Amendola, Sproles. Do you see a fair trade for J Thomas and/or anyone else?
    Option C:

    • I would probably try to capitalize on Allen’s hot stretch here and try to shop him to all three teams for their spare TE and see if you get any bites.

  • Greetings fake football persons,

    Have a full point ppr league and my question about week 7 is regarding my 2 WR slots. I have Andre Johnson who normally is a no brainer start but @ KC with a new QB has me a bit wary. Any chance Rueben Randle or Kendall Wright would be more appealing?


    • Randle could have a good week against MIN, but I’d play AJ over him still.

  • Sup Jeff is it just my crazy imagination wanting to see some glimmer of hope out of my bust of an 8th overall pick CJ Spiller seeming to have better vision the last 2 weeks even though hes been hobbled by his ankle? Watching his limited runs it seems like he has more decisiveness and vision…maybe its just my hope…

    but besides that as a Spiller and F-Jax owner would you say its a safe move to maybe try to move f-jax in a trade? if so who would you target WR or RB wise if you were combining f-jax and colston or thompkins

    • Thats tough. I do agree with you on Spiller and I think he will be better still. Moving FJax may be a little risky, as he is a nice insurance policy and has actually been performing. If you wanna move him, I would try to see if you could weasel a Shorts type of receiver or maybe like Keenan Allen straight up. Something in the WR2/WR3 range probably.

  • Do I start Fitz over Garcon, Blackmon, or Hilton?

    • No way. Maybe Hilton but not the other two.

  • I’m being offered Colston for J. Rodgers

    • who are your other RB’s? Colston is a great buy low he has more chances than not to turn it around in the 2nd half of the season after the bye.

      • Jamaal Charles, Brandon Jacobs, Lamar Miller

    • I would take that. Rodgers’ value will only go down and Colston’s cant go anywhere but up!

  • Ellington, lamar miller , or the black unicorn this week? 0.5 ppr…

    • I like Lamar over Ellington. Unicorn last.

  • Standard Scorong: I have Dobson, Hilton, Jamaal Charles, Matt Forte & Fred Jackson (flex). I lost Cobb recently and have Roddy White on the bench.

    I’ve been offered Justin Blackmon and Eric Decker for Matt Forte. Should I accept? Thanks

    • I wouldn’t. Blackmon is awesome but I dont think it’s quite enough of a WR haul to give up Forte. Try to squeeze somebody for a lower tier WR with Fred Jackson.

  • Non-ppr flex spot: I have a few candidates – Keenan Allen, Alshon Jeffrey, Ridley, Bilal Powell, Jacquizz Rodgers, and Woodhead. Leaning toward Allen because of the the number of targets, but Powell is looking interesting with Wilfork and Mayo out for the Pats.

    • I wouldn’t mess with Powell. I’d debate between Allen and Ridley. Toss up really. I would lean slightly towards Ridley but I think Allen is a fine option, Go with your gut, either one will be a good play.

  • .5PPR start 2: Jordy, Reggie Wayne, Josh Gordon?

    • Jordy for sure and then Gordon just barely over Wayne. Toss up on the second one.

  • ROS-Pierre Thomas or Lamar Miller

    • Miller by a nose

  • Hope you see this by tonight!

    Should I bench Fitzgerald? Replacement would be Kenbrell Thompkins.

    I’ve been burned by starting Fitz with a hammy (week 2) but also by benching him (this past Sunday) so I really don’t know how to approach this week. Thanks!

    • (Sorry for the duplicate, for some reason I got an error the first time and when I refreshed the comment hadn’t posted, so I tried again…)

  • Hope you see this by tonight!

    Should I bench Fitzgerald this week if my replacement is Kenbrell Thompkins? I’ve been burned by starting Fitzgerald with a hammy (week 2) and by benching him (this past Sunday) so I have no idea what to do now.

    • Great question, Taz. I have struggled myself with Fitz…especially on ranking him. He roasted me last week as well. If you have Thompkins, I would bench Fitz. He has a tough matchup and I dont like that with a bad hammy as well. Tough call but thats what I would do with my own team. Good luck!

  • Im hurting at WR in a 12 team PPR. No Cobb, Shorts, White. Should I trade Forte and B. Lafell For AJ green and Pierre Garcon? IF not, Would you move Forte for help at WR? (Ive got ppl coming back in the RB dept soon enough for playoff stretch run)Thanks as always

    My team (4-2)
    Newton, Forte, McCoy, J Randle, WIlson, A Brown, Vereen, Snelling, Cobb, White, Shorts, Wright, LaFell, Cammeron, Miller, Stream D and K.

    • I usually dont like moving an RB like Forte but I think those 2 WRs make that one ok. Your WR are pretty slim, I think it makes sense.

  • 12 Team PPR, my team: Rivers, WIlson, AJ Green, Torrey, R Bush, Spiller, Olsen, K Allen, Antonio Brown, J Boykin, Andre Brown, Pierce, McGahee, Ellington, Walsh, NE D. Would you make a trade with any of these teams?
    Team A: (3-3) Romo, Shorts, Colston, Forte, Lynch, Cameron, L Bell, VJax, A Roberts, Ridley, N Wash, Vick, M Bennett, D Moore.
    Team B: (1-5) Staff, Mega, Wayne, A Morris, CJ2K, J Cook, S Smith, Stacy, Vereen, T Austin, R Woods, M Williams (TB), Bolden.
    Team C: (0-6) Brady, Decker, Cruz, Sproles, TRich, J Thomas, Amendola, Woodhead, Givens, Blackmon, Palmer, Fleener, Mendenhall, Bess.
    Team D: (1-4-1) A Rodg, Welker, Nicks, R Mathews, Moreno, Finley, M Austin, AP, M Brown, Cutler, Gresham, Hartline, S Johnson.

    • I think I might try to snag Finley from Team D. He should be good with Cobb gone

  • Do you guys take offense if random users answer other random users questions?

    • No, I don’t mind. I will probably come in an answer them as well though just to give our perspective.

  • Rank ROS PPR Bonus league

    H.Miller(current TE), Finley(would have to trade for him), Fleener(looking for a reason to cut him), Wright

    would you make a trade for finley? I would probably have to give up Thompkins but that would not be a big deal as Bryant, Gordon and Colston are my WR’s

    would you cut fleener for wright?

