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2013 Fake Football PPR Drafting Tiers

posted by Chet

Jeff and I wove our PPR rankings together on a loom to come up with these 2013 PPR Drafting Tiers. Check out our intricate patterns. Here are our Non-PPR Drafting Tiers. Click at your convenience.

And check out Fantasy Pros awesome Draft Assistant.

Download the Excel File here: The Fake Football PPR Drafting Tiers (updated 8/31)

The reddish rectangles are guys I’m targeting, sorda, for today.

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  • Chat, as always, thank you for all of the awesomeness that comes from The Fake Football. These tiers and your insight are the reason I’ve been in the championship 2 of the last 3 years! Any chance you can provide an update to the RBs (and anything else relevant) before tonight so I can make it 3 in a row? Thinking David Wilson moves up now.

  • Thanks for publishing your tiers, Chet. The broadness of the tiers helped me keep better perspective on my overly narrow ones. Picking 11/12 in PPR, I was able to get two high end backs then 3 top 10 upside WRs while avoiding the temptation to take a QB until the last of the upsideys fell in round 8.

  • I see Jordy Nelson in red. Am I right in assuming that signals a change in tier from the previous list?
    Would you trade Jordy Nelson for Stevie Johnson & Cincy D? I already have Fitz, Welker, Givens, Sanders

  • The webpage shows Aug 25th but the file to download (XLS) is still Aug 21

    HELP! Got my draft in 2.5 hours

    • It’s the most updated version. I just forgot to change the date.

  • Thanks for this! I argue we’ve been hoping more than seeing Julio be in the tier he’s currently in — White continues to be the favored target. I’d move Andre up to Julio’s spot. Andre had a better year than a couple of those guys, even without his 273 yrd OT game, and he gets his preferred QB back.

  • Chet if you had the 1st pick in a dynasty league, 10 teams, ppr which direction would you go, and where to in the 2nd and 3rd round.

    • I’d be looking hard at Doug Martin at #1 and Dez Bryant anywhere after. I like Gio Bernard too.

  • Any chance we could get one of these with auction values on them as well?

    Love the tiers. Did you used to do those for Razzball? I swore by those.

  • Uh….Frank Gore is not a hot young thang.

    • Hey, you say tomato, I say tomato! Hah, you are correct.

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