2014 Fantasy Football

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2014 Dynasty Fantasy Football Rankings

posted by Chad Scott

rsz_nfl_u_rodgers1x_576 (1)When the season ends, it’s time to re-assess your dynasty rankings.  For example, I was extremely high on Isaiah Pead before the 2013 season.  In fact, I wrote about 2500 words too much on the second year ‘pro’.  He’s a perfect example of how a player can drop so drastically in your rankings – he isn’t getting it and looks like he never will.  On the other side of the coin, Kenny Britt is a player I’m still somewhat high on despite his uncanny ability to be a grade-A knucklehead.  I remain optimistic because he’s done it before, but is clearly unhappy in Tennessee.  Perhaps a change of scenery will reward those who’ve so patiently waited on the once “must-have” dynasty commodity.

I rank based on three-year windows.  Can player X sustain his ADP within that timeframe based on age, situation and/or ability?  If a player is in his 30’s, the downgrade in rank is based on that, not because I hate the guy (depending on the player, of course).  Here are the ranks Rich and I have as we head into the 2014 off-season just two short weeks away – unless you’re a Seahawks/Broncos fan.  The Super Bowl can’t come fast enough for this Hawk fan…

Also, be sure to check out The Fake Football Dynasty Headquarters.


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  • Thanks for your input, Sproles took a bit of a drop off this year, was hoping for a stronger year so I could get more in return. It’s about time (age) but was thinking he had a couple more years in him based on his usage over the years.

    Was thinking maybe keeping Clay vs Davis but I think I can redraft Davis easier than Clay?

    If Green does well next year? I will trade Clay. (I really like Greens upside)

    Ya, Pead was going to be Sproles replacement.

  • Yea, those keepers look about right…. if possible, could you trade Sproles and your first to move up, then keep Knile Davis? If not, I’d hold with what you have for sure.

    As far as rookie ranks go, I would expect some preliminary rankings to be done sometime in February that will change drastically as we get closer to the NFL draft. Once the draft is over and we know where these rookies went, there will be more shuffling up.

  • Hey! Are you guys sponsoring this team in the Seattle Flag Football league, or did they just take your name?


    And If you are sponsoring them….damn yous! I been following Chet around like stalker for the last 4 years and playing in this flag football league for the last 10. All good though, we have the best team names anyway. Ninja Please! (Yes, we all wear ninja uniforms) in the winter, and Lynch Mobb (yes we all wear Lynch jerseys) in the Spring and Summer.

    • Hey emcee period,
      Not sure, but Jeff B is from the area – so it wouldn’t surprise me haha

  • Nice job Chad I like the format.
    I’m in a 16 man Dynasty League (5th year) found your site last year (was vary helpful)
    When do you thing you will have a rookie list for us?

    Looking to upgrade my QB this year I have Tannehill?
    Were always looking for the next dynamo player for the future. is there a rookie QB I should be targeting or another position based on my roster? I will be picking 15th in this years draft.

    This is my roster full ppr we can keep 12 players (*).

    Do you agree with my keepers (*)?

    *Ryan Tannehill MIA QB
    Ryan Fitzpatrick, Ten QB

    *Jamaal Charles, KC RB
    *Shane Vereen, NE RB
    *Darren Sproles, NO RB
    *Christine Michael, Sea RB
    Knile Davis, KC RB
    Isaiah Pead, STL RB

    *Calvin Johnson, Det WR
    *Josh Gordon, CLE WR
    *Percy Harvin, SEA WR
    *Jeremy Maclin, Phi WR

    *Jimmy Graham, NO TE
    *Charles Clay, Mia TE
    *Ladarius Green, SD TE

    Bengals D/ST D/ST
    Browns D/ST D/ST

    Robbie Gould, Chi K


    • id drop tannehill and keep Davis in case Charles goes down with injury

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