    • I would cut Fleener for Wright for sure and I’d probably do the Finley deal as well with Cobb out for the count.

  • My team has been rocked by injuries. First Shane Vereen, then David Wilson, now Randall Cobb. I’m sitting at 3-3 because though I have the 4th most points for in my league, my opponents have the 2nd highest points against.

    Here’s my team as it stands now (minus K/DST):
    QB: RG3, Eli
    RB: Jamaal Charles, Spiller, Ray Rice, David Wilson, Stacy, Jennings
    WR: Torrey Smith, Keenan Allen, Greg Jennings, Rod Streater
    TE: Jimmy Graham, Tim Wright

    I’ve been offered Justin Blackmon, Giovani Bernard, and Joique Bell for Jamaal Charles. I’m tempted to do the deal to solidify my WR core, but obviously hesitant to give up JC. Thoughts? Maybe I can get more for JC, but I hardly know where to start on getting the most bang for my buck if I trade him.

    Sorry for the complex question. I’m really trying to salvage what should have been a great season.

    • Even with your RB depth, I wouldn’t move JC. You rarely want to be the one giving up the best player in a multi-player deal. I would look at maybe moving Rice or Stacy for a lower level WR. I think you’ll be fine with Allen at WR2 for the most part with your RB/TE so strong.

      • Thanks for the feedback Jeff! Really cool of you to interact with readers so much!

  • Should I trade Knowshon for A.J. Green? Non-PPR league. I have D. Jackson, Fitzgerald, C. Shorts, D. Bowe at WR and we start 3 WR. I have J. Charles, D. Sproles, and Steven Jackson at RB along with Knowshon. I want to make the trade but I am concerned with having S. Jackson as my RB2 in the long run.

    • Ya, I like that

  • Who is the better start in a PPR, the under-used Lamar Miller coming off a bye or less than dynamic Joe Randle? I could see Dallas bailing on the run in a shoot-out game. What say you? Thanks.

    • I would roll the dice with Randle this week.

  • I would like advice on who to start at the flex and one WR position in a standard league out of: Brandon Jacobs, Zac Stacy, Bilal Powell, Stevan Ridley, Mike Wallace, Keenan Allen.

    • Allen and Ridley

  • Hi guys,

    Firstly, I’d like to say how much I love your website and twitter account. Both were great helps pre-draft and continue to be during the grueling fake season. Secondly, my mother always told me, “flattery gets you everywhere.” Thirdly,
    and most importantly, I am hoping you can tell me if I did good with this trade or not: I received D Thomas for Fitzgerald and Le’Veon. Non PPR. Here’s my team now:
    D Brees
    B Marshall
    D Thomas
    C Givens
    J Charles
    S Ridley
    J Thomas
    J Cameron (flex)
    R Gould
    IDP – T Jennings, C Johnson, L Briggs, bench – E Thomas
    Z Stacy
    D Hopkins
    A Smith

    Thanks for you time,

    PS. Shout out to The Fake Hockey – Big up!!

    • Thanks Dale! Much appreciated. I think the trade is just fine. It looks like you have Stacy for backup behind your top 2 backs and DT is a notch better than Fitz in my book so it looks ok to me.

  • (5-1) Roster in .5 ppr:
    QB Vick/Foles
    RB R Bush
    RB Spiller
    WR Garcon
    WR Keenan Allen
    TE Graham
    Flex: Shorts
    Def Chiefs

    Bench: Ellington, Mike Floyd, Jordan Reed, Vereen, Pryor, Tate

    Im in first place and can spare to lose a game or 2 the rest of the way. What are some players that you would trade our depth for. Ideally we would like to keep Vereen. I think I could trade Ellington and Shorts and ugrade but not sure who I could target there. Also who do you prefer going forward Spiller or Ellington?

    • I like Spiller a tad better still but Im not sure if I’d make any moves. Ellington is only going to get better as the year progresses.

  • I’m about to trade VJax and Stacy for Green. Stacy is on my bench so I figured it was worth it to upgrade at receiver. I’m very strong at rb.

    • works for me

  • I’m lucky enough to be 6-0 and own Jamal Charles and Matt Forte on my standard league team. We get 6 RB roster spots. Should I be focusing on handcuffing with guys like Michael Bush & Kniles Davis, or should I stash playoff lotto tickets like Shane Vereen, Andre Brown, & David Wilson? Thanks for the advice.

    • I think the lotto ticket route is better since Bush/Davis wouldnt even be that great if thrust into action.

  • So, would you trade Sproles and Steve Smith for Forte? PPR. Offer just landed in my inbox. RBs post-trade would be Forte, Spiller, L. Miller, Z. Stacy, J. Bell and B. Brown. WRs: Marshall, T. Smith, Wayne, Terrence Williams, [Free Agent].

    I’d probably end up flipping Stacy for WR depth (I have week 8 bye issues) if I do the trade..

    • I like that plan

  • whose the best NE WR going forward between edelman, dobson, thompkins?

    • I like Thompkins but I may be swayed to Edelman if Amendola is out a while

  • Also in another league I would like your thoughts on Kendal wright vs Santana moss for some flex appeal tomorrow; 12 team ppr

    Santana has a great track record against the boys, and wright has been a 5+ catch consisted player so far I’m noticing.

    Thanks as always!

  • 12 team PPR; pick 3 plz

    Spiller, Sproles, Woodhead, C. Shorts

    I think garage points are plentiful for shorts, and sproles and spiller have upside but inconsistencies with usage.

  • Please rank ROS for PPR, thanks.

    Josh Gordon
    Jordy Nelson

    • Gordy

  • Would it be crazy to play McGahee over Ridley?

    • maybe a little but I wouldnt lock you up for it. Close enough.

  • Need to start 2 in a PPR:
    Larry Fitz, Cecil Shorts, Justin Blackmon, Jerome Simpson
    Also already starting the Denver D.

    • I would play both Jags despite your D. They are going to throw A LOT after they get down about 72-0 in the first quarter.

  • Thanks Jeff, could I throw one more out there? Guy offered me Tony Gonzalez and Andre Johnson for SJax and Martellus Bennett. Seems like an OK deal, but it would leave me kinda weak at RB.

