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2014 Dynasty Rookie Rankings

posted by Chad Scott


Rookie rankings, especially in early March, are even more subjective than dynasty rankings.  Much will change as we near the NFL Draft in May, but here are our much too early “Rookie Rankings” for everyone to rip apart as they see fit.  Unlike most rookie classes, the running back position is without any real NFL star potential – at least in the short term.  Once we figure out a home for these cats, the picture will become more resolute, giving us more definitive data to work with.  As a whole, the position is deep with middling talent.  Names we thought would be drafted high underwhelmed at the combine and could potentially shoot their draft stocks down.  The other three big positions have special talents – whether or not they’ll be superstars – remains to be seen. Be sure to check out our Dynasty Fantasy Football Headquarters for more dynasty coverage!

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  • Crowell at number 2?

  • Not sure my last comment went through. I wanted to know how does someone evaluate,grade,and separate one player from another when drafting rookies playing dynasty football.

    • Hey Raymond-
      It’s a process and everyone evaluates differently because no one’s eyes are alike. You have to trust your gut on initial reactions to a player. After you finish your evaluation, it’s always nice to see what others are saying about the same player. Forces you to re-watch tape from a different perspective.
      There’s a middle ground when it comes to tape eval vs statistics vs metrics tho… but few have found the sweet spot just yet…

  • Nice list! I have a question if I could. What does someone who isn’t sure how to evaluate and separate players when playing dynasty football look for?

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