2016 Fantasy Football Drafting Tiers August 21, 2016  |  Jeff

Welcome to the holiday season, fake footballers. Fantasy draft day is the summer equivalent of the winter holiday season as we trade tinsel for touchdowns, sleigh bells for sleepers, and Christmas carols for….Pete Carrolls. As you build your toolbox in preparation for constructing the most fearsome fantasy squad known to man, tiers can be extremely helpful when tough draft decisions loom. Whether debating to wait another round before jumping into the quarterback pool or snagging the last quality pass-catching back in a PPR league, tiers help to visually break down draft positions and maximize draft value. Below, you will find both PPR and Non-PPR versions of our * PRINTABLE * 2016 Fantasy Football Drafting Tiers in both Excel and PDF formats. Simply click on the links below and you’ll be ready to tackle your draft. Tiers will be updated periodically until Week 1, and please feel free to leave questions in the comments below or hit me up Twitter at @Jeff_Brubach.


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Non-PPR Drafting Tiers: EXCEL (Updated 8/31)


Non-PPR Drafting Tiers: PDF (Updated 8/31)


PPR Drafting Tiers: EXCEL (Updated 8/31)


PPR Drafting Tiers: PDF (Updated 8/31)


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  1. Cam says:

    Shocked these never got updated again this year.

  2. Brodie Flis says:

    what do the numbers beside the name represent?

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