    My team is Romo/ Dez/ Gordon/ DeSean/ T-Rich/ Gio/ Witten/ Then 2 flex spots a W/R and W/T where I normally play Bennett and Lamar Miller. My bench is SJax/ Vereen/ M.Brown/ B.Brown and Helu.

    It might not matter if I’m weak at RB if I’m only starting two and have Andre and Gonzalez at my flex spots. I’m just such a RB whore. It’s not a deal I need to do by any means. What do you think of SJax ROS? The hammy does scare me a bit. Thanks again

    • I think SJax should be decent for the rest of the year but obviously the injuries are a huge concern. Johnson is no picture of health himself though.If you can withstand the relative lack of depth at RB, I think the deal is pretty good otherwise. TGonz should be solid with Julio out and Andre is nice to have.

  • Im thinking of dropping Austin Pettis for Deandre Hopkins. Good matchup this week. PPR format.
    Who do you like better ROS?

    • Id give Hopkins the slight nod

  • Would you drop Terrance Williams for Bengals D? Need a filler this week and then possibly looking to add either Vereen or Harvin after this week.

    • I think that plan works. Go for it.

      • Thank you Sir

  • Would you give Romo and Joique Bell to get RG3 and G. Bernard?

    14tm .5 PPR w/ Flex. Here’s what my team looks like:

    QB: Tony Romo
    WR: Josh Gordon, Randall Cobb, Pierre Garcon, Rueben Randle, Chris Givens, Kenbrell Thompkins, Stephen Hill, Marlon Brown
    RB: Jamaal Charles, Trent Richardson, Joique Bell, Daryl Richardson
    TE: Jordan Cameron

    • I dont think Gio is a huge upgrade in the RB department at the moment. I’d keep Romo and try to move Randle right now for a depth type RB

  • Trade to bounce off your guys: I just sent VJax and Helu packing for Sproles and Miles Austin. Think I did OK there? I’ve got SJax and am a little worried about the lingering injury and what not and felt I needed one more RB to go along with Gore/Gio/Lamar/SJax. We start 3. I’ve got D.Thomas/J.Gordon/DJax/Blackmon/Austin at WR now, we start 4. Decent move to bolster the ol’ RB stable?

    • ya, I like that deal for sure Sproles is a favorite of mine

  • Rank for ROS ppr bonus league Fleener, H.Miller, J.Cook

  • 12 team PPR redraft. worth dropping hillman to stash andre brown?

    • Ya I think so

  • Big Ben or Pryor?
    Not in love with either matchup but Ben has played better with Heath and Bell back.

    • Pryor. He should be able to get you some points running despite the tough matchup.

  • PPR 12 team, need to decide between the following players for my flex spot. I want guaranteed 12pts or more, not worried about scoring a HR. Lacy, Hilton, Denarius Moore, or Bowe? Thanks

    • Lacy has the highest floor of those, I’d go with him.

  • PPR league, 6 points for all offensice TD(rec, rush, passing)
    I traded Romo and Emmanual Saunders for CJ Spiller and T.Y Hilton, Thoughts?

    • As long as you have another option to use at QB after losing Romo, I like it.

  • 12 team – standard scoring
    Need one flex:
    A. Jeffrey, G.Benard, J.Blackmon, M.Colston
    Thank you

    • Colston, Blackmon, Jeffery, Gio is how I would slot them

  • PPR ROS: Fitzgerald or Garcon? Who is better, and how significant is the difference? Thanks!

    • Garcon is better. I wouldn’t say by a ton but by a comfortable margin.

  • Here’s how my lineup currently looks:

    WR: AJeffery, James Jones
    RB: PThomas, Ridley
    Flex: VJax

    Would you replace any of those guys with any of these since they have better matchups or leave as is: RB- Blount, McGahee, WR- Edelman, Terrance Williams

    • Your lineup what’s good unless your matchup requires you to hit a homerun then you may consider Williams if Austin does not go

    • I think you’ve got it right

  • Is Terrance Williams valuable going forward ROS? Does he take over for Miles Austin after his two great games? Or does Austin resume his position and Williams looses week to week value unless Austin is injured?

    • When Austin returns to the lineup I see them sharing so they both lose value

    • Ya, Austin will suck some value from Williams. He will still have his moments with Austin in the fold but he probably won’t be startable until Austin gets hurt again.

  • Non ppr. Need RB, WR, FLEX. Got alfred Morris, gio, anquan, fitzgerald, and keenan allen(SD).

    • Morris, Fitz, Allen

  • Probably the blahiest question you’ve ever been asked, but lost Julio for the year-who’s the best pickup for the rest of year- 0.5 PPR? Thanks!

    Lenny Hankerson
    Jason Avant
    Davone Bess
    Andre Roberts
    Mohamed Sanu

    • yikes. Hankerson I guess. Im in the same boat with Julio. Hurts my heart.

  • Non ppr. I need 1 RB, 1 WR, & 1 FLEX. Morris, gio, anquan, fitz, or keenan allen(SD). It’s crazy that I have to put Fitz on this list, but Carson is playing like GLUTEUS MAXIMUS right now.

  • Who to start at WR2 and flex:
    Josh Gordon
    Le’Vean Bell
    Chris Johnson
    Bilal Powell
    TY Hilton

    • I like Gordon and Blackmon.

  • Start or sit which TE. 10 team full point PPR league. Heath Miller, B. Pettigrew, Jordan Reed

    • I would start Miller

  • Can possibly trade Ryan and Powell for McCoy or Cutler and Lamar Miller for McCoy. Would you do either? What do you like better?

    QB Brees
    QB Ryan
    RB Powell
    RB Miller
    RB Wilson
    WR Colston
    WR Nelson
    WR Gordon
    WR Michel Floyd
    TE Julius Thomas
    WR/TE Wittem
    Bench: Spiller, Tate, mcgahee, cutler, blackmon, woods, harvin, douglas

    • Wow both of those are great but I would do either deal with Powell involved. Powell has Goodson/Ivory sniping carries now. Try Cutler/Powell and if that works you are in seriously good shape.

