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2012 Fake Football Staff Rankings

posted by Jeff

Here are our first Staff Rankings for 2012. We will continue to update these as needed. Please submit all praise and/or complaints to the comment section below. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

To look at our Individual Staff Rankings, click on a name and see what happens: Chet Gresham, Jeff Brubach and Greg Smith.

Here are our Drafting Tiers, Jeff’s and Chet’s Tears For Fears Of Losing Your Draft!

If you would like to print out these rankings you can download them through the Fantasy Pros Cheat Sheet Wizard.

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Jeff was the only 7th grader at Sumner Jr. High playing fantasy football in 1995. When he isn't on the diamond playing softball or on the couch watching NFL RedZone, you can catch him on Twitter @Jeff_Brubach.

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  • @sam: That is a tough one. I would keep the RB’s. Due to the lack of quality backs out there, it would be more profitable if one of those popped. I would probably drop Baldwin. Moore/LaFell will be parts of better offenses.

    @Dan: Wait on a QB. Our consensus ranks have Forte higher than Murray, although its certainly close. Lean Forte, but pick whichever you prefer. Target that next tier of QB’s (eli/ryan/romo/vick etc..) later.

    @y4rivera: McFadden, CJ2K, Murray, Wallace, Maclin. Essentially we are comparing CJ2K/Maclin to Trent/Roddy. I like Maclin a lot this year, so I would lean that side.

  • Which side would you prefer?

    McFadden, Murray, Trent, Roddy, Wallace

    McFadden, CJ2k, Murray, Wallace, Maclin

  • Torn in a full PPR, 12 team league. I pick 8, TDs are worth 6, passing TDs 4. 5 pt bonus for any TD over 50 yards. Assuming the top 3 RBs, Calvin, McFadden and CJ2K are gone…who should I target? Forte, Murray, or a QB?

  • I have to drop one Lance Moore, LaFell, Jon baldwin, Ryan williams or Leshoure..your opinion??

  • Did a 10 team live draft over the weekend. I picked 7th. 1 Qb, 2 Rb, 2 Wr, 1 Te, 1 Flex (r, w), def, k How did I do?

    D.McFadden- rd 1 pick 7 (I passed on Brees, CJ2k and Forte)
    J.Graham- rd 2 pick 14 (I passed on Cam)
    D.Murray- rd 3 pick 27
    R.White- rd 4 pick 34 (I passed on Marshall)
    T.Richardson- rd 5 pick 47
    M.Wallace- rd 6 pick 54
    T.Romo- rd 7 pick 67 (I passed on Rivers and Ryan)
    J.Maclin- rd 8 pick 74
    R.Wayne- rd 9 pick 87
    K.Smith- rd 10 pick 94
    CJ.Spiller- rd 11 pick 107
    M.Floyd- rd 12 pick 114
    E.Royster- rd 13 pick 127
    R.Jennings- rd 14 pick 134
    D.H.Bey- rd 15 pick 147
    J.Locker- rd 16 pick 154

    I’m going to probably drop Royster and Locker for a kicker and defense.

    • Looks good. I’d probably drop Royster and Floyd for your K/D, unless news changes soon.

  • Chet, you’ve got the rook Doug Martin as the #13 RB in PPR. I know he’s skilled, but with Freeman at QB 13 feels too high. Especially with Blount likely to steal some goal-line carries. I’d still be tempted to take guys like SJax and FJax ahead of him, but I could be wrong. You really think the kid is ready for the prime-time?

    • I really don’t see Blount taking goal line away from him. He looks ready.

  • So when it comes to drafting Rashad Jennings (later rounds) how much does his value change when MJD returns? I know he’s looking good in preseason but Would you rather have someone like D.Wilson for long term season value?
    Oh..and btw.. It’s NOT easy asking YOU for advice when I have to draft with u next week. HA! lol :)
    Great Job w/updates during the games. Damn I was getting dizzy trying to watch a Quad of screens w/the NFL Presason package and a Game on CBS…(Then add to that trying to keep up w/Social Media Streams OMG)

  • OK I’m Baaacckkk. Need one more advice.. In my Mock drafts I’ve been trying to reach for a certain TE in the 4th and Ideally try to nab Eli or Ryan on the return. but that doesn’t always work and I’m stuck wondering to then wait a few rounds to get a QB I”m not as thrilled about. Then the plan is to get 2 that I can play matchup.
    So, Just as you think Flacco’s rank is moving up under the new system, What’s your opinion w/Big Ben? I’m thinking that with their running game in shambles and if Wallace gets it together and the emergence of Antonio Brown Pitt should be throwing quite a bit.,Can Ben be relied on as my starter if I have good depth. and who would YOU prefer betw. Ben Flacco?? Thx (btw..Loving the forum here! nice job)

    • I like Ben more due to his weapons.

  • Wow Seeing Flacco in No Huddle looked good.Does that warrant any rise in rankings? In My Mock Drafts I’ve been trying to wait on Eli or Ryan in the 5-6th round and JUST seem to miss.. Then comes my Dilemma on who to grab. I usually have a strong core in the previous rounds so trying to find a good 1-2 QB combo. Someone to use and then Grab a Luck or Locker to use w/matchup theory Later.

    • Yeah. I’m going to watch the game again. Most likely moving him up a bit.

  • YEEEESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally found Doc!!!!!!

    Hope all has been well Chet, and good luck with the new site, I’ll be visiting daily!!!

  • Where would you rank Rodgers in a league where passing TDs are worth 6 points?

  • Hi guys, my league is going with 0.5pt PPR this year. What do you suggest I use for rankings: standard scoring or full PPR (or average them out)?


    • I’d lean toward the full PPR rankings

  • Looks fine to me.

    @Chet – Any chance you might post projections for this year like Jeff did, or maybe you have somewhere? Projections are nice to adjust for different league formats.


  • and am i blind or is chet’s #18 overall ranked player not there?

  • Is there anyway for me to tease out just Chet’s rankings and print them? Sorry on the other guys but I follow Chet where ever he goes….he has won me 2 ff championships.

  • Forte at 30 something in ppr…doo waa? Is brady expected to drop off this year?

  • I teied to follow but the spacing is soo bad

    • What do you mean? Looks fine to me in Firefox. Is anyone else having trouble?

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