  • Was offered gronk for j. Finley and j. Bell. If I accept I would have two top TEs and a further depleted RB corp. In addition to gronk I would also have j. Thomas at te and my other rbs would be l. McCoy, w. mcgahee, z. Stacy, b. Brown, s. Vereen. It’s a 14 team non ppr league with shallow benches so the rbs on the ww are very thin. Do I accept the offer or pass due to the lack of my RB depth? Thank you!

    • I think you still have to take it. Hopefully you can play Gronk at flex.

  • Would you bid on Stacy or Ellington as a RB3 ROS and drop Mathews?

    • Ya, I like Ellington

  • Tough choice at WR this wk. PPR, T.Williams, A.Jeffrey, R.Wayne as starters w/L.Fitzgerald & A.Brown on the bench. Would you play it this way?

    • I like Brown and Wayne and Jeffrey

  • Trade VJax, Moreno, Gonzalez for Graham/Ridley, standard scoring? Trying to deal Wallace or Amendola instead of Jackson, but what about this deal?

    • I think that deal is great. Damn near anything where you get Graham is going to worth doing. Looks good.

  • 12 team standard scoring league.

    Have a trade offer of Jordan Cameron and Stevan Ridley for Greg Olsen and Randall Cobb. Cobb’s the best player in the deal, so I’m not sure it’s great value, but I can afford to bench Ridley until (hopefully) he comes good. Would you do the deal?

    Current starters:

    QB Stafford
    RB McCoy
    RB R. Bush
    WR C. Johnson
    WR D. Bryant
    Flex Cobb
    TE G Olsen

    BN: J. Bell, B. Brown, J. Cook, K. Thompkins, P. Thomas

    • Ya, I think its doable with Cameron coming to you

  • Still offered Lacy for Colston, would you do that knowing Blackmon is worthwhile? Also dropped kicker and Def temporarilly and added harry douglas and percy harvin, but RB’s still suck
    Current starting line up in a screwy league 6 pt passing TDs
    QB Brees
    QB Ryan
    RB Powell
    RB Miller
    RB Wilson
    WR Colston
    WR Nelson
    WR Gordon
    WR Michel Floyd
    TE Julius Thomas
    WR/TE Wittem
    Bench: Spiller, Tate, mcgahee, cutler, blackmon, woods, harvin, douglas

    • Ya, I’d still take Lacy.

  • Should I trade my Morris $11 for Charles $38? We keep 4 and my current keepers are Mccoy $41, Martin $25, Spiller $12, Morris $11. As you can see I’m stacked for keepers and I think the deal is worth it.

    • ya I’d do that for sure

  • 10 team standard (bonus for big plays)
    Who would you drop, if any of these guys for, Willis McGahee? This will be by my #2 RB behind AP. Ugh. Victim of drafting super breakouts David Willson and Lamar Miller … anyway …

    Bilal Powell
    David Wilson
    Lamar Miller

    Also, should I try to sell AJ Green on reputation and upgrade my RB situation? If so, who’s someone you’d go after?


    • P.S. My WR’s are: Green, Gordon, A. Brown and Steve Smith.

    • I’d cut Powell for Willis and try to roll with that

  • Looking to upgrade my team, cant decide if I should try and trade sproles/richardson or jordan cameron to upgrade my wr.

    Qb- Russel WIlson
    RB- Matt Forte
    RB-Trent Richardson
    WR-Josh Gordon
    WR-Jordy Nelson
    TE- Jordan Cameron
    Flex- Darren Sproles

    Rob Gronkowski
    Marques Colston
    Cecil Shorts
    Bryce Brown
    Leveon Bell
    Kenbrell Thompkins

    • forgot to add it is a ppr league

    • I would say Gronk or Cameron would be best to move to snag a top flight WR.

  • In my 12 team, standard scoring league (w/the exception of 1 pt/50 return yds):

    Looking at possibly trading VJax (or Fitz), Joique Bell, & Thompkins for TRich and Hopkins. I have Foster & Gore as my 2 RBs, would use Fitz (or VJax) and Hilton as my 2 WRs, and would flex Richardson. Would you make the trade?

    • I would probably do it with VJax in the mix.

  • Just got Garrett Graham, but I don’t need him (I have Cameron and VD at TE already). I’m talking trade with the guy who bid second-highest on him.

    Offer: I give Garrett Graham and Josh Gordon, I get Jordy Nelson.

    A couple of added points to keep in mind: Nelson passed his bye already, Gordon still has it coming. Also, I play against this guy on Graham’s bye week, so it hurts me a little less.

    • I love Gordon, but I dont have any issue with this deal. Jordy is solid and if you prefer him over Gordon then go get it.

  • Should I give up Bowe to get Roddy? The news today said Roddy could be out multiple weeks. However, I’m in first place and already have Cruz, Cobb, and Josh Gordon, so I think Roddy is nothing more than a lottery ticket when I won’t be using Bowe anyway.

    • I think that sounds like an ok idea right now if you absolutely wont use Bowe. Risky, but hopefully Roddy gets back to full strength

  • I have a bye week for me TE coming up. Would you rather stash Jordan Reed or Tyler Eifert as a fill in?

    • Reed

  • I have Stafford and I’m thinking of dropping him for Cutler who’s a free agent. Stafford vs Cleveland is not the best match up but Cutler vs nyg is looking good.

    • If youre ok with streaming QBs the whole year then do it but I like Staff better over the long haul for sure

  • Start or sit? Full point, 10 team, ppr league.

    2 WR & 1 Flex

    A.J. Green
    Torrey Smith
    Reggie Wayne
    Justin Blackmon
    Marquis Colston

    • Green, Smith and Wayne.

  • Give up Roddy White for Jordan Cameron?

    14-team Yahoo PPR (2 WR, 1 Flex)

    Current TE: Kyle Rudolph
    Current WRs: Josh Gordon, Cecil Shorts, Alshon Jeffery, Roddy White

    • YES YES YES!!!!

  • someone offered me sjax and torrey smith for Demarco murray
    QB RG3/Rivers
    RB Murray/Spiller/FJackson
    WR Cobb/Demaryius Thomas
    TE Bennett
    Bench Lamar Miller/Tate/kenbrell/DHopkins/JaredCook

    i don’t love sjax schedule and it means i’d have to swallow his bye week this week as well…thoughts?

    • standard scoring/non ppr

    • Ya I think the deal is decent enough with Smith just killin it so far. Youll be stacked when SJax is back

  • Trade my Calvin for Lynch. Non ppr

    • Depends on your needs but I think its fair

      • Should I trade my Morris $11 for Charles $38? We keep 4 and my current keepers are Mccoy $41, Martin $25, Spiller $12, Morris $11. As you can see I’m stacked for keepers and I think the deal is worth it.

  • HELP! Our league has a 3 RB max so there’s a few good undrafted pickups available.

    I have: Ray Rice, Bilal Powell, Run DMC
    Available: David Wilson, Le’Veon Bell, Pierre Thomas, Jacquizz, Mcgahee, BJGE, Joique, Mendenhall, R.Hillman, W.McGahee, Zac Stacy, Marcel Reece, Ellington…

    With McFadden hurt and Bilal now in a timeshare, do you recommend I swap for anybody?

    (BTW, just disovered this website & think it’s great!)

    • Thanks IB! I would swap out Powell for Bell for sure. Powell will be splitting carries now and Bell looks good.

  • In a 12 team .5 ppr I was offered his Calvin and Gio for my Charles. Should I do it considering my team? Also he might take Forte instead of Charles. Would that be better if he agrees?

    My current team
    Rb Charles, Forte
    Wr Jordy, Gordon
    Flx Sproles
    Bn Miller, Pierre, Bowe, Golden, Woods, Marlon

    • I think I would stay put with your team. It looks solid and Charles/Forte have been great so far.

    • I would counter with sproles and bowe for megatron.

  • So, should I drop Broyles for either of Allen, Williams or Douglas? PPR. Looking for long-term value, which I think Kennan Allen certainly has. I’d probably do it for Allen, but not sure about Williams or Douglas. Wondering whether I should even bid on them this week.

    • I like all 3 better than Broyles right now. I would go with Allen.

  • Would you trade away Fitz and Sproles for Andre Johnson is a PPR league? I feel both WRs have QB issues, but I guess I’m trusting the Texans to get better production then AZ. Sproles is my #3/#4 RB. Martin is my #2/#3 I guess. I’m a little worried about him as well

    • I wouldn’t make that deal. I just think too highly of Sproles in PPR

  • Would you trade Blackmon for White in std? Other wrs are vjax, Larry, and djax.

    • Ya, with the Julio injury I think I would in hopes that he returns to form quickly

  • 12 team PPR league, $150 FAAB. How much to bid for Stacy?


    • 35-45ish I think

  • Should I make a move for Harvin, Keenan Allen, Helu or Vereen in a PPR league?


    D. Thomas
    A. Brown
    Terrance Williams

    J. Bell

    H. Miller

    • I think Givens for Vereen is something I would look into

      • Thank you

  • Would you trade Newton, forte, and Cameron for Brees and Jimmy Grahmn

    12 team ppr. Thanks

    • My other Rbs are shady, d Wilson, Tate, Snelling, vereen

      • Shady McCoy

      • You will be shallow at RB but I think I would do it. The Brees/Graham combo is just too tough to pass up.

  • I have Blackmon and Shorts and figure it makes sense to move one of them. 12 team PPR – which one do you trade and what’s a reasonable WR return?

    • Its gotta be a WR2 type at the minimum, which is kinda where I see both of these guys. I would try to keep Shorts who is just getting TONS of targets. I would shoot for maybe a Jordy/James Jones/Decker type WR

  • Trade help.
    I was offered Desean Jackson, Torrey Smith and DMC for Jimmy Graham and Danny Woodhead.

    I don’t feel i need WR’s that bad, I need an RB, and I dont trust DMC with his hammy. We all know DMC is known for his injury issues. I’d rather have Woodhead ROS.

    My WR/RBs:
    Roddy White
    TY Hilton
    Denarius Moore
    Arian Foster
    Daryl Richardson

    He has Reggie Bush, DMC, Jennings and Tate. I’d rather trade for Bush, obviously. What do you guys think?

    • BTW, Its PPR.

    • I wouldn’t take that deal. I would have to be getting a big time RB plus more to move Graham these days.

  • In a 10 team ppr league, what do you think about this trade?



    Jimmy Graham

    My new team would be


    J. Bell

    D. Thomas
    A. Brown
    Terrance Williams

    Jimmy Graham
    H. Miller

    I’d be a little worried about my RBs, but the rest seems like it would be way better overall. Bad QB play and tough schedule for Fitz has me worried. I would have 2 open spots available for pickups. Not much out there for RBs though:
    Vereen (I know he’s on IR till week 11)
    A. Brown (IR till week 11)
    D. Brown

    (Side note, Harvin is a FA though he won’t be ready for a few weeks yet.)

    • Never mind. He backed out on his offer anyways.

  • As a Vick owner im a little worried, do you think I should accept a trade of michael floyd and t pryor for t.y hilton or grab cutler off waivers? i have no 2 waiver and should get him.

    12 team keeper non ppr
    RB-McCoy, Lacy, D Wilson, L Miller, Mcgahee
    WR-Fitz, Gordon, Hilton, C Patterson
    TE- Jimmy Graham

    • I would take the Pryor deal.

  • Trade Moreno for Martin in standard league, and how close are their values?

    • Is this Doug Martin? Yes, trade Moreno for him immediately. Martin is far more valuable despite his slow start. He’s still getting huge workloads and the Bucs will have to continue leaning on him. He will be fine.

  • Drop Stevie Johnson for Edelman, Harvin, or Vereen? 0.5 PPR

    • Depends on how your roster looks but if you arent going to use Stevie at all, I wouldnt argue with dropping him for Harvin or Vereen. I doubt he will be much of an impact with that QB siuation and him being dinged up.

  • I have both Jason Witten and Julius Thomas on my team in a PPR league. A guy has offered me CJ Spiller for either one of them, should I accept? My starting rbs are darren sproles and giovanni bernard.

    • Definitely. I would keep Thomas and snag Spiller with Witten. Nice.

  • In a standard scoring league I have Rodgers, Brady, Gronk, Julius Thomas.

    Would you trade Thomas and Brady to get Brandon Marshall? WRs are Garcon, Roddy, Decker, Shorts.

    • Ya, I think I would do that if you have both Rodgers and Brady at QB

      • Thanks.. You think Gronk will be fine to rely on at TE the rest of the way then? Its worrying me more as the year goes on

  • Should I trade Stevan Ridley for Percy Harvin?

  • 10 team full point PPR: start pettigrew or brent celek??

  • Start 1: Amemdola, Blackmon, Nate Washington or Wright?

  • Have a putrid PPR Flex quandary today: Chi-town native Pierre Thomas vs CHI (and vs the whims of Sean Payton), a recently-cleared Stephen Hill on Mon Night vs ATL, or Coby Fleener vs SEA. Like I said, relatively puke inducing options…which one you like for some points? Thanks!!

  • Looking to pick up a D/ST to hold as one roster spot the next 4+ weeks: either Ravers D w/favorable schedule, or Panthers D, also favorable, also who completed their bye week? Thx for your time

    • I like the Panthers

  • flex play, standard scoring

    lamar miller or kenbrell? i feel like miller is the obvious safer play but with the cincy secondary being banged up…

    • Ya I would stick with miller

  • Trust Roddy White on Monday night? Or go with Givens or Marlon Brown? Also, would you start Fleener at flex or one of those guys? Non-ppr. Thanks!

    • I wouldn’t trust roddy this Monday and I like both those guys over fleener

  • PPR league, start 1:
    Tony Gonzalez
    Julius Thomas


    • Julius

  • Who should I flex this week between J. Bell, Steve Smith, B. Pierce, or L. Blount?


    • I like Steve smith

  • That’s PPR btw…

  • Cook or Powell in my flex? Powell safer but my team is 1-3 and cook has more potential…

    • I still like powell

  • PPR flex: Richardson or Decker?

    Anyone? Anyone?

    • Decker, but it’s close. He probably has same floor but higher ceiling???

      Cowboys secondary going to get ripped and they will be doubling Ware with Spencer and Selvie both out, meaning pass rush will be weak.

    • Ya I think I’d go with decker

  • I was just offered a very interesting deal in my 12 team nonPPR. I give Doug Martin, Willis McGahee and Mike Williams and I get back Eddie Lacy, Calvin Johnson and MJD. Of course I’m giving up my best RB in Martin but I’d be teaming Megatron with Marshall and Fitz to give me a very strong starting WR core. MJD has some upside and Lacy is the best back on the Pack. Would ya?

    My team
    QB- Vick WR- Marshall, Fitz, M. Austin
    RB- Martin, CJ1K Flex- D. Wilson
    TE- J. Thomas K- Hartley D- KC

    Bench- Romo, J. Blackmon, M. Williams, McGahee, J. Cook, B. Bolden, A. Ellington

    • Not sure what upside MJD has, he plays on Jacksonville.

    • I would do it. Losing Martin hurts but only adding two bench players to get back that haul is worth it in my opinion. I really like lacy as well.

  • Would you trade Mccoy for Marshall and Graham? It seems like good value but not sure it’s worth it.

    My team
    Qb Cam
    Rb Mccoy, Martin
    Wr Calvin, VJax, Smith
    Te Cameron
    Flx Spiller, Morris

    Bn Bryce, Hunter, Stacy, Marlon, Woods, Hilton

    4 keepers
    Morris 11, Spiller 12, Martin 25, Mccoy 41

    Marshall and Graham are 38 and 45 respectively. They probably wouldn’t be keepers but if I trade Mccoy I could potentially keep Cameron 6 for the final keeper. Is it worth it or should I keep my team as is?

    • Absolutely. You’re getting a true #1 in Marshall and the best TE ever.

    • Ya I think it’s a solid deal. Graham is unstoppable

  • Who sucks less this week, Tannehill or Wilson?

    • Wilson with the least suckage

  • I’m looking for info/help on defenses for next weeks (6, 7, 8)?
    I have 3 other streamers in my league (I make 4)
    2 have gone to making weekly wavier claims while i have chosen to use two roster spots (for now) I have ..
    Kansas City – @Ten Qak Hou Cle @Buf Bye
    Dallas – Den @was @ Phi @Det Min NO
    FA – Cle Min Pit NYG SD Was Ind NO Det Buf Mia Oak Phi Jac
    12 Team Std scoring (sacks/TO = 2)
    What do think?
    Thank you

    • I like KC best of the bunch. Try giving CD Carter a shout in the comments of his “Dreaming of Streaming” column here on the site. He is our resident master of streaming.

  • 10 Man Standard League: Should I drop M. Ball for P. Thomas, A. Jeffery, or A. Ellington in a vacuum?

    Would you trade David Wilson for CJ Spiller long-term?

    • Ellington and yes, I would

  • I have both Morris and Mccoy in a 12 teamer. Should I drop any of these guys to get Helu or Bryce? Should I get both?

    Woods, Marlon, Hilton, Stacy

    • Depends on your needs at WR but I could see cutting Marlon or Hilton for Helu. Perhaps Stacy but I want to see what happens in STL this Sunday


    Im trying to make a move for David Wilson before he blows up. His owner mentioned possible packaging TY hilton and Willis Mcgahee to start negotiations. What sort of deal would you seek? 12 team ppr

    My team

    QB- Cam, Vick
    RB- Mccoy, Forte, tate, pead, mcgahee, snelling, vereen
    WR- Cobb, R White, Shorts, Hilton, K Wright,
    Te- Cammeron, Miller
    Def- Stream
    K- stream
    and one open bench spot i am trying to use wisely…

    Thank you in advanced!

    • Thanks Walt. I would absolutely deal Hilton and McGahee for Wilson. I doubt you would play either of those guys and it would be worth snagging Wilson’s upside in my opinion. Then use those two empty spots to add some WR depth.

  • Couldnt do a trade for Demaryius thomas but I’ve been offered
    Eddy Lacy or Leveon Bell for Marques Colston, would you do either?
    Current starting line up in a screwy league 6 pt passing TDs
    QB Brees
    QB Ryan
    RB Powell
    RB Miller
    RB Wilson
    WR Colston
    WR Nelson
    WR Gordon
    WR Michel Floyd
    TE Julius Thomas
    WR/TE Wittem
    Bench: Spiller, Tate, mcgahee, cutler, blackmon, woods

    • I like Lacy best but it looks like that deal would put you a little thin at WR. I’d hold off.

  • 10 team PPR trade – I have colston and Gio and he has david wilson and julio jones

    would you do it?

    • Yep. Wilson will salvage value close enough to Gio’s to make the upgrade to Julio worth it

  • I have a chance to get Ray Rice for Antonio Brown and Bernard Pierce.

    10-team PPR, can start up to 4 WRs each week (QB-RB-RB-WR-WR-W/R-W/T-K-DST). I’ve been hurting a bit at RB2, but dominant at WR (I’m 3-1). I have plenty of RB depth with guys that could break out as good RB2s until Shane Vereen comes back.

    Current WRs: Calvin, Dez, Antonio, Gordon, Givens
    RBs: Sproles, CJ0k, Miller, Vereen, Bolden, Ellington, Pierce
    (TE: Cameron)

    Should I take this deal or stay put? I feel like I can make the playoffs with my current squad, but not sure if I can pass on Rice. A little nervous about Gordon and Cameron going forward after Hoyer injury.


    • If you are comfortable with your WRs after losing Brown, I think the deal is fine. Your team should still be tough and it would be nice to pickup a solid RB. Hopefully BALT starts using him more.

  • I was offered Calvin for Foster. 10 team PPR. 2 player keeper league. Foster is a round 9 keep (I’ve had him a few year obviously) Calvin would be a round 1 keeper.

    My team


    Martin (round 1 keeper) (if I take this trade, I’ll have to choose between Martin or Calvin for the future)
    J. Bell
    R. Jennings

    D. Thomas
    A. Brown


    (No backup QB or TE, yet)
    (Bradford, Cutler, Manuel, Pryor on FA market)
    (Garret Graham and Heath Miller are the only 2 decently looking TEs on the market)

    His team


    D. Richardson

    S. Smith
    A. Roberts


    • Wow your team is a lot better than the other guys’. I like the trade from a straight up value standpoint but the keeper factor hurts a bit. Foster in the 9th next year is pretty nice even though he certainly has some mileage on him. The other team is probably desperate for a RB, I would demand some sort of potential keeper along with ‘Tron, as you would lose Foster’s keeper status and then be forced to choose between Martin/Johnson next year.

      • Thank you Sir

  • RB: PThomas, McGahee, or Blount?

    • McGAHEE!!! Sorry I missed this prior to the game Thursday night. If you didnt play Willis, I would play Blount if Ridley is out and PT is not.

  • I’ve been offered Ridley & Steve Smith for Josh Gordon & McGahee in my standard league where I start 2RB/2WR/Flex. I’m starting Gordon tonight, so I’ll make the decision tomorrow so the trade wouldn’t process until after Week 5. Gordon is my WR3 after Cruz & Jordy. McGahee is RB bench fodder and I have Charles, Forte, & DWilson. I’m leaning toward accept for the gamble on Ridley’s return to form. What do you think? Thanks.

    • I dont know. I think Gordon is really awesome but I understand your rational here. I think you are strong enough at RB currently to avoid the deal. I wouldnt gamble on giving up Gordons upside for a hopefully returning to form potential RB3 on your team with Forte/JC already in the mix.

  • Is Percy Harvin worth a stash? If so who would you drop for him? My team: Rivers, R Wilson, Torrey, AJ Green, Antonio Brown, Patterson, Spiller, R Bush, R Jennings, McGahee, Pierce, Ellington, Olsen.

    • I do think he is worth a stash and if you wanted to pull the trigger I’d cut Patterson.

  • I am looking to make a trade in my .5PPR 12 team league. I am a bit worried about Demarco Murray’s health over the full season, so I would like to sell high on him now. I also have Jordan Cameron and Rob Gronkowski. I am thinking about packaging D Murray/Gronk/R White for a RB/WR Combo. Would it be insulting to ask for Foster/AJ Green or D Martin/D Thomas right now?

    • Murray has been great and Gronk is Gronk so I dont think any RB/WR combo would be insulting to ask for right now. If you could weasel one of those duos I think youve gotta do it. Your team would be stacked with Cam still at TE

  • 12 team non-PPR. Just made a cpl 2 for 1 deals. Who do you think makes the cut for my last 4 (very fluid) bench spots?

    Pead, Stacy, C Michael, M Brown, L Moore, J Simpson, L Hankerson, Wright, Britt…


    • I would keep Pead/Stacy through this weekend until we get a better idea of that STL mess. Could have potential with one of them. Then probably Brown and Hankerson I suppose. I like those guys.

  • 12 team PPR, which side?

    1. Josh Gordon and Eddie Royal
    2. Cecil Shorts, Alshon Jeffrey, and Andre Ellington

    • I like Gordon the most here so I would say his side but if you’re dying for RBs I could be convinced otherwise. Side one looks most appealing though

  • Assuming Amendola is a go, I need help picking a WR2 and a flex:

    Roddy White
    Daryl Richardson
    Austin Pettis
    Nate Washington
    Robert Woods


    • Roddy for WR2 looks good. Woods I guess at flex but it’s dicey. I dont like any part of that STL RB crew.

  • Trying to upgrade my starters via trades. Wondering about trading Luck/Spiller for RWilson/Ray Rice. I guess my suspicion is that Rice is an upgrade over Spiller at this point and I don’t really need Luck so I can use him to get a good asset, but I’m wondering what you think. If not, what might a better potential buy low option be?

    QB: RG3, Luck, EManning
    RB:Charles, DWilson, Spiller, RJennings
    WR:Cobb, Thompkins, Torrey Smith, Broyles
    TE: Graham

    • Comment got submitted accidentally and I wasn’t able to finish it up and then was away from my computer, and so I didn’t have a chance to say thanks in advance for whatever insight you might have. Love the site!

      • Thanks Keith! I dont know if Luck/Spiller for Wilson/Rice is too great of a deal. I do like the idea of moving Luck for an upgrade elsewhere though. Your team looks pretty damn good as it is. Maybe try to fish around with Luck and Thompkins for a better WR.

  • 10 team/ ppr league

    I need help deciding between starting RB Rashard Jennings or Chris Johnson. My other starting RB is Reggie Bush.


    • Johnson hasn’t been great but I’d roll with him over Jennings

  • in a PPR league
    should i start stevie johnson vs joe haden and the browns or robert woods ?

    or should i start johnson/woods at WR and put johnson/woods at FLEX ?

    or start johnson/woods at WR and put deandre hopkins at FLEX ?


  • I’m 4-0 and looking to make some moves. Thoughts on these trades?
    Better to just stay put?
    give witten, spiller get ray rice
    give colston and powell or lamar miller and get Demaryius thomas
    give josh gordon get leveon bell
    give colston and miller/powell for lacy
    Current starting line up in a screwy league 6 pt passing TDs
    QB Brees
    QB Ryan
    RB Powell
    RB Miller
    RB Wilson
    WR Colston
    WR Nelson
    WR Gordon
    WR Michel Floyd
    TE Julius Thomas
    WR/TE Wittem
    Bench: Spiller, Tate, mcgahee, cutler, blackmon, woods
    sorry for such a long post. Thanks!!!

    • I think Colston/Powell for DT looks pretty good.

  • in a PPR league
    should i start stevie johnson vs joe haden and the browns or robert woods ? or should i start one and put one at flex or start one and put deandre hopkins at flex ?


    • I would probably play Stevie and Hopkins but thats a tough one

  • Been working on trading my Gronk for Garcon, but the Garcon owner now says he wants Cameron instead of Gronk. I should still do it, right? I just can’t afford to punt TE this week…

    • No, I would hold onto Cameron. Try moving Gronk elsewhere

  • Which RB to drop for ROS : S Ridley, CJ Spiller, or D Wilson. Std scoring. Thanks!

    • Yikes. Ridley if I have to choose out of those.

  • 10-team, 1 PPR, Keep 2

    QB – Cam Newton
    WR – Pierre Garcon
    WR – Antonio Brown
    WR – Cecil Shorts
    RB – Doug Martin
    RB – Reggie Bush
    TE – Tony Gonzalez
    FLEX (W/R/T) – Steven Jackson (inj)
    BN – Justin Blackmon
    BN – Kendall Wright
    BN – Nate Washington
    BN – Coby Fleener
    BN – DeAngelo Williams
    BN – Michael Floyd
    BN – Robert Woods

    Obviously the above is how I envision my team to look barring bye weeks and injuries. Anyway, even though Antonio Brown has had a few good games, I’m still concerned about my WRs. Since it’s a 10-teamer, a lot of teams already have largely serviceable TEs, but the guy who has DeSean has Kyle Rudolph and is looking for an upgrade there. Think it’s worth it to trade Gonzo for DeSean and then rely on Fleener as my starting TE? The other team also has Welker, but I don’t think I’d be able to pry him away.


    • I would hold onto Gonzo unless Welker was involved from the other end. I dont think I would roll with Fleener unless I got a better upgrade elsewhere.

  • Terrell Pryor or Brian Hoyer?

    Stop laughing.

    • They are both better options than they are given credit for, but it is funny to think back to this past summer and imagine that these would be your options! Pryor is healthy and ready to roll, I think he will be just fine against SD Sunday night.

  • 10 man standard, would you trade D. Wilson for Spiller?

    • Yes

  • Any faith in Russell Wilson? He’s been dropped in one of my 12 team leagues where RGIII is my starter and I’ve got #1 waiver. Worth it to use that claim on him (currently EJ Manuel-burp-is my backup, starting this week for me).

    • Ya, I think he is worth grabbing. I still like him. The issue is the volume of throws he gets each game, but that will expand as the season moves along, especially when they get Harvin in the mix.

  • Hey guys –

    Is Ridley still considered a “buy low?”

    • Yes, in the sense that his value is at rock bottom, but now with the injury concern as well its getting tougher to expect him to bounce back. I am still of the belief that the returns of Gronk/Amendola will help the offense as a whole, though, when they all get on the field at once. Who knows if/when that will happen though.

  • Here’s my roster in a standard scoring 12 team league: QB: Wilson. RB: Charles, Ridley, Gio Bernard, Deangelo Williams. WR: Cruz, Cobb, Bowe, Josh Gordon, C. Givens. TE: J. Cameron, M. Bennett.
    I feel like my team is really deep and I have been successful through 4 games. My question is do you think I should use my depth to make some trades? And get stronger at the top of my roster, perhaps at QB or something? Thanks

    • Ya, I generally like that concept. I would look to move a WR in your case here but Bowe would be the best candidate. I doubt he will return much at the moment so maybe wait and see if he can scrounge up a big game or two then try to package him with Russell for an upgrade. I think you will be good either way really but thats what I’d try.

  • 12 team 1ppr(wr/te)/ .5 (rb) bonus league fair trade?

    I give up spiller/f-jax/colston/fleener I get Green/Orange Julius/Matthews

    Current Roster
    QB – Romo
    WR – Bryant
    WR -Colston
    RB – Gore
    RB – Spiller
    TE – Fleener
    Flex – Gordon
    Bench L. Miller, F-Jax, K.Hunter, Bradshaw, Thompkins

    After trade
    QB- Romo
    WR – Bryant
    WR – Green
    RB – Gore
    RB – Miller
    TE – Thomas
    Flex – Gordon
    Bench – Matthews, Hunter, bradshaw, Thompkins,

    Do it?

    • Ya I think its fair and I would probably do it. You can replace Spiller in the lineup with Miller and then youll get big upgrades at WR and TE

  • NEED WR help. Which trade is most beneficial for me? (12 team PPR)

    1. Woodhead for Nicks (I have McCoy, Bush, Joique, and Lacy)
    2. Gronk for Garcon (I have Cameron and VD)
    3. Woodhead for Alshon Jeffrey

    Or should I just stand pat. Thanks!

    • I would trade Gronk for Garcon. I love me some Gronk but with Cam and VD still, you’ll be set and pick up an awesome WR

  • Hi, 12 team standard

    Lamar Miller or Thompkins at flex?

    Leaning towards Miller at the moment, but I trust Tom Brady more than this ridiculous timeshare at Miami.


    • I would go Miller even though I agree with you about that timeshare…it makes my head want to explode

  • Spiller, F-jax or Miller as my RB2? .5ppr bonus league

    • Millaaaaaaaa